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Flower Anatomy
The colorful and fragrant part of a flower is the ...
A. style
B. sepal
C. stamen
D. anther
E. corolla
Holiday Traditions
What flower is traditionally given at Easter?
Famous Flowers
Its name when translated from German literally means "noble white." Name this perennial herb that serves as the national flower of Switzerland.
Flowers and Roots
Brightly-colored fruits and flowers of dicotyledons get their color from ...
A. cutin
B. stomata
C. tracheids
D. chloroplasts
E. chromoplasts
Which has the most influence on when a plant blooms?
A. wavelengths of light received
B. the incident angle of the light
C. the duration of light daily
D. the temperature of the light rays
E. the amount of transpiration
Mythical Posies
A legendary flower that never fades or dies is an ...
Many flowers that depend upon the wind for fertilization may have no ...
A. petals
B. stalks
C. ovaries
D. anthers
E. receptacles
Mistaken Identity
The name of what flower is incorrect in this sentence?
By July, the meadow was filled
with blue and yellow concubines.
Faded Flowers
Which flowers usually bloom for the shortest period of time?
A. roses
B. tulips
C. daisies
D. zinnias
E. petunias
Botanical Dust
You rub your fingers over the stamens of a flower and get a yellow dust on your skin. This dust is called ...
Flowering Plants
Which plant is a monocot?
A. morning-glory
B. spearmint
C. honeysuckle
D. apple
E. coconut
The astute gardener knows there are two general categories of flowering plants. The annuals must be planted each year. What is the name for those plants which have a life span of two or more years?
State Flowers
The saguaro is the state flower of ...
A. Oregon
B. Kansas
C. Arizona
D. Michigan
E. Mississippi
Perfect Flowers
A perfect or complete flower has its parts arranged in how many whorls?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Odd Incidents
Flowers in a certain garden were seen to close at midday during a spectacular astronomical occurrence. What was that event?
Flower Functions
Which part of a flower is not correctly paired with its function?
A. stigma - traps pollen
B. style - supports stigma
C. pedicel - supports flower
D. filament - supports anther
E. anther - contains egg nuclei
Basic Botany
The transfer of pollen grains from stamens to pistils is called ...
A significant part of the economy of what European country is based on exporting tulips?
A. Poland
B. Finland
C. Ireland
D. Netherlands
E. Switzerland
Natural Processes
Plants will drop leaves, flowers, fruits, and/or stems at the end of a growing season. This phenomenon is called ...
Blossoms are usually able to produce fruit only after ...
A. estivation
B. elongation
C. pollination
D. hyperextension
E. vegetative propagation
The sepals of a flower are generally what color?
Early Bloomers
Which flower tends to bloom very early in the spring when snow is still on the ground?
A. yucca
B. aster
C. sedum
D. crocus
E. buttercup
Flower Names
What flower was named after the Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl?
Flower Types
Flowers may be distinguished as regular or irregular. What is an example of the latter?
A. clover
B. dandelion
C. carnation
D. lady's slipper
E. California poppy
Plant Parts
The ripened ovary of a flower is called a ...
Nectar is a fluid secreted by nectaries, located near or in flowers. This fluid is particularly rich in ...
A. fats
B. sugars
C. proteins
D. amino acids
E. carbohydrates
Plants that have flowers which open at night are said to be ...
Plants with large flowers are probably dependent upon which agency for pollination?
A. wind
B. fungi
C. insects
D. mammals
E. gravity
Plant Classification
Which plant is a dicot?
A. iris
B. orchid
C. bamboo
D. daffodil
E. cauliflower
The male flower of a corn plant is called the tassel. Name the female flower of a corn plant.


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Answers to Flowers
1. E
2. lily
3. edelweiss
4. E
5. C
6. amaranth
7. A
8. columbine
9. B
10. pollen
11. E
12. perennial
13. C
14. D
15. total solar eclipse
16. E
17. pollination
18. D
19. abscission
20. C
21. green
22. D
23. dahlia
24. D
25. fruit
26. B
27. nocturnal
28. C
29. E
30. silk
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