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Ancient Egypt
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The Pyramids
The pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians for what purpose?
A. elevated gardens
B. navigational beacons
C. tombs for their rulers
D. astronomical observatories
E. monuments to military leaders
Ancient Writing
Ancient Egyptians had no paper. Instead of paper, they used the dried leaves of what water plant?
Unlike the auk-sample to the right, the real Egyptian Sphinx has the head of a ---- and the body of a ----.
A. man, lion
B. eagle, ram
C. bear, hawk
D. tiger, goat
E. woman, horse
Divine Descriptions
What was the title of the person indicated in this quote?
As in life, he was the incarnation
of the sky god Horus, so in death
he joined the sun god Ra and sailed
the heavens in his celestial boat.
Great Gifts
According to the Greek historian, Herodotus, Egypt is the gift of ...
A. Isis
B. Osiris
C. the Sun
D. the Nile
E. King Tut
The name of what pharaoh is associated with an edifice that rises 475 feet from a square base that measures about 760 feet on each side?
Who is not part of Egyptian mythology?
A. Isis
B. Seth
C. Kali
D. Horus
E. Osiris
Pen and Ink
Artists in ancient Egypt used reed pens and black or red ink to depict ideas or words. Their system of picture writing is called ...
Around 1200 B.C., Egyptians learned to make fine linen from the stalks of ...
A. flax
B. maize
C. cotton
D. yucca
E. palm trees
Seductive Sovereigns
Name the queen who was the wife of her brother, Ptolemy XII, as well as the mistress of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.
Construction Materials
The great Pyramid of Cheops was constructed from ...
A. basalt
B. marble
C. granite
D. sandstone
E. limestone
The discovery of the Rosetta Stone made the translation of the mysterious Egyptian hieroglyphics possible because it contained a passage of hieroglyphics that was also written in what other language?
Egyptian Culture
Which artifact is directly linked to ancient Egypt?
A. Ishtar Gate
B. Elgin Marbles
C. Rhind Papyrus
D. Forbidden City
E. Pyramid of the Moon
What ancient art consisted of extracting the brain through the nose, removing the lungs and the abdominal organs through an incision, placing the body in a compound of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, and finally wrapping the body in many layers of bandages?
Eminent Egyptians
Which historical figure is not associated with ancient Egypt?
A. Rameses
B. Cleopatra
C. Amenhotep
D. Hatshepsut
E. Archimedes
Ancient Wives
She was the wife of Akhenaton and is known today chiefly because of the limestone bust of her that was discovered at Tell el Amarna in 1913. Name this ancient queen.
Famous Valleys
This is a description of a 1995 discovery that occurred in an area of Egypt known as what valley?
We went through the previously blocked doorway
and found ourselves in a corridor more than 100
feet long.  Off the corridor were 20 doors and
at the end was a statue of Osiris.
River Cities
Which site was not along the Nile River?
A. Giza
B. Thebes
C. Sparta
D. Memphis
E. Heliopolis
Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris. He had the head of a ...
Persia conquered Egypt in 525 B.C. and ruled it until it became a Greek state under ...
A. Solon
B. Pericles
C. Alexander
D. Agamemnon
E. Haroun al-Rashid
Rulers' Rights
By what right did the pharaohs of ancient Egypt rule?
Ancient Architecture
Name the strictly Egyptian architectural form in which a tapering stone needle tipped with bronze symbolized a ray of the Sun.
A. column
B. obelisk
C. Gothic arch
D. flying buttress
E. post and lintel
Great Discoveries
The date was November 26, 1922. The antechamber contained gilt couches, dismantled chariots, a golden throne, alabaster vessels, royal robes, musical instruments, and sentinel statues. Howard Carter had found the tomb of what boy-pharaoh?
Geographic Regions
The area around the delta of the Nile was called ...
A. Nubia
B. Sudan
C. Ethiopia
D. Upper Egypt
E. Lower Egypt
Stone Symbols
A stone or gem carved in the form of a dung beetle, regarded by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of resurrection and immortality, is a ...
Mortal Monarchs
An asp is associated with the death of Queen Cleopatra. What is an asp?
A. a curse
B. a male lion
C. a poisonous snake
D. a ceremonial arrow
E. a northern invader

What city in ancient Egypt boasted antiquity's best libraries and an extraordinarily tall lighthouse?
Beloved Birds
Which bird was sacred to the ancient Egyptians?
A. ibis
B. loon
C. turkey
D. ostrich
E. condor
After the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, ancient Egyptian history is divided into what three kingdoms?

Symbols of Antiquity
A cross with a loop at the top served as the symbol of life for the Egyptians. This symbol was a(n) ...
A. asp
B. ankh
C. quipu
D. mandala
E. swastika

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Answers to Ancient Egypt
1. C
2. papyrus
3. A
4. pharaoh
5. D
6. Cheops (Khufu)
7. C
8. hieroglyphics
9. A
10. Cleopatra
11. E
12. Greek
13. C
14. mummification
15. E
16. Nefertiti
17. Valley of the Kings
18. C
19. hawk
20. C
21. divine right
22. B
23. Tutankhamen
24. E
25. scarab
26. C
27. Alexandria
28. A
29. Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms
30. B
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