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Below are 30 questions at each educational level from previous Knowledge Master Opens.

5th & 6th Grade Questions

(Click on question numbers for answers.)
Historic Homicides
Who was killed by redcoats?
A. Daniel Boone
B. Davy Crockett
C. James Madison
D. Crispus Attucks
E. John Wilkes Booth
Political Idioms
A person who is running for a political office has thrown his hat into the ...
A. box
B. ring
C. fray
D. wind
E. street
Sharing the Wealth
You won $60,000 in the lottery. You keep 1/3 and divide the rest equally among your 5 brothers and your 3 favorite teachers. Each of their shares amounts to how much?
A. $3500
B. $4000
C. $4500
D. $5000
E. $5500
Planetary Atmospheres
Nitrogen comprises the greatest percentage of the atmosphere of ...
A. Mars
B. Earth
C. Pluto
D. Venus
E. Jupiter
Paired Number Sums
If you pair each of the numbers from 1 through 8 so that the sum of each pair is identical, what would that sum be?
A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9
E. 10
Ballot Casting
If 1996 was the first year that Dan could vote in a federal election, he must have been born in ...
A. 1971 or 1972
B. 1974 or 1975
C. 1977 or 1978
D. 1981 or 1982
E. 1984 or 1985
Which state has the lowest population density?
A. Ohio
B. Nevada
C. California
D. West Virginia
E. Rhode Island
Plant Propagation
The seed of which plant contains a kind of milk?
A. banana
B. squash
C. coconut
D. artichoke
E. garbanzo bean
Voting for Oneself
In 1996, President Clinton cast his vote for U.S. president in which city?
A. Washington, D.C.
B. Columbus, Georgia
C. Jackson, Tennessee
D. Little Rock, Arkansas
E. Spartanburg, South Carolina
A superfluity of gold is associated with ...
A. King Tut
B. King Kong
C. King Midas
D. King Arthur
E. King George III
A Matter of Honor
Who was killed in a duel?
A. Patrick Henry
B. Francis Marion
C. Meriwether Lewis
D. Thomas Jefferson
E. Alexander Hamilton
Which is an example of matter?
A. light
B. noise
C. weight
D. steam
E. magnetism
Winter Survival
Which creature hibernates?
A. mule deer
B. ground hog
C. bighorn sheep
D. mountain goat
E. pronghorn antelope
A civilization in the Western Hemisphere was created by the ...
A. Huns
B. Zulus
C. Incas
D. Bedouins
E. Cossacks
Prodigious Producers
In the United States, 5 million farmers provide food for 260 million people. Therefore, farmers comprise what percent of the population?
A. 2%
B. 4%
C. 6%
D. 8%
E. 10%
Which state is not east of the Mississippi?
A. Ohio
B. Kentucky
C. Illinois
D. Missouri
E. Tennessee
Bon Voyagers
William Mullins, John Carver, Miles Standish, and William Bradford were passengers on the ...
A. Endeavor
B. Mayflower
C. Half Moon
D. Santa Maria
E. Golden Hind
Land Forms
A sand bar beneath shallow water that poses a hazard to navigation is a(n) ...
A. hook
B. atoll
C. shoal
D. lagoon
E. isthmus
International Conflict
A state of rivalry or tension between two nations that stops short of violent confrontation is called a ...
A. cold war
B. civil war
C. holy war
D. tug of war
E. metaphorical war
Bad Breaks
A fracture in which a broken bone protrudes through an open wound in the skin is described as being ...
A. complex
B. comatose
C. compound
D. composite
E. commingled
Weak Language
A common expression indicating that a person lacks strength or vigor is "weak as a ..."
A. clam
B. fawn
C. puppy
D. kitten
E. piglet
Practical Precepts
Complete this Poor Richard proverb.
A man is known by the company he ...
A. sells
B. keeps
C. feeds
D. develops
E. organizes
Parts of Speech
Which word cannot be a conjunction?
A. in
B. but
C. when
D. except
E. although
The Eastern Seaboard
Which state is not bordered by the Atlantic Ocean?
A. Vermont
B. Georgia
C. Virginia
D. Delaware
E. New Jersey
Notable Achievements
In 1996, who earned the distinctions of enduring the longest stay in space by any American and the longest stay in space by any woman?
A. Janet Reno
B. Geena Davis
C. Faye Resnick
D. Elizabeth Dole
E. Shannon Lucid
A story by Frank Stockton leaves it to the reader to decide whether through a certain door there came a fair damsel or a ...
A. one-eyed giant
B. hideously ugly troll
C. Gorgon with snakes for hair
D. leprechaun with a pot of gold
E. predatory flesh-eating mammal
Musical Biology
In the song from the musical, "Oklahoma," the corn is as high as the eye of a ...
A. swine
B. feline
C. bovine
D. ruminant
E. pachyderm
Number Conversions
Which fraction is not correctly expressed as a percentage?
A. 3/5 = 60%
B. 7/10 = 70%
C. 2/200 = 1%
D. 10/40 = 25%
E. 12/36 = 30%
Spelling Woe
Which line contains a word misspelled due to a dropped vowel?
A. probaly
B. grievious
C. goverment
D. conscientous
E. percipitation
English Grammar
Standard usage is illustrated in which line?
A. Elvis sings good.
B. I will set on the bench.
C. Steffi can play tennis well.
D. The sun will raise at 5:15 a.m.
E. Miss Bardot wants to learn me French.

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Middle School / Jr. High Questions

(Click on question numbers for answers.)
African Nations
Which is the geographically largest country?
A. Togo
B. Sudan
C. Liberia
D. Uganda
E. Somalia
On some early New England flags was a pine tree with a serpent coiled around the trunk. Below the design were the words, "Don't ..."
A. sit on me
B. mess on me
C. tread on me
D. stomp on me
E. lean on me
Which is the largest European sea?
A. North Sea
B. Baltic Sea
C. Caspian Sea
D. Adriatic Sea
E. Mediterranean Sea
Astronomical Measures
The angular distance of a celestial object above or below the horizon is the object's ...
A. altitude
B. latitude
C. longitude
D. amplitude
E. magnitude
Which sentence includes an irregular verb?
A. Saddle up Old Blue.
B. You drive me crazy.
C. Walk over to the wok.
D. List all of Liszt's best works.
E. Please paraphrase "Jabberwocky."
Hypothetical Science
What would happen if Earth's atmosphere vanished?
A. ice caps would expand
B. oceans would boil away
C. UV radiation would decrease
D. continental drift would cease
E. Earth's surface would liquefy
Ransom is practically always linked with ...
A. perjury
B. treason
C. kidnapping
D. manslaughter
E. embezzlement
Ancient Insurance
Had it been possible to buy life insurance in ancient Rome, whose premiums would have been highest?
A. consuls
B. plebeians
C. praetors
D. gladiators
E. patricians
Mechanical Ratios
The ratio of the energy a machine delivers to the energy supplied to it defines ...
A. force
B. power
C. inertia
D. momentum
E. efficiency
Which battle took place first?
A. Battle of Midway
B. Battle of Hastings
C. Battle of Waterloo
D. Battle of Marathon
E. Battle of Gettysburg
Meteorological Zones
The torrid zone is in the region of ...
A. the Equator
B. the Arctic Circle
C. the Prime Meridian
D. the Tropic of Cancer
E. the Tropic of Capricorn
Metric Birds
Which adult bird has a body weight of about 100 grams?
A. white stork
B. Canada goose
C. American robin
D. rufous hummingbird
E. ring-necked pheasant
Literary Neologisms
Who coined the term, "Newspeak?"
A. Dr. Seuss
B. Isaac Asimov
C. Lewis Carroll
D. Aldous Huxley
E. George Orwell
Air Temperatures
The greatest daily temperature ranges would occur in July in which city?
A. Honolulu, Hawaii
B. Galveston, Texas
C. Anchorage, Alaska
D. Carson City, Nevada
E. San Francisco, California
Rhyme Time
For which word are there several common rhyming words?
A. widow
B. orange
C. liquid
D. Niagara
E. supplies
The two broadest classifications of energy include ...
A. light and heat
B. rotary and linear
C. kinetic and potential
D. nuclear and gravitational
E. electrical and mechanical
Impalas are ...
A. deer
B. bears
C. seals
D. buffalo
E. antelope
Twenty is the number of ...
A. heads on the Hydra
B. dwarfs in "Snow White"
C. years Rip van Winkle slept
D. thieves confronted by Ali Baba
E. leagues the Nautilus descended
If the sum of all the edges of a cube is 48 inches, its volume is ...
A. 24 cubic inches
B. 34 cubic inches
C. 44 cubic inches
D. 54 cubic inches
E. 64 cubic inches
Scientific Notation
Express 5.3 times 10 to the 4th power in nonexponential form.
A. 53
B. 530
C. 5300
D. 53,000
E. 530,000
Terrorists in what country held many hostages at the Japanese ambassador's residence from late 1996 well into 1997?
A. Peru
B. Brazil
C. Uruguay
D. Colombia
E. Argentina
Stock Market Gains
By how many cents did the value of a share of Laukheed stock increase when it rose from 22 1/8 to 22 5/8?
A. 12
B. 25
C. 50
D. 75
E. 95
In which substance are the molecules farther apart in the solid phase than they are in the liquid phase?
A. air
B. lava
C. water
D. steel
E. petroleum
Pressure Points
Severe bleeding from a head wound below eye level can be controlled with a pressure point located ...
A. on the cheek
B. above the ear
C. at the back of the neck
D. on the bridge of the nose
E. along the edge of the jawbone
Antonymic Sayings
Familiarity breeds contempt, while rarity wins ...
A. genius
B. courage
C. admiration
D. indecision
E. forgiveness
Which is not an abstract noun?
A. honor
B. finesse
C. revenge
D. shadow
E. afterlife
Skeletal Proximities
Except for a few stuntmen who have taken unfortunate falls, which bone is normally located closest to the tarsals and metatarsals?
A. femur
B. fibula
C. patella
D. clavicle
E. sternum
The slogan "Fifty-four forty or fight" referred to a ...
A. certain line of latitude
B. price for an ounce of gold
C. date to end slavery in the U.S.
D. cap on the number of immigrants
E. maximum percentage for income tax
Coats of Arms
A crewman on whose expedition earned the right to wear this inscription on his coat of arms?
Primus circumdisti me
A. Cabot's
B. Drake's
C. Columbus'
D. Magellan's
E. Vespucci's
National Parks
In which state is there a national park encompassing a deep-blue lake in the heart of a dormant volcano?
A. Hawaii
B. Alaska
C. Oregon
D. Montana
E. California
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High School Questions

(Click on question numbers for answers.)
Agricultural Problems
In recent years, some 3 million acres of western grazing land has become infested with ...
A. kudzu
B. tamarisk
C. leafy spurge
D. water hyacinth
E. sargassum natans
Which is not a member of the Nordic Council?
A. Ireland
B. Finland
C. Iceland
D. Norway
E. Denmark
Plant Evolution
Which plant age is most recent?
A. age of protists
B. age of algal plants
C. age of angiosperms
D. age of gymnosperms
E. age of great Paleozoic forests
Political Fund-Raising
What Democratic National Committee member was investigated in 1996 and 1997 for violating laws relating to raising campaign funds?
A. Roy Romer
B. John Huang
C. Aldrich Ames
D. George Stephanopoulos
E. Harold James Nicholson
What ending makes this quote by Oscar Wilde a paradox?
The amount of women who flirt with
their own husbands is perfectly ...
A. enormous
B. ridiculous
C. tumultuous
D. scandalous
E. blasphemous
Chemical Compounds
Trinitrotoluene is a compound used as a(n) ...
A. explosive
B. food additive
C. antihistamine
D. rust preventative
E. dehydrating agent
All conglomerate and breccia are ...
A. clastic
B. foliated
C. intrusive
D. permeable
E. crystalline
A quadriceps strain can be caused by ...
A. overexertion during pushups
B. excessive numbers of pull-ups
C. doing sit-ups with no warm up
D. suddenly stopping while running
E. poor stroking with a tennis racket
Plant Phenomena
Abscission is the ...
A. growth of bark
B. formation of buds
C. dropping of leaves
D. branching of stems
E. elongation of roots
Libel is associated with ...
A. recidivism
B. negligence
C. defamation
D. malfeasance
E. manslaughter
Archipelagic Nations
Madura, Borneo, the Celebes, Java, Bali, Sumatra, and the Moluccas are islands of ...
A. China
B. Myanmar
C. Vietnam
D. Indonesia
E. the Philippines
Early 19th Century
Which did not occur between the years 1800 and 1815?
A. Cumberland Road started
B. U.S. Constitution drafted
C. the Clermont's first voyage
D. Library of Congress established
E. Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific
What poisonous, flammable gas is produced by the reaction of water with calcium carbide?
A. radon
B. butane
C. propane
D. hydrogen
E. acetylene
World Rivers
Which river is not correctly paired with the body of water into which it flows?
A. Volga - North Sea
B. Lena - Arctic Ocean
C. Amur - Sea of Okhotsk
D. Congo - Atlantic Ocean
E. Mackenzie - Beaufort Sea
What is illustrated in this passage?
The last time I saw him he was
walking down Lover's Lane holding
his own hand.
A. stoicism
B. narcissism
C. skepticism
D. monasticism
E. aestheticism
Electrical Resistance
30 volts is needed to force a direct current of 6 amperes through a coil. What is the resistance of the coil?
A. 5 ohms
B. 6 ohms
C. 10 ohms
D. 18 ohms
E. 30 ohms
Executive Advisors
Which is not a possible abbreviation for one of the president's cabinet officers?
Squaring the Circle
The side of the largest possible square cut from a circular piece of wood with a diameter of 10 inches is closest to ...
A. 4 inches
B. 5 inches
C. 6 inches
D. 7 inches
E. 8 inches
Mideastern Waters
Closest to the Persian Gulf is the ...
A. Gulf of Oman
B. Gulf of Aden
C. Gulf of Suez
D. Gulf of Cadiz
E. Gulf of Bothnia
Shelley wrote an elegy upon the untimely death of the poet Keats. Name it.
A. Athene
B. Adonais
C. Atropos
D. Aphrodite
E. Agamemnon
Medical Affixes
Which Greek suffix indicates "blood"?
A. opia
B. emia
C. algia
D. mania
E. phobia
Odd Sums
What is the sum of the first n odd integers?
A. n(n-1)
B. n(n+1)
C. n squared + 1
D. n squared
E. n squared - 1
Education Legislation
The National Defense Education Act of 1958 was directly inspired by the ...
A. launch of Sputnik
B. loss of atmospheric ozone
C. construction of the Berlin Wall
D. invasion of South Korea by China
E. involvement of the U.S. in Vietnam
Theatrical Disasters
A slang term for an inept performance or a poor theater production is ...
A. dodo
B. turkey
C. vulture
D. sage hen
E. cootie-bird
Marine Zoology
Which is not a cephalopod?
A. squid
B. scallop
C. octopus
D. cuttlefish
E. chambered nautilus
Planetary Tables
The following is a table of average densities of planets in grams per cubic centimeter. Which is incorrect?
A. Mars - 3.9
B. Venus - 1.6
C. Saturn - 0.7
D. Jupiter - 1.3
E. Mercury - 5.4
Which country was never a member of the Arab League?
A. Kuwait
B. Bahrain
C. Algeria
D. Tunisia
E. Pakistan
Excellent Oils
A well-known painting by Rembrandt is entitled "The Night ..."
A. Owl
B. Shift
C. Watch
D. School
E. Crawler
Wheeler Dealers
One of the delegates who negotiated the Louisiana Purchase was Robert Livingston. The other was ...
A. John Jay
B. James Monroe
C. Andrew Jackson
D. Theodore Roosevelt
E. William Henry Harrison
Maria Edgeworth's "Essay on Irish Bulls" was about ...
A. Anglican leaders
B. Gaelic mythical heroes
C. Roman Catholic doctrine
D. contradictory statements
E. a breed of European quadrupeds

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