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Most Massive Mountains
Which magnificent mountain is not paired with the continent upon which it is found?
A. Everest - Asia
B. Elbrus - Europe
C. Kilimanjaro - Africa
D. Vinson Massif - Antarctica
E. Aconcagua - North America
Geologic Terms
Off the coast of Siberia in the Arctic Ocean, it is 800 miles wide, but the coast of Chile doesn't even have one. Worldwide, the average width is about 30 miles. What is the name for these submerged edges of the continents?
Continental Tips
What continent lies between the tip of the Taymyr Peninsula in the north and the tip of the Malay Peninsula in the south?
Identify the German scientist who proposed in 1911 that the continents were once part of a supercontinent.
A. Sigmund Freud
B. Alfred Wegener
C. Johannes Kepler
D. Christian Doppler
E. Gabriel Fahrenheit
A Plethora of Peninsulas
Which of the world's great landmasses might be described as a continent of peninsulas?
This describes what continent?

In the 1870s, it was still a dark and little-known
continent. Rich in resources, with inhabitants
who were no match for modern rifles and
machine guns, it presented a most attractive
sphere for new colonial activity.
Areas Abroad
Which country is in both Asia Minor and Europe?
A. Iran
B. Egypt
C. Latvia
D. Turkey
E. Thailand
Population Geography
For most of history, two out of three people in the world have lived on what continent?
A person standing at a latitude of 85 degrees south is on the continent of ...
A. Africa
B. Europe
C. Australia
D. Antarctica
E. South America
Name the continent that receives the greatest average amount of rainfall per square mile.
Mountain Ranges
Where would you find a distinctive type of rock mass called a continental suture?
A. Australia
B. Antarctica
C. central Brazil
D. northern India
E. the Great Plains
Continental Features
What is the two-word name for an elevated boundary that separates rivers flowing toward opposite sides of a continent?
Plate Tectonics
Geologists speculate that what continent will eventually split along its Great Rift Valley?
Continental Margins
All continental rises are the result of ...
A. ablation
B. intrusion
C. deposition
D. exfoliation
E. vitrification
Population Density
A population density of about 263 people per square mile makes which continent the most densely populated in the world?
Natural Boundaries
The Ural Mountains form a natural border between ...
A. Asia and Europe
B. India and Pakistan
C. Burma and Thailand
D. North and South Korea
E. China and Mongolia
Tropical Locations
What three continents are along the tropic of Capricorn?
Continental Geology
The continents float on the mantle because there is a difference in ---- between the mantle and the continents.
A. density
B. climate
C. velocity
D. altitude
E. longitude
The vast majority of tornadoes occur in ...
A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Australia
D. North America
E. South America
Puny Population
The human population of what continent rarely exceeds 1500 people?
Lofty Mountains
The world's tallest mountains are in ...
A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Europe
D. North America
E. South America
South American Extremities
The southernmost point in South America is ...
A. Cape Cod
B. Cape Fear
C. Cape Horn
D. Cape Hatteras
E. the Cape of Good Hope
Lots of Land
The largest landmass on Earth is composed of Africa, Asia, and what other continent?
Continental Drift
The theory of continental drift is supported by evidence from ...
A. philately
B. stereoscopy
C. horticulture
D. terraforming
E. paleomagnetism
Earth's Crust
The Earth's crust is typically 5 miles thick under the oceans and how many miles thick under the continents?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 20
D. 40
E. 60
What two continents are separated by the Bering Strait?
The Earth's Surface
The continents cover about what percentage of Earth's surface?
A. 11
B. 17
C. 21
D. 29
E. 35
Continental Commodities
What continent produces 40% of the world's chromium, 23% of the world's coffee, 52% of the world's cocoa, 41% of the world's cobalt, 36% of the world's gold, and 48% of the world's diamonds?
The Equator
The equator passes through which continent?
A. Europe
B. Australia
C. Antarctica
D. South America
E. North America
Longitude and Latitude
Which continent is at a latitude of 20 degrees south and a longitude of 125 degrees east of Greenwich?
A. Africa
B. Europe
C. Australia
D. Antarctica
E. South America

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Answers to Continents
1. E
2. continental shelf
3. Asia
4. B
5. Europe
6. Africa
7. D
8. Asia
9. D
10. South America
11. D
12. continental divide
13. Africa
14. C
15. Europe
16. A
17. Australia, Africa, South America
18. A
19. D
20. Antarctica
21. A
22. C
23. Europe
24. E
25. C
26. Asia and North America
27. D
28. Africa
29. D
30. C
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