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Elementary Questionsastronauk

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Musical Metaphors
What line from the song, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" includes a metaphor?
What is the last word in this line from a legendary story?
Hamelin, a little German town, was
overrun by ...
Bifurcated States
Name the only U.S. state split by one of the Great Lakes.
Senatorial Attendance
If two-fifths of the U.S. senators were absent during a roll call vote, how many were present?
The Aztec Empire was in the central part of what modern country?
Mountain Namesakes
The highest mountain in the world was named after the British surveyor, Sir George ...
Colorful Characters
Name this character from American folklore.
He didn't use to be always that blue
color though. He was white when he
was a calf. But he turned blue
standin' out in the field for six days
the first winter of the Blue Snow,
and he never got white again.
Name the type of clock invented by the ancient Egyptians that was of absolutely no use at night?
What is the first noun in the Pledge of Allegiance that includes a long vowel sound?
Venn Diagrams
In a certain Venn diagram, you see a small oval labeled "cats" inside a larger oval labeled "felines." Express this diagram in words.
The term "aborigine" actually means the first people to inhabit a country. But it is commonly used in reference to natives of what specific country?
Long Gone Animals
This passage is about what animals?
They looked like shaggy-haired
elephants with long curling tusks.
They roamed the plains of Europe and
North America during the Ice Ages.
Forms of Poetry
This is an example of what kind of poem?
There was an old man who supposed
That the street door was partially closed.
But some very large rats
Ate his coats and his hats,
While that futile old gentleman dozed.
Industrial Facilities
What is the name for a facility that separates oil into a variety of petrochemicals such as gasoline, kerosene, and propane?
Literary Forms
What category of literature includes works published at regular intervals, usually weekly, monthly, or quarterly?
Transform this into an interrogative sentence.
The dog bit the postman.
It sends up a column that is from 116 to 175 feet high at intervals varying from 33 to 90 minutes. Eruptions last about 4 minutes during which time some 12,000 gallons are discharged. Name this geyser.
Committee Percentages
In a certain committee meeting, 10% of the members grandstanded while the remaining 27 remained silent. How many were on the committee?
This soft, dense, blue-gray metal is used in many things such as solder and radiation shields, but its greatest single use is in car batteries. Name it.
Poetic Beginnings
Who wrote the poem that begins with these words?
There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street begins,
And there the grass grows soft and white,
And there the sun burns crimson bright
To whom does the pronoun refer in this passage?
He opened a heavy box and laid out
ten stocks, ten barrels, ten triggers,
and ten each of the other parts in
separate piles. He then asked a
general to take a piece from each
pile and put the gun together.
Sentence Analysis
How many words are in the subject of this sentence?
Peter Porter put Pomeranian parts
and pomegranate pulp into Peggy
Platte's pompadour.
African Nations
What country in Africa has a name that includes a synonym for a seashore and the name for the hard, smooth substance composed of dentin that forms the tusks of elephants?
A body of citizens sworn to weigh the evidence and decide the facts of a legal case is called a ...
Unusual Creatures
This describes what animal?
Their wide, padded feet grip well
on loose sandy ground. They are
powerful and swift and can go for
days without eating or drinking,
living off the fat in their humps.
What continent produces 40% of the world's chromium, 23% of the world's coffee, 52% of the world's cocoa, 41% of the world's cobalt, 36% of the world's gold, and 48% of the world's diamonds?
What kind of grass may be as tall as a tree?
State Syllabication
Consider the U.S. states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Which one has the greatest number of syllables in its name?
Population Enumeration
The official population count and collection of demographic information on the inhabitants of a country is called a ...
Literary Adventures
Who was the central character in a series of adventure stories that also included Jip the dog, Dab-Dab the duck, and Gub-Gub the pig?

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Middle School/Jr. High Questions

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Body Systems
If you were to alphabetically arrange the major body systems, which would be first on the list?
Death Valley national monument is situated in what two states?
When a river flows directly into a shallow sea, sediments may form a large triangular deposit called a ...
Astigmatism, strabismus, conjunctivitis, ophthalmia, and presbyopia are disorders affecting what organ?
Ancient Rome
It could hold more than 50,000 people and was one of the largest buildings in the Roman Empire. Name this gigantic sports stadium in ancient Rome.
What are the last two abstract nouns in the Pledge of Allegiance?
What, according to Lewis Carroll in "Jabberwocky," were "all mimsey?"
The Caribbean
It lies east of Cuba and west of Puerto Rico and is the second largest island in the West Indies. Name it.
Colonial History
This is about what group of New World colonists?
They moved the sick to the Common
House for the winter. By spring, half
of their party had died, including
Governor Carver. William Bradford
was elected the new governor.
Track Practice
One lap around the Broken Bow High School track is 440 yards. How many times would you have to run around this track to cover 2 miles?
What is the five-syllable name for the type of power produced when falling water turns turbines connected to electric generators?
Former Leaders
This passage is about a former leader of what country?
On November 9th, the Kaiser
abdicated and escaped to Holland.
This passage is about what president?
After completing the three and a half
years that remained of McKinley's
term, he was elected president in
his own right in 1904.
Meteorologist Mamie Melrose just announced that she expects to see a stratus cloud close to the ground on Tuesday. What is she predicting?
American Government
What is the three-letter abbreviation for the one agency of the U.S. government that acts as a watchdog for environmental matters?
Science History
According to Thomas Edison, what is it that is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration?
Alcohol Abuse
Cirrhosis, a disease provoked by alcoholism, affects what organ?
Asian Disputes
What country most vehemently disputes Beijing's contention that the only China is the People's Republic of China?
At 4 miles per hour, it takes exactly one hour for Abe to walk to school in a blinding blizzard. How many minutes would it take for him if he were to walk at 5 miles per hour?
Chemical Compounds
Chemical compounds with two oxygen atoms per molecule are known as ...
The Green River, the Dolores River, and the San Juan River flow into the Colorado River. Therefore, what four-syllable term describes these rivers?
Ancient Officials
Tribunes, praetors, and consuls were officials in the government of what ancient republic?
If it is 11 AM at the prime meridian, what time is it at 30 degrees west longitude?
The flag of what Asian nation includes a red circle on a white background?
European History
This passage is about what country?
In 1789, the National Assembly
abolished feudalism and drew up a
"Declaration of the Rights of Man
and of the Citizen," proclaiming
that "Men are born and remain free
and equal in rights."
Coal, oil, and natural gas all contain what flammable gaseous element that is more than 14 times lighter than air, colorless, and tasteless?
What is the color of anthracite?
This large seabird spends most of its time in the air over the oceans. It may have a wingspan of over 11 feet, the largest of any bird. Most live south of the equator. Sailors believe that killing one brings bad luck. Name it.
Revolutionary Nicknames
What was the nickname of the man who led a successful guerrilla war in the Carolinas against British troops under General Cornwallis during the American Revolution?
American Nonfiction
What piece of American literature was described as a seven-hankie book based on actual events about two dogs and a cat who share a marvelous journey?

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High School Questions

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What kind of colloids are dispersions of gases in liquids or solids?
Play Synopses
This is a partial synopsis of what play?
The exiled duke Prospero releases
the recalcitrant Ariel from a pine
tree prison, and engages his services
in cultivating romance for his
daughter, Miranda, and in regaining
his dukedom.
Isopropanol, ethanol, and methanol are members of what group of chemical compounds?
Who, according to Longfellow, uttered these words?
John Alden! You have betrayed me!
You who have fed at my board and
drunk at my cup, to whose keeping
I have intrusted my honor. Let there
be nothing between us save war and
implacable hatred!
Plant Problems
What term indicates the bleaching of plant leaves due to light deprivation?
What can bacteria do without according to this passage?
When in the resting spore stage, bacteria can tolerate extreme desiccation for long periods of time.
The Ocean Floor
These plains are adjacent to what continent?
Bellingshausen Abyssal Plain
Enderby Abyssal Plain
Weddell Abyssal Plain
Wilkes Abyssal Plain
Courageous Ladies
As British forces were torching Washington and everyone was fleeing, she stayed behind to save state papers and presidential portraits. When she finally left, the British were so close that they ate the hot meal she had made for herself. Who was she?
Because it moved the presidential and vice presidential inauguration dates from March 4 to January 20, what amendment to the U.S. Constitution is also known as the Lame Duck Amendment?
What play by Neil Simon could have been, but was not, given this title?
Perambulating without shoes or
socks in a green tract of public,
urban land.
Babylonian Astronomy
The Babylonian planet Ishtar was named after the goddess of love. What was the Roman name for this planet?
Particularly as practiced at the beginning of the 19th century, the policy and act of seizing people for public service was called ...
What distant moon in the solar system is about half as large as the planet it orbits?
What Dutch sailor is credited with discovering what was known then as Van Diemen's Land?
Life Forms
In some instances, what life form is even smaller than large protein molecules?
Most freighters operate on a fixed schedule but some travel to wherever cargo is available and to wherever it is to be shipped. These are called ...
In the play, "Mr. Roberts," who replaced Mr. Roberts when the transfer finally came through?
This siege lasted from September 1941 to January 1944. Name the Russian city that withstood this onslaught.
German Nonfiction
What scientist wrote these works?
Die Traumdeutung
Drei Abhandlungen zur Sexualtheorie
Totem und Tabu
The country of Denmark and the Jutland Peninsula separate what two major seas?
Civil War Battles
The Battle of Cold Harbor in 1864 was part of General Grant's campaign to capture what city serving as the Confederate capital?
Tissue Growth
The developmental process by which a relatively unspecialized tissue undergoes a progressive and usually irreversible change to a more specialized tissue is called ...
Valley Disputes
Disagreement over the fertile Aroostook Valley led to a short-lived war between what two countries in 1842?
What is the title of the second most important religious leader after the Dalai Lama in Tibetan Buddhism?
Amygdalin is a substance in apricot pits and almond seeds used in laetrile, a substance with no verified nutritive or therapeutic value. Amygdalin contains what poisonous chemical compound?
Modular Arithmetic
In modulo 12, what is the sum of 15 and 3?
International Relationships
What Soviet leader formed an alliance with Cuba after Fidel Castro's successful revolution in 1959?
What is a two-word name for the Moluccas?
Erroneous Predictions
Who incorrectly made this prediction?
The world will little note, nor long
remember, what we say here, but it
can never forget what they did here.
The product of the angular velocity of a body and its moment of inertia about an axis of rotation is called angular ...
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