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Food for Thought
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Which plant is not paired correctly with a part people ordinarily eat?
A. turnip - root
B. eggplant - fruit
C. asparagus - stem
D. cauliflower - flower
E. Brussels sprouts - seed
Eating Italian
What is the Italian word for an appetizer?
What spice is traditionally stuck into hams or floated in cider?
Food Preservation
Which method of food preservation was developed most recently?
A. salting
B. pickling
C. smoking
D. sugaring
E. freeze drying
What is the collective name for such additions to hamburgers as onions, relish, catsup, and mustard?
Vegetarians Abroad
A vegetarian traveling abroad would find which dish unacceptable?
A. ratatouille
B. Welsh rarebit
C. crepe suzette
D. moo goo gai pan
E. fettucini primavera
Cabbage Cuisine
A chef chops a head of cabbage into fine strips. He sprinkles
it with salt, and allows it to ferment slightly. The result is an
acidic, tangy-flavored food called ...
One stick of butter weighs how many ounces?
The outer colored part of the rind of citrus fruits is called the ...
Max allowed some milk to spoil. He then threw away the whey
and kept the curd. What common food is he probably making?
Which is not a root vegetable?
A. okra
B. garlic
C. shallot
D. parsnip
E. Jerusalem artichoke
Bread gets its light and fluffy texture from what gas produced when Saccharomyces ferments the carbohydrates in bread dough?
Kitchen Chemistry
Name the liquid found in the home consisting of dilute acetic acid.
You can keep sliced avocado from discoloring by sprinkling it with ...
A. salt
B. coke
C. water
D. lemon juice
E. monosodium glutamate
Meat Cooking
What cooking process are you using when you place meat on a rack or spit under direct heat in an oven?
What common material used in cooking can be produced
by grinding the seeds of these plants?
Another name for coriander is ...
A. basil
B. cilantro
C. marjoram
D. rosemary
E. tarragon
Cooking Calculations
Ostrich roasting takes 20 minutes per pound at 350 degrees.
If it is to be served at 8 PM Friday, when should you start
cooking a 120-pound bird?
Exotic Foods
What is the general term for foods made of raw fish
and wrapped in seaweed or a soft rice shell?
Kitchen Tools
What common kitchen device is used to raise the boiling point of water?
Cooking Processes
To partially cook by boiling in preparation for
some other final cooking method is called ...
Penelope has a pan of burning bacon fat on her stove.
She should definitely not attempt to extinguish it by ...
A. pouring water on it
B. covering it with a jacket
C. dumping sand into the pan
D. throwing baking powder on the flames
E. using a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
Meat Preparation
Soaking meat in a flavored liquid prior to cooking is called ...
Mrs. Crauker has a dozen eggs but is not sure if they were fresh.
By placing them in water, she will know they are bad if they do what?
Food Flavorings
Which spice has a distinctly licorice flavor?
A. anise
B. curry
C. cumin
D. caraway
E. allspice
This is a totally erroneous definition of what plant with enormous leaves?
celery gone bloodshot
Commercial brown sugar is simply refined sugar with what added?
Continental Cuisine
What French phrase means "baked with a topping of grated cheese or crumbs?"
A Stimulating Question
The same stimulant present in tea and coffee is also present in ...
A. aspirin
B. chocolate
C. citrus fruits
D. dairy products
E. carbonated water
Condiment Culture
The condiment named for the English city where Oliver Cromwell
achieved victory by routing the Scots and Charles II in 1651 is ...
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Answers to Food for Thought
1. E
2. antipasto
3. cloves
4. E
5. condiments
6. D
7. sauerkraut
8. 4
9. zest
10. cheese
11. A
12. carbon dioxide
13. vinegar
14. D
15. broiling
16. flour
17. B
18. 4 AM Thursday
19. sushi
20. pressure cooker
21. parboiling (blanching)
22. A
23. marinating
24. float
25. A
26. rhubarb
27. molasses
28. au gratin
29. B
30. Worcestershire sauce
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