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Art History
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Historical Periods
Raphael and El Greco painted during the Renaissance. What is the meaning of this French term?
A. rebel
B. rebirth
C. replicate
D. realistic
E. reactionary
Artistic Merit
These people are recognized as masters of what art form?
Margaret Bourke-White
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Yousef Karsh
Walker Evans
Ansel Adams
Religious Art
Which city was the center for the development of Byzantine art?
A. Paris
B. Madrid
C. Carthage
D. Alexandria
E. Constantinople
Kinetic Art
Alexander Calder became famous for his unique development of sculptures in motion. These hanging sculptures are called ...
Unusual Materials
Whose art is "eggstraordinary"?
A. Donatello
B. Carl Faberge
C. Henri Matisse
D. Thomas Chippendale
E. Louis Jacques Daguerre
Indigenous Art
What hyphenated term refers to native American art before the arrival of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria in the New World?
Simultaneous Events
About the same time that Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, ...
A. Mohammed was born
B. Hannibal invaded Italy
C. Robespierre was guillotined
D. Balboa saw the Pacific Ocean
E. King John signed the Magna Carta
Eliminating Errors
The first erasers were made of either soft leather or freshly baked bread. The discovery of what substance led to the abandonment of these crude tools?
Dreamy Art
What 20th-century art movement stressed the weird, the fantastic, and the dream world of the subconscious?
A. cubism
B. surrealism
C. minimalism
D. constructivism
E. postmodernism
Traditional Arts
These are among the traditional arts of what country?
Painting Chronology
Which painting was created first?
A. Sunflowers
B. The Blue Boy
C. View of Toledo
D. The Last Supper
E. Christina's World
Multifaceted Men
What Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist was the archetypal Renaissance man?
Art Forms
Which art form has appeared in almost every culture throughout history?
A. fresco
B. collage
C. sculpture
D. oil painting
E. stained glass
20th-Century Giants
Many say he was the most influential artist of the 20th century. Name this Spaniard who contributed to painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, and ceramics.
Who was not an impressionist painter?
A. Edgar Degas
B. Jan Vermeer
C. Claude Monet
D. Edouard Manet
E. Auguste Renoir
Public Art
The colossal art work, "Liberty Enlightening the World," is popularly known as the ...
Give It Back!
In response to a British request in 1998, a New York librarian said she might consider returning the original Winnie-the-Pooh doll only if the Brits repatriated Greek sculptures known as the Elgin ...
A. Busts
B. Bailors
C. Marbles
D. Monoliths
E. Rhinestones
Optical Illusions
Many old paintings and mosaics depict people who seem to be as tall as buildings or mature trees. This indicates that these artists had not yet developed techniques for representing ...
Which artist is not matched with one of his creations?
A. Rodin - The Thinker
B. da Vinci - La Gioconda
C. Bosch - Garden of Delights
D. van Gogh - The Night Watch
E. Gainsborough - The Blue Boy
Knot So Hard
What is the origin of macrame?
Pop Art
Which artist was noted for his pop art creations of soup cans and Brillo boxes?
A. Gilbert Stuart
B. Andy Warhol
C. Winslow Homer
D. Jackson Pollock
E. Willem de Kooning
Michelangelo won the right to carve the "Giant," which was the name given to a damaged, 18-foot slab of marble. He sculpted this monolith into a figure of the slayer of Goliath. Name this sculpture.
Graphic Arts
Which is the oldest drawing medium?
A. pencils
B. brushes
C. charcoal
D. quill pens
E. bamboo pens
Military Movements
What hyphenated French military term meaning "vanguard" has, since the 19th century, been applied to innovative, experimental movements in the arts?
If these painting styles are chronologically arranged, next to last is ...
A. cubism
B. pop art
C. pointillism
D. surrealism
E. impressionism
What prominent Italian family is remembered largely for their generous patronage of the arts and their role in establishing Florence as a major cultural capital?
Island Artists
Gauguin painted the people of ...
A. Tahiti
B. Hawaii
C. the Philippines
D. Pitcairn Island
E. the Galapagos Islands
Painter Positions
What American abstract expressionist said this?
On the floor I am more at ease. I feel nearer,
more a part of the painting, since this way I
can walk around it, work from the four sides
and literally be in the painting.
Biological Illustration
Who attempted to paint all of the bird species found in the eastern United States?
A. Henry Clay
B. J.J. Audubon
C. Henry Thoreau
D. George Gallup
E. Luther Burbank
Metal Sculpture
It is harder and more durable than brass and has a lower melting point than copper. Name this alloy that has been used to cast sculpture for more than 4000 years.

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Answers to Art History
1. B
2. photography
3. E
4. mobiles
5. B
6. pre-Columbian
7. D
8. rubber
9. B
10. Japan
11. D
12. Leonardo da Vinci
13. C
14. Picasso
15. B
16. Statue of Liberty
17. C
18. perspective (or proportion)
19. D
20. sailor's knots
21. B
22. David
23. C
24. avant-garde
25. D
26. Medici
27. A
28. Jackson Pollock
29. B
30. bronze
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