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Architectural Quotes
Complete this quote by Louis Sullivan.
Form follows ...
A. frills
B. function
C. frivolity
D. fluctuations
E. flamboyance
Architectural Elements
An arcade is essentially a series of curved structures called ...
All of these are parts of what kind of structure?
tower legs
center spans
suspender cables
stay ropes
Architectural Analogies
Jews are to synagogues as Muslims are to ...
Building Blocks
Post and lintel construction characterizes the ...
A. Pantheon
B. Parthenon
C. Taj Mahal
D. St. Paul's Cathedral
E. Basilica of Santa Sophia
Native American Architecture
An underground ceremonial room used by the Pueblo Indians for secret social and religious purposes is called a(n)...
A. kiva
B. atlatl
C. hogan
D. travois
E. calumet
Big Projects
Made from earth and stone, it stretches for 1500 miles, with watchtowers every 660 feet. Name this massive construction.
Roof Engineering
What architectural term refers to construction members such as beams and bars which are assembled into a rigid triangular framework for a roof support?
Supporting Stones
The rock at the top of an arch is called the ...
A. keystone
B. millstone
C. lodestone
D. grindstone
E. cornerstone
Medieval Architecture
What kind of structure developed during the Medieval period included a bailey, a moat, and a keep?
Famed Buildings
Which building overlooks the city of Granada, Spain?
A. the Parthenon
B. the Alhambra
C. St. Peter's Basilica
D. Westminster Abbey
E. the Dome of the Rock
A cantilever would most likely be used on a ...
A. balcony
B. skylight
C. stairwell
D. roof opening
E. warehouse floor
Ancient Rome
The early Romans developed the use of masonry conduits to carry water across the country on tall arched piers. Name these conduits.
What is the two-word name for the plane surface formed by cutting a solid such as a ship, a planet, a dog, or a house at right angles to its longest axis?
Architectural Features
These are features in what structure?
apse, nave, transept
A. Parthenon
B. Basilica di Massenzio
C. U.S. Pentagon
D. Golden Gate Bridge
E. Horyuji Temple
Any projecting molding that crowns or finishes a wall is a ...
A. pier
B. gable
C. frieze
D. cornice
E. mullion

Architectural Chronology
Which was built first?
A. the Eiffel Tower
B. the Pyramids at Giza
C. the Roman Coliseum
D. the cathedral at Notre Dame
E. the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings
Gothic Arches
The lateral thrust in soaring Gothic cathedral arches was counterbalanced by the construction of arches outside the building. Identify these great soaring constructions.
Architectural Vocabulary
What name used for the upper member of a column that serves as a transition between the shaft and the lintel may also refer to the governmental seat of a nation or state?
Stone Ceilings
An arched brick or stone ceiling is a ...
A. pier
B. vault
C. lintel
D. cornice
E. buttress
A great oval amphitheater called the Coliseum was in what ancient city?
Familiar Shapes
What architectural design might be defined as a quadrilateral masonry mass with steeply sloping sides meeting at an apex?
Architectural Drawings
A drawing that shows an overhead view of a floor of a building, including the location and dimensions of all rooms, is called a ...
Ancient Architecture
The architecture of the Maya Indians was similar to buildings of ...
A. ancient Rome
B. ancient Egypt
C. the Iroquois League
D. the Byzantine Empire
E. the Chou Dynasty of China
Unusual Homes
The Inuits of Canada sometimes built homes from blocks of snow fitted together into the shape of a dome. Such a dwelling is called an ...
What shape best describes the top of an obelisk?
A. oval
B. square
C. circular
D. pyramidal
E. rectangular
What adjective indicates the weight of variable, movable loads on a building?
Aspiring Architecture
Where would you be most likely to see a spire?
A. beneath a pier
B. on top of a steeple
C. at the end of an aisle
D. on the side of a column
E. in the middle of a bridge
Architectural Marvels
It has a bulb-shaped central dome surrounded by four smaller domes, all built on a great marble slab with tall, slender minarets at each corner. Name this mausoleum.
A. Taj Mahal
B. Parthenon
C. Eiffel Tower
D. Stonehenge
E. Aqueduct of Nero
Architectural Styles
What is the best-known Doric building on the Acropolis?
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Answers to Architecture
1. B
2. arches
3. (suspension) bridge
4. mosques
5. B
6. A
7. Great Wall of China
8. truss
9. A
10. a castle
11. B
12. A
13. aqueducts
14. cross section
15. B
16. D
17. B
18. flying buttresses
19. capital
20. B
21. Rome
22. pyramid
23. floor plan
24. B
25. igloo
26. D
27. live (live load)
28. B
29. A
30. Parthenon
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