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Criminal Acts
Given the two major categories of crimes, how would these infractions be classified?
shooting ducks out of season
disturbing the peace
A Breach of Trust
Any unauthorized appropriation or conversion of property by one to whom it has been entrusted is ...
A. usury
B. libelous
C. emolument
D. embezzlement
E. contributory negligence
Probation and a pardon are two of the three alternatives to imprisonment for a convicted criminal. What is the third alternative to imprisonment?
The murder of a public figure is called ...
Unethical Economics
Mort Ulzer is the purchasing agent for an aircraft manufacturer. He receives a pile of cash from Boltco, Inc. every time he orders bolts from them. What slang word refers to this illegal payment?
Legal Latin
In the case of a burglary, what would constitute a "corpus delicti?"
A. stolen money
B. motives of the burglar
C. a door that was forced open
D. photographs of the burgled house
E. the criminal record of the accused
Sea Thieves
Robbery which takes place on the high seas is called ...
The offense of persuading another person to commit perjury is known as ---- of perjury.
A. subornation
B. attestation
C. provocation
D. condonation
E. dispossession
The Nuremberg Trials gave rise to the notion of ...
A. victimless crime
B. crimes of passion
C. crimes against nature
D. crimes against humanity
E. criminal negligence
Legal Agreements
Identify the process by which one state will surrender an alleged criminal to another state where the crime was committed.
Both manslaughter and murder are the two major categories of what crime?
One defense to a murder accusation is "crime of passion." Such a defense attempts to negate the element of ...
A. guilt
B. evidence
C. negligence
D. responsibility
E. premeditation
Lame Blame
What verb means to contrive false evidence to make an innocent party appear guilty?
Agency Lists
What federal agency displays the "Ten Most Wanted" list in post offices around the country?
Big-Time Crime
Illegal action that may cause the disruption or overthrow of a government is called ...
A. sedition
B. turpitude
C. defamation
D. malfeasance
E. expatriation
Highway Robbery
The highway patrolman who says he won't give you a speeding ticket if you give him $100 cash has committed what crime?
Someone who loans money but charges rates of interest higher than what is permitted by law is guilty of ...
A. usury
B. larceny
C. predation
D. extortion
E. defamation
Legal Vocabulary
The term "purloin" is most closely associated with which crime?
A. arson
B. fraud
C. larceny
D. assault
E. manslaughter
What crime involves the extortion of money by a threat to reveal criminal conduct or embarrassing information?
Illegal Assistance
Benny the Blade helped Sammy the Shiv rob a pawn shop. In this crime, Benny was a(n) ...
A. victim
B. bailiff
C. adversary
D. magistrate
E. accomplice
Grand Juries
Name the formal written accusation drawn up by a prosecutor and made by a grand jury against a person suspected of a crime.
White-Collar Crime
Illegal stock trading based on confidential information not available to the public is called ...
A. bull trading
B. covert trading
C. insider trading
D. indexed trading
E. loophole trading
What are the two main categories of larceny?
Forms of Crime
The receiver of stolen goods who sells them to third parties is referred to as a ...
A. decoy
B. fence
C. pledge
D. codicil
E. carrier
Bad Neighbors
Mabel Squintch was caught shortly after setting fire to her neighbor's house. She will most likely be charged with the crime of ...
It's a Crime
Stephen found a checkbook on the sidewalk and decided to sign the owner's name to one of those checks in payment for a stereo. That signing made him guilty of what crime?
Latin Lingo
Detectives sometimes look for a common "MO" when trying to solve a series of related crimes. This abbreviation stands for what two Latin words?
Malicious Statements
It is a false and malicious statement knowingly made to injure someone. Name it.
A. surety
B. legacy
C. calumny
D. fabrication
E. foreclosure
Legal Terms
The legal definition of the term "assault" is the threat to use force. What legal term refers to the actual use of force?
Crime Doesn't Pay
Kidnappers usually offer to release their victims upon the payment of a ...
A. bounty
B. ransom
C. dividend
D. mortgage
E. finder's fee
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Answers to Crime
1. misdemeanors
2. D
3. parole
4. C
5. kickback
6. A
7. piracy
8. A
9. D
10. extradition
11. homicide
12. E
13. frame
14. FBI
15. A
16. extortion
17. A
18. C
19. blackmail
20. E
21. indictment
22. C
23. petty, grand
24. B
25. arson
26. forgery
27. modus operandi
28. C
29. battery
30. B
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