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Ancient Greece
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He was a king of Macedonia and Greece. He conquered the entire Persian Empire from the Aegean Sea to India and around
the Mediterranean to Egypt. He cut the Gordian knot. Name him.
Greek Associations
Which association is incorrect?
A. Draco - laws
B. Helen - ships
C. Pericles - baths
D. Diogenes - lamps
E. Alexander - knots
Sculpted Stone Standards
The Greeks established what kind of stone as the standard material for classical sculpture?
A. jade
B. shale
C. marble
D. granite
E. serpentine
Euripides wrote, "The beauty of Helen was a pretext for the gods to send the Greeks against the Phrygians." This is a reference to what war?

Architectural Terminology
The terms "Doric" and "Corinthian" both refer to ...
A. types of arches
B. styles of spires
C. classical facades
D. types of domes
E. orders of columns
Ancient Poets
He is known as the first European poet. He lived around 900 B.C. Legend has it that he was blind. The two surviving epic poems attributed to him were written in Greek using dactylic hexameter. Name him.
Athenian Contributions
The Athenians are often credited with developing a form of government called ...
A phalanx in ancient Greece was a ...
A. market place
B. monetary unit
C. cynic philosopher
D. military formation
E. stringed instrument
Who posed this paradox in 470 BC?
A body occupying a space equal to its volume is at rest.
A flying arrow occupies at any moment a space equal
to its volume. Thus at any moment the arrow is at rest.
Therefore it is always at rest.
Ancient Plots
Athene advised Telemachus that his father was alive and that he should rid his house of the many suitors pursuing the hand of Penelope in a classic heroic epic poem written in the ninth century B.C. entitled ...
What Greek wrote the first history?
A. Aeschylus
B. Herodotus
C. Euripides
D. Sophocles
E. Aristophanes
Greek History
During the Golden Age of Greece, what city-state was the center of Greek achievement in philosophy, science, government, and the arts?
History of Geometry
Name the ancient Greek who compiled all of the geometry of his day in a book of 13 volumes entitled "The Elements."
A. Euclid
B. Aristotle
C. Sophocles
D. Heraclitis
E. Anaximander
In 490 B.C., a small Greek army commanded by Miltiades defeated a much larger Persian force which was compelled to retreat. What is the name of this battle which has come to be associated with long distance running?
Mountain Myths
The Greek gods were believed to reside on what mountain?
Theories in Physics
The atomic theory of matter first attributed to which Greek?
A. Plato
B. Aristotle
C. Democritus
D. Procrustes
E. Hippocrates
There were three great Greek writers of tragedies. Two were Aeschylus and Euripides. The third was ...
It is an excellent example of Doric architecture. It was constructed in honor of the patron goddess of Athens from white pentelic marble. It is 237 feet long with 8 outer columns at each end and 17 columns at each side. Name it.

Historical Passages
To whom does this quote refer?
Rather than go into exile, he chose to
accept the death penalty which consisted
of drinking a cup of hemlock.
Greek Oracles
The most famous of the Greek oracles was at ...
A. Troy
B. Sparta
C. Delphi
D. the Bes
E. Phrygia
What Greek is associated with an oath that begins with these words?
I swear by Apollo the Physician, by
Aesclepius, by Health, by Panacea,
and by all the gods and goddesses ...
Athenian Leaders
Who was the principal leader of Athens during its "golden age"?
A. Draco
B. Pericles
C. Praxiteles
D. Epaminondas
E. Alexander the Great
Ancient History
In what ancient city-state did these things occur?
Weak children were put to death.
Boys left their families at age 7 for army training.
Men served in the army from age 20 through age 60.
Greek Machines
Name the ancient Greek who said that with a lever long enough and a place to stand, he could move the Earth.
A. Homer
B. Pericles
C. Aristotle
D. Archimedes
E. Pythagoras
Aristotle claimed that all matter on Earth was made of four elements. Three were earth, air, and water. Name the fourth.

Poetic History
In ancient Greece, a lyric was a poem sung to the accompaniment of what stringed musical instrument of the harp family?
In June of 200 B.C., Eratosthenes found the Sun's rays were vertical at Tyene and 7 1/2 degrees from vertical at Alexandria. He knew the distance between the two cities. What was he able to calculate knowing this data?

Ancient Teachers
Socrates was to Plato as Aristotle was to ...
A. Draco
B. Xerxes
C. Alexander
D. Pythagoras
E. Pisistratus

Devious Doings
By concealing soldiers in a wooden horse, the Greeks were able to enter ...
A. Troy
B. Sparta
C. Babylon
D. Damascus
E. Alexandria
The fable is a very old form of story that descends from tales attributed to what Greek slave in the 6th century B.C.?

Answers to Ancient Greece
1. Alexander the Great
2. C
3. C
4. Trojan War
5. E
6. Homer
7. democracy
8. D
9. Zeno
10. The Odyssey
11. B
12. Athens
13. A
14. Marathon
15. Olympus
16. C
17. Sophocles
18. Parthenon
19. Socrates
20. C
21. Hippocrates
22. B
23. Sparta
24. D
25. fire
26. lyre
27. Earth's circumference
28. C
29. A
30. Aesop


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