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The Brain
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Bigger and Better
The increase in the size of the human brain over millions of years has been accompanied by a corresponding increase in ...
A. body weight
B. the sense of sight
C. the sense of smell
D. muscular coordination
E. memory and intelligence
Half a Brain
A longitudinal fissure divides the cerebrum into two halves called ...
Language Location
Which region in the brain is responsible for the production of language?
A. midbrain
B. Broca's area
C. occipital lobe
D. olfactory bulb
E. hypothalamus
Tissue Types
The brain consists of both gray matter and white matter. What color is the nervous tissue that forms the inner part of the spinal cord and the outer part of the brain?
Sensory Centers
Centers for sight and taste are in the ...
A. thalamus
B. cerebrum
C. cerebellum
D. pons Varolii
E. medulla oblongata
Medical Instruments
Electrical activity in the brain can be sensed by means of electrodes taped to the skull. These electrodes are connected to what instrument that records and displays brain wave patterns?
Circulatory Problems
What condition results when an artery carrying blood to the brain is blocked?
A. stroke
B. pleurisy
C. enteritis
D. dyspepsia
E. toxic shock
Brain Basics
The central core of the brain includes four primary structures. Which one is missing?
medulla oblongata
Brain Evolution
The most ancient part of the forebrain is the R-complex. For what does the "R" stand?
A. rotifer
B. rhesus
C. rhizome
D. reptilian
E. ruminant
The Nervous System
There are two principal parts of the nervous system. The central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord. What system consists of the nerves and ganglia?
The Cerebellum
The cerebellum is most important with respect to its control over ...
A. speech
B. balance
C. hearing and vision
D. the sense of smell
E. heartbeat and breathing
Chronic Diseases
It affects two out of ten people over the age of 70, and begins in late middle age. Name this most common neuro-degenerative disease in the U.S.

Recent Developments
Which brain structure evolved most recently?
A. midbrain
B. thalamus
C. cerebellum
D. cerebral cortex
E. medulla oblongata
Head Injuries
After a flower pot fell off the railing and hit her on the head, Sally was nauseous, had a weak pulse, and reported that everything was spinning. Such a violent jarring of the brain is a ...
Brain Anatomy
After the spinal cord enters the cranium and becomes the lowermost part of the brain stem, it is called the ...
A. thalamus
B. cerebellum
C. pons Varolii
D. corpus callosum
E. medulla oblongata
Fundamental Functions
The brain's reticular activating system helps maintain ...
A. heart rate
B. digestion
C. wakefulness
D. temperature
E. blood pressure
Cerebral anoxia means that what substance is not being adequately supplied to the brain?
The meninges covering the brain and spinal column consist of three layers. The innermost layer is the ...
A. pia mater
B. peri mater
C. dura mater
D. alma mater
E. watsa mater
Which lobe of each cerebral hemisphere is responsible for converting stimuli received by the eye into meaningful images?
Brain Damage
Aphasia means the partial or total loss of the ability to ...
A. taste
B. speak
C. feel pain
D. concentrate
E. form personal relationships
The motor functions on which side of the body may be impaired when a stroke occurs in the right hemisphere of a person's brain?
Humans are the creatures with the largest brain mass for their body weight. Next in this ranking are ...
A. bats
B. toads
C. wolves
D. dolphins
E. opossums
History of Neurosurgery
This surgical procedure, now rarely used, involves severing the corticothalamic nerve fibers in the frontal lobes to eliminate mental disturbances in patients. Name this operation.
Beating the Odds
Prolonged submersion does not always mean that resuscitation of the victim will result in brain damage, especially if he or she ...
A. is not dehydrated
B. possesses a high IQ
C. was in very cold water
D. has a high metabolic rate
E. holds much lactic acid in his tissues
Brain Waves
Brain waves are classified by letters of the Greek alphabet. What category of brain waves would recorded by an EEG attached to a person in a relaxed state?
Involuntary Processes
Automatic activities such as respiration and heartbeat are controlled by the ...
A. cerebrum
B. cerebellum
C. pons Varolii
D. corpus callosum
E. medulla oblongata
Gray Matter
Name the deeply folded gray matter that composes the outer layer of the cerebral hemispheres and controls characteristically human behaviors.
Brain Chemistry
Endorphins are brain hormones that ...
A. alleviate pain
B. induce hunger
C. block reflex reactions
D. suppress the immune system
E. promote erythrocyte production
Cranial Communication
What structure in the brain transfers messages from one hemisphere of the cerebrum to the other?
Mammalian intelligence is correlated to the size and complexity of the ...
A. cerebrum
B. cerebellum
C. pons Varolii
D. hypothalamus
E. medulla oblongata

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Answers to the Brain
1. E
2. hemispheres
3. B
4. gray
5. B
6. electroencephalograph (EEG)
7. A
8. hypothalamus
9. D
10. peripheral nervous system
11. B
12. Alzheimer's disease
13. D
14. concussion
15. E
16. C
17. oxygen
18. A
19. occipital
20. B
21. left side
22. D
23. (prefrontal) lobotomy
24. C
25. alpha
26. E
27. cerebral cortex
28. A
29. corpus callosum
30. A
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