Objective Questions for
Educational Assessment

since 1984

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Available Products

The Knowledge Master Library consists of 212,600 short-answer and multiple-choice questions referenced to 15,000 topics covering the content of practically everything in a quality curriculum through the secondary level. Robust tools for selecting subsets, saving groups, and printing questions are included. $385 If you already have an older Library, the update is $72.

The Knowledge Master Basics is a subset of the Library with 67,000 questions, appropriate for middle schools and junior highs. $195 If you already have an older Basics, the update is $36.

The Senior Knowledge Bowl 2018-'19 includes all 3200 of last year's short-answer questions for high school competitions. Question selection and printing tools are included. $48

The Junior Knowledge Bowl 2018-'19 includes all 1600 of last year's short-answer questions for mid school/junior high meets. Includes question selection and printing tools. $36

Pristine Questions are new questions available to hosts of this school year's mid-school through senior high academic events where secure questions are required. Each pristine set includes 260 short-answer questions from all academic disciplines formatted to your specifications. Orders for Pristine Questions require a list of participating schools. $67 per set.

Custom Questions. Academic Hallmarks provides ready-to-use batches of short-answer and/or multiple-choice questions from the Knowledge Master Library formatted according to your specifications. $15 for the search + 8 cents per question is the basic charge.

*The Library, Basics, Elementary, and Knowledge Bowls are sent as downloads for Mac or Windows.
*Custom and pristine questions are distributed as PDF files ready to print at your site.
Please provide grade levels for participants and your formatting requirements.
Depending on the complexity of your required formatting, there may be additional charges.