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Asian Geography
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Bi-continental Nations
Name the two Asian countries that are also part of Europe.
Port Cities
Which cities are not seaports?
A. Shanghai, Kobe
B. Bombay, Pusan
C. Bangkok, Hanoi
D. Tehran, Katmandu
E. Vladivostok, Karachi
Historic Names
This refers to what present-day Asian country?
Europeans had long lusted after
the riches of Polo's Cathay.
Asian Banners
Which country's flag includes the yin-yang symbol and trigrams from the I-Ching?
A. Nepal
B. Lebanon
C. Vietnam
D. Uzbekistan
E. South Korea
The Strait of Malacca separates the island of Sumatra from what major peninsula?
The Mongolian plateau is largely occupied by what desert?
A. Gobi
B. Mojave
C. Sahara
D. Kalahari
E. Atacama
Asian Archipelagoes
These are the four major islands of what country?
Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu
Which currency is used in the country between the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal?
A. yen
B. peso
C. ruble
D. rupee
E. guilder
Cardinal Points
The northernmost Asian country is ...
Rich and Poor
Which has the highest per capita GNP?
A. China
B. Kuwait
C. Indonesia
D. Afghanistan
E. North Korea
Mountain Ranges
What mountain range forms the natural boundary traditionally accepted as separating Asia and Europe?
Asian Rivers
Which is Asia's longest river, flowing 3800 miles from the mountains of Tibet to the East China Sea?
A. Ganges
B. Mekong
C. Yangtze
D. Euphrates
E. Irrawaddy
It is the planet's oldest and deepest lake, accounting for one-fifth of the world's freshwater reserves. Name this Siberian lake threatened by massive pollution.
Asian Islands
Which is the largest island?
A. Java
B. Borneo
C. Honshu
D. Sumatra
E. Sri Lanka
World Population
The only country with a population larger than that of India is ...
Siam is a former name for what Asian country?
A. Nepal
B. Thailand
C. Pakistan
D. Indonesia
E. North Korea
Majestic Monikers
By what name do Westerners refer to this mountain?
It is known locally as Chomolungma, "Goddess Mother of
the World," a fitting name for the highest peak on the planet.
Asian Languages
Which language is widely spoken in eastern Asia?
A. Urdu
B. Farsi
C. Berber
D. Punjabi
E. Mandarin
Kashmir is a territory whose ownership is disputed between what two countries?
Asian Drives
It would take you longest to drive from ...
A. Kiev to Vladivostok
B. Amman to Damascus
C. Phnom Penh to Hanoi
D. Islamabad to New Dehli
E. Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
Great Rivers
Its source is in the western Himalayas and it flows east-south-east across northern India, emptying into the Bay of Bengal by many mouths. Name this most sacred river of the Hindus.
A Kush-y Location
The Hindu Kush is a ...
A. desert in western India
B. river in southern Pakistan
C. rich oil field in northern Iran
D. bay north of the Arabian Sea
E. mountain range in Afghanistan
Name the seasonal winds that carry moisture from the Indian Ocean to Southeast Asia.
A Lovely Stroll
A hiker who starts at Jerusalem and walks about 5000 miles due east could end up in ...
A. Baghdad
B. Sapporo
C. Calcutta
D. Bangkok
E. Shanghai
Renowned Routes
What strategic mountain pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan served as an invasion route for Alexander the Great and Tamerlane?
Asia Minor is best described as a(n) ...
A. delta
B. prairie
C. steppe
D. isthmus
E. peninsula
The Grand Canal was built 1300 years ago and is 20 times longer than the Panama Canal. It connects the Yangtze River with what other Chinese river?
Africa and Asia are separated only by the ...
A. Baltic Sea
B. Suez Canal
C. Persian Gulf
D. Sahara Desert
E. Atlas Mountains
Southeast Asian History
In 1819, the British purchased the island of Singhapura on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and renamed it ...
Asian Seas
Which is farthest north?
A. Java Sea
B. Yellow Sea
C. Sea of Japan
D. Philippine Sea
E. Sea of Okhotsk

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Answers to Asian Geography
1. Turkey, Russia
2. D
3. China
4. E
5. Malay Peninsula
6. A
7. Japan
8. D
9. Russia
10. B
11. Ural Mountains
12. C
13. Lake Baikal
14. B
15. China
16. B
17. Mt. Everest
18. E
19. India, Pakistan
20. A
21. Ganges River
22. E
23. monsoon
24. E
25. Khyber Pass
26. E
27. Yellow River (Huang He)
28. B
29. Singapore
30. E
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