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Cold War Crisis
Andrei Gromyko told John Kennedy that the installations discovered by Air Force reconnaissance flights were solely for the purpose of contributing to the defense of what island nation?
Spies who work for two rival nations at the same time are called ...
Former Government Agencies
What was the former name of the Soviet Foreign Intelligence Service?
Jonathan Pollard was convicted of espionage against the United States on behalf of what nation?
A. Cuba
B. China
C. Japan
D. Israel
E. Soviet Union
The Name Game
During World War II, it was known as the Office of Strategic Services. Eventually, that agency evolved into what is now known as the ...
What country seized the U.S. Navy intelligence ship Pueblo and its 83 crewmen in 1968?
Secret Messages
The notorious Zimmermann Telegram of 1917 proposed an alliance between Germany and what other nation?
A. Brazil
B. Mexico
C. Canada
D. Colombia
E. Argentina

Secret Identities
Claudia Perkins works for the CIA and is stationed in China where virtually everybody thinks she is a math teacher at a foreign school. Such an assumed identity of a spy is called a ...
CIA Plots
For years, the CIA attempted to concoct a chemical mixture which would cause concrete to disintegrate. The target for this concoction was a famous wall in what city?
Atomic Espionage
Which participant in the Manhattan Project was convicted of passing secrets to the Russians?
A. Harold Urey
B. Klaus Fuchs
C. Enrico Fermi
D. Edward Teller
E. Robert Oppenheimer

Secret Codes
What nation developed a secret coding device called the "Enigma?"
Governmental Actions
What two-syllable adjective is commonly used to describe secret actions carried on by an agency such as the CIA?
Agency Analogies
What is the British equivalent to the CIA?

Double Agents
Kim Philby was a British intelligence officer who doubled as a Soviet spy. In 1963, he escaped to the Soviet Union, where he eventually became a colonel in what organization?

Flying High
For three decades, it served as the nation's swiftest and highest-flying reconnaissance plane, capable of reaching Mach 3 and cruising at an altitude of 174,000 feet. Name this aircraft that replaced the U-2 in the mid-1960s.
A Miscarriage of Justice
In 1894, Captain Alfred Dreyfus was wrongly convicted of spying on behalf of what nation?

Who had a long and lucrative career as a Soviet and Russian mole in the CIA?
A. Frank Kelso
B. Jeff Gillooly
C. Aldrich Ames
D. Vincent Foster
E. William Webster

The Red Scare
Name the editor of "Time" magazine who once showed two investigators for the House Un-American Activities Committee a hollow pumpkin filled with films of secret State Department reports.
Spy vs. Spy
Colonel Rudolf Abel was a captured Soviet spy. He was exchanged in 1962 for an American U-2 pilot named ...
Lasting Legacies
Robert Baden-Powell, a World War I spy, is mostly remembered for having founded ...
A. MI-6
B. the Boy Scouts
C. Oxford University
D. the Salvation Army
E. the Foreign Legion

In 1776, Washington's troops had been defeated in the Battle of Long Island. He needed to know what General Howe was planning and asked for a volunteer to spy on the British. Who took the job, but was captured behind enemy lines and hanged?

The last time that the death penalty was invoked as punishment for espionage was June 19, 1953. Name either of the two people executed.
What term reminiscent of insects is a synonym for wiretapping?

Soviet Spies
Which two people were spies for the Soviet Union in the 1940s?
A. John L. Lewis & Dean Acheson
B. Harry Gold & David Greenglass
C. Bill Mauldin & Joseph Stilwell
D. William Levitt & Walter Lippman
E. Wendell Willkie & Bertrand Russell

Disasterous Decisons
In what year did this occur?
On December 6th, an Intelligence
employee decoded a Japanese
message implying that Honolulu
was to be the target of attack, but
her superior told her to keep working
on the message until Monday.

He was head of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and a ranking State Department official when he was accused of espionage by Whittaker Chambers. Name him.

Diplomatic Dilemmas
The U-2 incident involving Gary Powers occurred during whose presidency?

French Executions
This Dutch woman pretended to be a Javanese temple dancer. In Paris, she charmed members of the French and German intelligence services into giving her their secrets. She was executed by a French firing squad in 1917. Name her.

Disgraceful Collusion
In 1780, Major John Andre conspired with whom for the surrender of West Point to the British?
A. Ethan Allen
B. Henry Knox
C. Francis Marion
D. Benedict Arnold
E. Johnny Tremain

Foreign Government Agencies
What is the name of Israel's national intelligence agency?

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Answers to Espionage
1. Cuba
2. double agents
3. KGB
4. D
5. Central Intelligence Agency
6. North Korea
7. B
8. cover
9. Berlin
10. B
11. Germany
12. covert
13. MI-6
14. KGB
15. Blackbird (SR-71)
16. Germany
17. C
18. Whittaker Chambers
19. Francis Gary Powers
20. B
21. Nathan Hale
22. Julius, Ethel Rosenberg
23. bugging
24. B
25. 1941
26. Alger Hiss
27. Eisenhower
28. Mata Hari
29. D
30. Mossad
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