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Fabulous Fuels
What substance yields no toxic compounds but only heat and water when it burns?
A. helium
B. methane
C. propane
D. hydrogen
E. plutonium
Useful Elements
What element frequently found in the form of yellow crystals near volcanic vents is used to make gunpowder, drugs, and fertilizer?
Name the silvery-white metal that has an atomic number of 11, is lighter than water, and cannot be found naturally in the metallic state.
A. sodium
B. molybdenum
C. iron
D. lithium
E. silver
How Dry I Am
A chemical compound that can be formed by removing water from another compound is called an ...
It's a Gas!
Which gas is heavier than air, odorless, colorless, and smothers flames?
A. helium
B. oxygen
C. hydrogen
D. acetylene
E. carbon dioxide
Atomic Weight
Which of the six noble gases has the highest atomic weight?
What element with an atomic number of 29 and a weight heavier than iron is the only metal which occurs widely in nature in the free state?
A. copper
B. silver
C. aluminum
D. tungsten
E. molybdenum
The Periodic Table
Lanthanum and cerium are classified as lanthanides on the periodic table. What is the classification for elements such as thorium and plutonium?
pH Values
A solution with a pH below 7 is classified as ...
Chemical Combos
The formation of a more complex chemical substance from simpler ones is called ...
A. dieresis
B. synthesis
C. hysteresis
D. abiogenesis
E. cytokinesis
Which gas boils off last in the fractional distillation of liquid air?
A. argon
B. helium
C. oxygen
D. nitrogen
E. hydrogen
Common Chemical Compounds
Which compound may be compressed into sticks for writing on a chalk board?
A. sodium silicate
B. sodium hydroxide
C. calcium carbonate
D. hydrogen chloride
E. magnesium sulfate
Chemical Tools
Any chemical substance that provides visual evidence of the nature of the chemical system in which it is placed by changing color is called an ...
Which is not an electrolyte?
A. sulfuric acid
B. sodium chloride
C. carbon monoxide
D. sodium hydroxide
E. hydrochloric acid
What two elements are alloyed to make the medals awarded for third-place in Olympic events?
Solution Symbols
A saline solution would most likely include which element?
A. Al
B. Hg
C. Kr
D. Na
E. Pb
The accumulation of heat produced by slow oxidation that reaches the kindling temperature is called ...
Chemical Equations
What is designated by an arrow pointing down in a chemical equation?
Mineral Chemistry
Which compound is found in many forms such as quartz, sand and agate?
A. silicon dioxide
B. sodium dichromate
C. arsenic trisulfide
D. trisodium phosphate
E. ammonium bicarbonate
Crystalline Compounds
Different chemical compounds with the same crystalline form are ...
A. isogonic
B. isotropic
C. isoclinic
D. isothermal
E. isomorphic
Members of the hydroxyl group are described as having a hydrogen atom bonded to an atom of another element. Name that other element.
Chemical Abbreviations
What special structure in aromatic compounds is indicated by a hexagon?
Atmospheric Gases
What element contained in chlorofluorocarbons accelerates the breakdown of ozone into ordinary oxygen molecules?
Early Science
This quote describes what primitive version of chemistry?
Dat snuff box be de very true gold.
Me make dat gold of my own self of
de lead of de great Cracow Church
by calcination, reverberation,
purification, sublimation,
amalgamation, and precipitation.
Electron Shells
How many unfilled electron shells are present in the transition elements?
Molecular Components
There are exactly 15 atoms in five molecules of ...
A. nitric acid
B. carbon dioxide
C. sodium chloride
D. sulfur trioxide
E. calcium carbonate
Substance Classifications
What general classification of elements has these properties?
The Name Game
Which substance is incorrectly paired with its chemical name?
A. laughing gas - nitrous oxide
B. lampblack - calcium oxide
C. gypsum - calcium sulfate
D. marble - calcium carbonate
E. muriatic acid - hydrochloric acid
Everyday Acids
Name a common dilute acid used in salad dressings.
Which element and most of its compounds are extremely poisonous?
A. helium
B. carbon
C. mercury
D. calcium
E. nitrogen
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Answers to Chemistry
1. D
2. sulfur
3. A
4. anhydride
5. E
6. radon
7. A
8. actinides
9. acidic
10. B
11. C
12. C
13. indicator
14. C
15. copper, tin
16. D
17. spontaneous combustion
18. precipitate
19. A
20. E
21. oxygen
22. benzene ring
23. chlorine
24. alchemy
25. 2
26. B
27. metals
28. B
29. vinegar
30. C
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