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The American Revolution
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Complete this demand of the American colonists.
No taxation without ...

A. negotiation
B. participation
C. assassination
D. predestination
E. representation
Punative Legislation
The Boston Port Act of 1774 closed the harbor to all commerce until the city compensated the British East India Company for what destroyed commodity?
Independence Advocates
The pamphlet "Common Sense" which advocated complete independence for the colonies was written by ...
A. John Rolfe
B. Thomas Paine
C. Benedict Arnold
D. Thomas Jefferson
E. John Peter Zenger
Final Remarks
Name the spy who, at his execution, paraphrased these words from Joseph Addison's 1713 tragedy, "Cato."
What pity is it that we can die
but once to save our country.
Ethan Allen
In 1775, Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys captured ...
A. Fort Knox
B. Fort Worth
C. Fort Sumter
D. Fort Lauderdale
E. Fort Ticonderoga
Significant Shots
During what year was the "shot heard round the world" fired?
The Boston Massacre occurred about how long before the Revolutionary War began?
A. 6 weeks
B. 5 months
C. 2 years
D. 5 years
E. 9 years
Revolutionary Armies
What was the name of the American forces during the Revolutionary War?
The Declaration
Who drafted the original Declaration of Independence?
A. Patrick Henry
B. John Hancock
C. Samuel Adams
D. Thomas Jefferson
E. George Rogers Clark
Patriotic Personalities
What patriot of the American Revolution is known as a philosopher, scientist, writer, politician, diplomat, and printer?
Wartime Monarchs
Who sat upon the throne of England during the Revolutionary War?
A. Arthur
B. Victoria
C. George III
D. Henry VIII
E. Elizabeth I
Split Allegiances
Perhaps as many as one-third of the colonists opposed the Revolution and its objectives. They were known as the American Loyalists or ...
Which battle of the American Revolution had already been fought when the Declaration of Independence was adopted?
A. Saratoga
B. Savannah
C. Yorktown
D. Bunker Hill
E. Fort Kaskaskia
Militia Members
With what militia group was Paul Revere associated?
Who did not sign the Declaration of Independence since he was not a delegate to the Continental Congress?
A. John Hancock
B. Samuel Adams
C. Benjamin Franklin
D. Thomas Jefferson
E. George Washington
Massachusetts militiamen clashed with British troops in April of 1775 at Concord and what other town?
Discouraging Defeats
Approximately one-fourth of George Washington's entire army was lost in the Revolutionary War's most stunning defeat of American troops at ...
A. Saratoga
B. Savannah
C. Vicksburg
D. Charleston
E. Brandywine
Paine-ful Quotations
What three words complete this quote attributed to Thomas Paine?
These are the times that ...
Surprise Attacks
George Washington led his forces across the Delaware River on Christmas morning in 1776 to attack what town?
A. Trenton
B. Yorktown
C. Lexington
D. Gettysburg
E. Williamsburg
Colorful References
During the American Revolution, what name involving an article of clothing was used in reference to a British soldier?
The Turning Tide
A major turning point in the Revolution was the decisive American victory at ...
A. Verdun
B. Saratoga
C. Monmouth
D. Brandywine
E. Valley Forge
Command Decisions
What words complete this command given at Bunker Hill?
Don't fire until you see the ...

A. hairs on their chins
B. whites of their eyes
C. buttons of their coats
D. nostrils of their noses
E. muzzles of their muskets
Foreign Assistance
The colonial forces could not have prevailed in the American Revolution without the armies, money, and supplies of what country?
The concepts underlying both the English revolution of 1688 and American revolution were clearly suggested in the "Treatises of Civil Government." Who was the author?
A. Adam Smith
B. John Locke
C. David Hume
D. John Milton
E. Thomas Hobbes
Military Misery
George Washington was referring to what area when he wrote this?
You could tell where the army had been
by the blood of their feet on the snow.
British Bastions
The last British stronghold before peace terms were negotiated was ...
A. Boston
B. New York
C. Charleston
D. Philadelphia
E. New Orleans
Notorious Generals
He was a successful and highly regarded general in the Continental Army. But, in 1780, the Americans captured a British soldier, in whose boot was a letter revealing that this general was planning to turn the fort at West Point over to the British. Name him.
French Figures
Which Frenchman was a general in the American army during the Revolutionary War?
A. Pierre Curie
B. Rene Descartes
C. Charles de Gaulle
D. Samuel de Champlain
E. Marquis de Lafayette
Bad Trades
Complete this quote by Benjamin Franklin.
Those who would give up essential
liberty to purchase a little temporary
safety deserve neither ...
War's End
The Revolutionary War virtually ended in 1781 when Cornwallis surrendered the British forces at a village in southeastern Virginia named ...
A. Dover
B. Concord
C. Yorktown
D. Richmond
E. Annapolis
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Answers to American Revolution quiz
1. E
2. tea
3. B
4. Nathan Hale
5. E
6. 1775
7. D
8. Continental Army
9. D
10. Benjamin Franklin
11. C
12. Tories
13. D
14. the Minutemen
15. E
16. Lexington
17. D
18. try men's souls
19. A
20. redcoat
21. B
22. B
23. France
24. B
25. Valley Forge
26. B
27. Benedict Arnold
28. E
29. liberty nor safety
30. C
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