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Significant Inventions
In the 4th millennium B.C., the invention that marked the beginning of agricultural civilization was a device drawn by oxen. Name this device.
Which agricultural commodity must be imported to the continental United States?
A. rice
B. wheat
C. sugar
D. coffee
E. lettuce
Cash Crops
This description from the year 1612 concerns what crop?
The money rolled in. Before long, Virginia
settlers were growing the "stinking weed"
on every patch of ground they could find,
including the streets of Jamestown itself.
Renewable Resources
What fuel can be produced by fermenting sugar cane, sawdust, corn, or wood chips?
A. peat
B. alcohol
C. uranium
D. kerosene
E. hydrogen
Hybrid History
Whose work paved the way for improving crops through genetics?
A. Louis Leakey
B. Edwin Hubble
C. Gregor Mendel
D. Francis Beaufort
E. J. Robert Oppenheimer
U.S. Agriculture
The greatest percentage of which state is occupied by cropland?
A. Iowa
B. Idaho
C. Arizona
D. Washington
E. New Jersey
Sugar can be commercially extracted from two different plants. One is sugar cane. The other is the sugar ...
Fallow cropland is ...
A. irrigated
B. highly acidic
C. rich bottomland
D. tilled but unseeded
E. high in clay content
Farming Families
The African farmer produces most of what his family needs. This kind of farming is called ...
A. communal
B. marginal
C. corporate
D. cooperative
E. subsistence
Back Yard Botany
If they were all planted at the same time, which garden product would be first to ripen?
A. corn
B. chilies
C. radishes
D. pumpkins
E. tomatoes
Ancient Agriculture
What is the modern name for the practice suggested in this passage from the first century A.D.?
The earth neither grows old nor wears out if it be dunged.
What is the collective name for the fruit of such cereal grasses as sorghum, millet, rye, barley, oats, wheat, and rice?
Farm Labor
Identify the labor organizer and president of the United Farm Workers remembered for organizing poorly paid migrant workers and for leading successful boycotts against grape and lettuce growers?
Which is not a forage crop?
A. corn
B. clover
C. potato
D. alfalfa
E. bluegrass
Soil Mixtures
A mixture of sand and clay that also contains humus is called ...
A. loam
B. caliche
C. parent matter
D. residual soil
E. transported soil
Agricultural Techniques
What is the name for the soil conservation technique by which farmers plow sideways across hillsides instead of up and down the slopes?
Elementary Agriculture
What three letters are the chemical symbols of the primary nutritional elements in a complete fertilizer?
Infamous Insects
The insect that devastated cotton crops in the South in the late 1890s was the ...
A. caddis fly
B. boll weevil
C. sphinx moth
D. Japanese beetle
E. Mediterranean fruit fly
Botanical Specialties
The growth of crop plants in a liquid medium is called ...
A. hydroponics
B. hydrostatics
C. hydroscopics
D. hydrophobics
E. hydrotherapeutics
A chemical used to kill troublesome insects or other pests is a pesticide. A chemical used to destroy weeds is an ...
Asian Agribusiness
What is the most lucrative agricultural product produced in the region of southeast Asia known as the Golden Triangle?
U.S. Geography
Which state is in the corn belt?
A. Utah
B. Kansas
C. Oregon
D. Vermont
E. Louisiana
What California city is named after the American horticulturist who developed many new varieties of fruits and flowers such as the plumcot and the shasta daisy?
Emerald Riesling, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir are all varieties of what kind of fruit?
Soil Conservation
All of these are examples of good soil conservation measures except ...
A. contour plowing
B. cultivation of soil
C. cover crops
D. crop rotation
E. adding compost
What American botanist discovered that legumes such as peanuts returned nitrates and minerals to the soil?
Funny Farm
It would be highly unusual to find which two agricultural products raised on the same farm?
A. corn and oats
B. apples and pears
C. bananas and apricots
D. lettuce and asparagus
E. coconuts and pineapple
Name the inventor who solved this problem in 1831.
A man had to cut wheat with a scythe and
slowly move down the field, swinging as
he went. An acre a day for a strong man
was a good average yield.
Cultivated Society
Which agricultural crop was domesticated in southwestern Asia by 7000 B.C.?
A. maize
B. wheat
C. grapes
D. turnips
E. cantaloupe
Dire Warnings
What famous orator said this during his 1896 presidential campaign?
Burn down your cities and leave our farms,
and your cities will spring up again as if
by magic. But destroy our farms, and the
grass will grow in the streets of every
city in the country.
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Answers to Agriculture quiz
1. plow
2. D
3. tobacco
4. B
5. C
6. A
7. beet
8. D
9. E
10. C
11. fertilizing
12. grain
13. Cesar Chavez
14. C
15. A
16. contour plowing
17. NPK
18. B
19. A
20. herbicide
21. opium
22. B
23. Burbank
24. grapes
25. B
26. George Washington Carver
27. C
28. Cyrus McCormick
29. B
30. William Jennings Bryan
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