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Sample Short-answer Questions

Each school year, Academic Hallmarks creates new sets of quality Pristine Questions for inter-school academic competitions. Each set of 260 short-answer questions addresses topics that include American history, world history, government, recent events, economics, law, geography, literature, English, math, physical science, life science, earth science, health, psychology, the arts, and humanities. By tracking the use of every Pristine set, we can guarantee the questions you receive will be new and fair to all your participants.

Academic Hallmarks provides questions for college, high school, junior high, and middle school meets throughout the U.S. and around the world. Click to see a list of some of the schools and organizations that rely on our questions for their contests.

We can print questions to suit a wide variety of competition formats. They can be divided into rounds with alternates, presented randomly or sorted by category, and placed into halves or tossup/bonus sections. The questions are also available as word processor text files.

To order or for more information, contact us at:
  • 800-321-9218 (outside the U.S. call 970-247-8738)
  • Academic Hallmarks, PO Box 998, Durango, CO, 81302

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