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Birds of Prey
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Bird Classification
When applied to birds, what is a synonym for "predatory"?
A. oviparous
B. raptorial
C. three-toed
D. hook-beaked
E. high-soaring
Bird Parts
What is the two-syllable name for the claw of a bird of prey?
Ornithological Odes
This first line from a poem by Tennyson is about which bird?
He clasps the crag with crooked hands,
close to the sun in lonely lands.
A. eagle
B. turkey
C. parrot
D. penguin
E. flamingo
These are fierce birds with hooked bills and large feet with long curved talons. They nest in depressions in cliffs. Unlike hawks, their wings are long and pointed. Name this bird of prey.
Burly Birdies
Name the heaviest flying bird of prey.
A. emu
B. condor
C. ostrich
D. bald eagle
E. peregrine falcon
Shared Names
What bird of the hawk family has the same name as a child's toy designed to soar while controlled by a string or wire?
Fast Flyers
Which bird is known for its extremely fast flight?
A. pintail duck
B. turkey vulture
C. great blue heron
D. peregrine falcon
E. eastern meadowlark
Bird Vision
Which bird relies heavily on binocular vision?
A. hawk
B. snipe
C. sparrow
D. parakeet
E. cardinal
What bird is associated with Athena, goddess of wisdom?
Which is a common prey of raptors?
A. falcons
B. halibut
C. manatees
D. ptarmigans
E. dromedaries
Hunting Sports
A person involved in falconry wears a heavy leather glove as protection against the bird's sharp talons. Such a glove is called a ...
Bird Taxonomy
Which bird is not a member of the order Falconiformes?
A. kite
B. eagle
C. osprey
D. buzzard
E. flamingo
High-Living Birds
Conservationists in U.S. cities such as Detroit, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles have done much to provide habitat for what raptor on the ledges of skyscrapers?
Similar Shapes
The European griffin most closely resembles which North American bird?
A. egret
B. eagle
C. vulture
D. pelican
E. goshawk
A conflict which shut down logging in many parts of the Pacific Northwest resulted from environmental concerns about what raptor?
Fabulous Feathered Friends
In 1996, six birds with 10-foot wingspans were released in Arizona where they had not been seen since 1924. These birds are ...
A. albatrosses
B. turkey vultures
C. peregrine falcons
D. great horned owls
E. California condors
Big Birds
Only two varieties of eagles breed in the United States. Name them.
Special Uses
Which beak shape is particularly adapted to tearing tissue?
A. curved
B. pointed
C. pouched
D. rounded
E. long and slender
Bird Babies
A nest of eagles or hawks is an ...
The "horizontal streak" across the retina is a characteristic of ...
A. diving birds
B. precocial birds
C. flightless birds
D. birds that inhabit open areas
E. birds living in tropical climates
Peregrine Peril
The peregrine falcon was almost forced into extinction in the mid-20th century by the accumulation of what pesticide in the bird's food sources?
Bird Lifestyles
Which creature is nocturnal?
A. owl
B. dove
C. goose
D. condor
E. starling
Unique Birds
The secretary bird is the only bird of prey that hunts on foot. It is sometimes tamed by African farmers to protect their families and livestock because its main prey is ...
Which is not classified as a bird of prey?
A. osprey
B. goshawk
C. snowy owl
D. whooper swan
E. peregrine falcon
Western Ornithology
Classic westerns often depict groups of large, dark birds circling high in the sky over a place where prospectors or cavalry units or homesteaders have bitten the dust. Name these birds.
Bird Beaks
Which birds have long and spearlike beaks to catch fish and frogs?
A. emus
B. herons
C. condors
D. pelicans
E. flamingos
In what South American mountain range are condors found?
Avian Eyes
Which birds generally have the largest eyes?
A. wading birds
B. nocturnal birds
C. flightless birds
D. seed-eating birds
E. birds that dive underwater
Off the List
Although hunters and pesticides pushed it to the edge of extinction, this majestic bird species recovered and it was removed from the endangered species list in 1994. Name it.
During falconry training, the bird's head is covered with a soft hood called a rufter and the legs are bound with leather thongs called ...
A. jesses
B. messes
C. tresses
D. dresses
E. presses
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Answers to Birds of Prey
1. B
2. talon
3. A
4. falcon
5. B
6. kite
7. D
8. A
9. owl
10. D
11. gauntlet
12. E
13. peregrine falcon
14. C
15. spotted owl
16. E
17. golden, bald
18. A
19. aerie
20. D
21. DDT
22. A
23. snakes
24. D
25. vulture (buzzard)
26. B
27. Andes
28. B
29. bald eagle
30. A
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