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The Quiztron III response system comes with three 5-foot press strips that connect to a central control box displaying which team (not student) buzzed in first, second, and third. The Quiztron III costs $475, plus $15 for shipping and handling. To order a Quiztron III, contact us at or use the address and phone number below.
At Academic Hallmarks, we write questions for scholastic competition and practice. That is our primary business. We offer a database of more than 174,000 short-answer and multiple-choice questions. If you need questions for practice or for actual tournaments, we are your best source. We provide questions for meets all over the world, so we can respond to whatever requirements you might have. For more information, choose one of the links on the left side of this page or contact us at:
Academic Hallmarks, PO Box 998, Durango, CO 81302