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Time Frames
What is the approximate duration of human existence if a 24-hour clock were scaled to the age of the Earth?
A. 6 hours
B. 3 hours
C. 30 minutes
D. 20 seconds
E. 90 minutes
Ancient Immigrants
The first people to arrive in the Americas are believed to have come from what continent?
Acquired Traits
What cannot be acquired through acculturation?
A. language
B. hair texture
C. superstitions
D. food preferences
E. familial responsibilities
Fields of Study
A physical anthropologist investigates the development of the genetic makeup and physical characteristics of humans. What type of anthropologist studies the behaviors and beliefs of societies both ancient and modern?
A band of nomads is least likely to have ...
A. animals
B. gardens
C. leaders
D. customs
E. possessions
Religious Beliefs
What term refers to the belief in many gods?
The general consensus among anthropologists is that humans originated in ...
A. Asia
B. Europe
C. Africa
D. South America
E. North America
The Ages of Man
Which period in human cultural development is so named because people of that time learned to forge ferrous metals into tools and weapons?
Which topic is of particular interest to a social anthropologist?
A. kinship and law
B. arrowheads and pottery
C. skeletal systems and diet
D. evolution and somatotypes
E. races and geographic distribution
Professional Vocabulary
What an anthropologist refers to as "bipedal progression," the rest of us call ...
Family Farms
Mr. Obuti lives in Somalia. He grows only enough food to take care of his family. This is ---- farming.
A. marginal
B. corporate
C. communal
D. cooperative
E. subsistence
Scientists believe all humans now living are members of the same species because all peoples ...
A. are interfertile
B. have diaphragms
C. are genetically identical
D. have four-chambered hearts
E. have the same axial skeletal structure
Primitive People
What hyphenated word describes primitive, pre-agricultural people who exist by collecting edible plants and pursuing and killing wild game?
Close Relatives
Modern humans are most closely related to which creature?
A. Java man
B. Peking man
C. Heidelberg man
D. Cro-Magnon man
E. Neanderthal man
Extended Family
These people make up your what?
your parents, your grandparents,
your grandparents' parents, your
grandparents' grandparents, etc.
The custom of marrying inside a specified group is called endogamy. Marriage outside the tribe or blood group is ...
A. digamy
B. exogamy
C. polygamy
D. misogamy
E. monogamy
Surviving Species
How many different species of the genus Homo survive today?
Which bone or group of bones often can be used to determine the sex of an individual when only the skeleton is available?
A. cranium
B. hyoid bone
C. pelvic girdle
D. metatarsals
E. incus and malleus
Social Organization
In this type of social group, an individual's descent is traced back through either the female or male line to a common ancestor. It is more comprehensive than a family. Associated with the people of Scotland, name this social unit.
The best reason for the lack of speciation in modern man is ...
A. immunity to mutation
B. insufficient competition
C. the absence of gene variability
D. inadequate geographic isolation
E. the presence of specialized organs
If a shepherd takes care of sheep and a goatherd takes care of goats, what is a potsherd?
Population Growth
The greatest increase in the number of humans occurred during which century?
A. 6th
B. 10th
C. 14th
D. 17th
E. 20th
What man-like primate existed at the time dinosaurs roamed the Earth?
Decisive Developments
The most prominent development during the Neolithic revolution was ...
A. monotheism
B. bipedal locomotion
C. bronze implements
D. cultivation of crops
E. the discovery of fire
Cultural Anthropology
The study of the cultures of living peoples is ethnology. The study of past cultures is ...
Superior Beings
Intellectually advanced beings on the planet Wappo believe that they are superior to all other organisms in the galaxy. This illustrates ...
A. ethnocentrism
B. paleoethnology
C. matrilocal residence
D. hypothetico-deduction
E. psychological projection
Homo Genus
If Homo habilus means "man the toolmaker," what is the corresponding term for "man the wise"?
Important Elements
The Bronze Age could never have occurred if there were no such thing as ...
A. tin
B. zinc
C. lead
D. silver
E. silicon
Native Peoples
Although many associate it with Australia, what term actually refers to any original inhabitant of a region?
Man is a member of which suborder of Primates?
A. simiods
B. haploids
C. tarsioids
D. lemuroids
E. anthropoids

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Answers to Anthropology
1. D
2. Asia
3. B
4. cultural anthropologist
5. B
6. polytheism
7. C
8. Iron Age
9. A
10. walking
11. E
12. A
13. hunter-gatherer
14. D
15. ancestors
16. B
17. one
18. C
19. clan
20. D
21. a pottery fragment
22. E
23. none
24. D
25. archaeology
26. A
27. Homo sapiens
28. A
29. aborigine
30. E
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