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Sentence Analogies
Declarative sentences are to periods as interrogative sentences are to ...

Personal Pronouns
Which line includes a singular, first-person pronoun?
A. We're all in this alone.
B. It isn't easy being green.
C. There are more of them than us.
D. I am a deeply superficial person.
E. Never eat more than you can lift.
The subordinate clause is used as what part of speech in this example?
Individual soldiers make countless sacrifices
so that generals may parade victoriously.
Degrees of Comparison
Incorrect use of the comparative or superlative form is found in which line?
A. It's the best of my eyes.
B. We're the worst of the worst.
C. She's the smarter of the twins.
D. I'm the meanest man in Winona.
E. He's the slower of the two worms.
A comma could be used after either of which two words in the following sentence to convey a different meaning?
When the lightning struck Henry James fainted.
Wordy Expressions
Which expression cannot be reduced to the word with which it is paired?
A. in the event that - if
B. at this point in time - now
C. due to the fact that - since
D. come into contact with - meet
E. following the conclusion of - while
Shifty Grammar
A shift in what makes this sentence unacceptable?
A student can always locate the North Star
if you can find the Big Dipper.
Principal Parts
For these five verbs, which set of principal parts is not correct?
A. go, went, gone
B. read, read, read
C. take, took, took
D. fly, flew, flown
E. sink, sank, sunk
Identify the relative pronoun in this sentence.
My aunt's hat that completely
covered her cat was fat.
Modifier Modification
In which example does an adverb modify an adjective?
A. The sea horses spryly skedaddled
B. Sally slowly sashayed from a skunk.
C. Steve saddled a slightly sluggish steed.
D. Stoutheartedly Seth sailed the seven seas.
E. Sue sipped some scalding sassafras swiftly.
Marks of Omission
What punctuation mark is used to indicate omitted letters in words or omitted figures in dates?
How many nouns are in this passage?
The brain is a wonderful organ.
It starts working the moment you
get up in the morning and does not
stop until you get to school.
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6
Presidential Quotes
What grammatical mood is illustrated in this quote from Abraham Lincoln?
If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?
Which may not be used as a conjunction?
A. lest
B. since
C. while
D. toward
E. whether
Adjective Endings
What common ending can be added to these nouns to turn them into adjectives?
Punctuation Organization
If you alphabetize the names for the punctuation marks indicated below, which comes first?
A. denotes possession
B. separates words in series
C. encloses a person's exact words
D. completes an interrogative sentence
E. indicates "note what follows"
Objective Analysis
Grammatically speaking, what two types of objects are in this sentence?
I bought the little urchin a warm coat.
Predicate Adjectives
Which line includes a predicate adjective?
A. This is a great effort.
B. The airplane flies poorly.
C. Cacti are plentiful in Arizona.
D. No small person was allowed in.
E. An old house sat rotting on the hill.
What is the antecedent of the first pronoun in this remark by Susan Ertz?
Millions long for immortality who don't know
what to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Verb Usage
Which sentence illustrates the use of an intransitive verb?
A. Sylvia reads well.
B. Sylvia reads novels.
C. Sylvia reads inane stories.
D. Sylvia reads hieroglyphics.
E. Sylvia reads poetry and prose.
Pessimistic Punctuation
A pessimistic interpretation of these words from an ancient oracle would place a period after "go" and after what other word?
Thou shalt go thou shalt return never by war shalt thou perish.
Sentence Types
Classify this sentence.
When the boat begins to sink,
be sure to leap for the porthole
if you have the courage.
A. simple
B. complex
C. compound
D. compound-complex
E. interrogative
How many hyphens are needed in this sentence?
Twenty two tired and soft spoken ex presidents
of major toy corporations uttered half truths
about their brothers in law.
Adverb Modifiers
Which passage illustrates an adverb modifying an adverb?
A. They talked very secretly.
B. The coach yelled incessantly.
C. Slowly the old tire went flat.
D. He was a slightly overweight man.
E. She was put soundly in her place.
What is the function of the gerund phrase in this example?
Shoe problems have kept many centipedes
from participating in professional tennis.
Which plural noun is not correctly paired with its possessive form?
A. calves - calves'
B. thieves - thieves'
C. potatoes - potatoes'
D. employees - employees'
E. gentlemen - gentlemens'
Tom Swifties
What words should be enclosed in quotation marks in this sentence?
When Tom walked over to the bowl, he deftly grasped
the ladle and asked mockingly is this turtle soup?
Which line illustrates an incorrect use of an apostrophe?
A. Poe's poetry
B. anyone's guess
C. it's other side
D. all children's rights
E. the women's crocodiles
Fixing Fragments
A comma should be inserted between what two words to turn this sentence fragment into a full sentence?
Although beautiful and famous cathedrals no longer interest
homesick children traveling abroad with parents.
A Premier Pronoun Puzzler
Which line does not include a word used as a relative pronoun?
A. Whittle what we whop with whips.
B. Whose hairy hand is on Helen's hog?
C. Was it a wombat which Woody wanted?
D. Thor thrashes things that are threatening.
E. Mel met a mobster who mumbled mantras.
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Answers to Grammar quiz
1. question marks
2. D
3. adverb
4. A
5. struck or Henry
6. E
7. person
8. C
9. that
10. C
11. apostrophe
12. D
13. subjunctive
14. D
15. -ary
16. A
17. indirect object, direct object
18. C
19. millions
20. A
21. never
22. B
23. 6
24. A
25. object of a preposition
26. E
27. Is this turtle soup?
28. C
29. famous cathedrals
30. B
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