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Unexpected Guests
Which explorer is remembered for visiting the land of Cathay?
A. Marco Polo
B. Eric the Red
C. Richard Byrd
D. Francisco Pizarro
E. David Livingstone
What was the nationality of the explorers who conquered the Aztecs?
Journeys Beyond
Which explorer traveled farthest?
A. Francis Drake
B. Neil Armstrong
C. Roald Amundsen
D. Meriwether Lewis
E. Ferdinand Magellan
Icy Capades
Who were polar explorers?
A. Vasco da Gama & John Cabot
B. Robert Peary & Robert Scott
C. Jedediah Smith and John Muir
D. Francis Drake and Leif Ericson
E. David Livingstone & Henry Stanley
Death by Deficiency
On Vasco da Gama's journey home from India, 30 of his 90 crewman died of what disease caused by a vitamin C deficiency?
New World Anniversaries
Which anniversary of Columbus' discovery of the New World was celebrated in the same year that Bill Clinton was first elected president?
A. 100th
B. 300th
C. 500th
D. 700th
E. 900th
Circular Travels
Who circumnavigated the Earth?
A. Henry Hudson
B. Vasco de Balboa
C. Amerigo Vespucci
D. Francisco Pizarro
E. Ferdinand Magellan
Explorer Geography
What U.S. state is immediately to the east of a region once explored by Vitus Bering?
American Exploration
Which region was explored by William Clark and Meriwether Lewis?
A. eastern Ohio
B. the Southwest
C. the Great Lakes
D. the Oregon country
E. the Gulf of Mexico
Around 1000 A.D., they sailed from the British Isles to Greenland, and then on to Labrador, the Baffin Islands, and Newfoundland. There they established a colony named Vineland and from that base sailed along the coast of North America. Who were these people?
Southern Exposure
Whose explorations took him farthest to the south?
A. John Cabot
B. Henry Hudson
C. Ponce de Leon
D. Francisco Pizarro
E. Hernando de Soto
Botanical Boons
What did 16th century explorers not find in the New World?
A. cotton
B. tobacco
C. corn and maize
D. sweet potatoes
E. nutmeg and cloves
First Flights
Richard Byrd is usually credited with having been the first person to fly over what particular spot on the Earth in an airplane?
When Christopher Columbus and his stalwart crew reached land in 1492, he thought he was in the ...
A. Azores
B. Bahamas
C. Falklands
D. East Indies
E. West Indies
Looking for Legends
Ponce de Leon searched throughout the region of Florida for a legendary fountain whose waters were supposed to bestow what blessing?
Pretty Fair Seafarers
At the same time that Rome was flourishing, what people were making extended ocean voyages in outriggers?
A. Huns
B. Mayans
C. Algonkians
D. Polynesians
E. Babylonians
He was exploring the narrow strip of land that joins North and South America when he came upon a great body of water which he named the South Sea. What had Balboa discovered?
Whose explorations were mostly overland?
A. Marco Polo
B. James Cook
C. Leif Ericson
D. Vasco da Gama
E. Ferdinand Magellan
What was the general name for Spanish soldiers who captured land and people in the Americas?
Who was a 20th century explorer?
A. John Cabot
B. Vitus Bering
C. Roald Amundsen
D. Meriwether Lewis
E. Samuel de Champlain
Canine Companions
Dog teams played a critical role in whose explorations?
A. Robert Peary
B. Edwin Aldrin
C. David Livingstone
D. Jacques Marquette
E. Francisco Coronado
Marco's Mysteries
To what was Marco Polo referring when he talked of "black stones which could burn all night"?
Not North America
Who was not noted for explorations of North America?
A. Zebulon Pike
B. David Livingstone
C. Hernando de Soto
D. Meriwether Lewis
E. Samuel de Champlain
Horse History
The American Indians were introduced to the horse by explorers from ...
A. Spain
B. China
C. Norway
D. England
E. Portugal
Legendary Explorations
In his search for the legendary land of Cibola, Francisco Coronado visited the region now occupied by what state?
A. Iowa
B. Alaska
C. Louisiana
D. Minnesota
E. New Mexico
Explorer Nationalities
What was the nationality of all these explorers?
Amerigo Vespucci
Marco Polo
Christopher Columbus
Early Explorers
Which explorer made the earliest voyage to the New World?
A. John Cabot
B. Leif Ericson
C. Ponce de Leon
D. Amerigo Vespucci
E. Christopher Columbus
Good Investments
From a monarch's investment of $6000 in the first voyage of Columbus, what country enjoyed a return of nearly $2 million in gold after just one century?
Place Names
A bay and strait in Canada and a river in New York were named after a man who ...
A. was last seen in a rowboat
B. invented interchangeable parts
C. became the first U.S. president
D. first exported tobacco to Europe
E. established the Rhode Island Colony
State Histories
Russian explorers and settlers figured prominently in the history of which state?
A. Alaska
B. Nevada
C. Vermont
D. Oklahoma
E. Minnesota
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Answers to Explorers
1. A
2. Spanish
3. B
4. B
5. scurvy
6. C
7. E
8. Alaska
9. D
10. Vikings (Norsemen)
11. D
12. E
13. North Pole
14. D
15. youth
16. D
17. the Pacific Ocean
18. A
19. conquistadors
20. C
21. A
22. coal
23. B
24. A
25. E
26. Italian
27. B
28. Spain
29. A
30. A
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