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The Great Lakes
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The Alphabet
Which of the Great Lakes comes first on an alphabetical list?
Big Basins
Some bottoms of the Great Lakes are below sea level. What is the only means by which these basins could have been scoured to such depth?
The Great Lakes form a single drainage system that flows down the St. Lawrence River into the Atlantic Ocean. Which lake would be considered the headwaters of the system?
A. Lake Erie
B. Lake Huron
C. Lake Ontario
D. Lake Superior
E. Lake Michigan
The New York State Barge Canal connects Lake Erie with what river?
Original States
How many of the Great Lakes border upon at least one of the original thirteen states?
European Eyes
Who is credited with being the first European to see the Great Lakes?
A. Henry Hudson
B. Jacques Cartier
C. Hernando de Soto
D. George Vancouver
E. Samuel de Champlain
The largest American city on the shores of the Great Lakes is ...
Shared Names
Which of the Great Lakes has the same name as a U.S. state?
Niagara Falls
Lake Ontario lies north of Niagara Falls. Name the Great Lake which lies immediately south of Niagara Falls.
A. Superior
B. Huron
C. Erie
D. Michigan
All of the Great Lakes drop in elevation, west to east, except for the connection between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. What is the name of the strait between these two bodies of water?
Transportation History
In 1825, the first barge began a 544-mile journey from the Great Lakes to New York City via what newly-opened waterway?
International Agreements
The Great Lakes became a northern boundary of the United States as a result of the ...
A. Stamp Acts
B. Albany Plan
C. Treaty of Paris
D. Gadsden Purchase
E. Treaty of Versailles
State Boundaries
How many U.S. states border upon Lake Ontario?
The construction of what channel made it possible for ships with up to 26-foot drafts to travel from Montreal to Chicago?
Which Canadian province borders on all but one of the Great Lakes?
Natural Barriers
The Welland Canal connects the two Great Lakes separated by the greatest difference in elevation. These two lakes are ...
A. Huron and Erie
B. Erie and Ontario
C. Michigan and Huron
D. Ontario and Superior
E. Superior and Michigan
Great Lakes States
Of all the states which border upon the Great Lakes, which one has the most letters in its name?
Duluth is America's largest inland harbor, second only to New York in tonnage handled. On what lake is Duluth located?
U.S. Lakes
Which Great Lake is entirely within the United States?
A. Lake Erie
B. Lake Huron
C. Lake Ontario
D. Lake Michigan
E. Lake Superior
Big Weddings
Name the governor who, in 1825, presided at the "Wedding of the Waters" in which the Great Lakes and the Atlantic were married by means of a canal.
The southern border of Michigan lies between ...
A. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario
B. Lake Michigan and Lake Erie
C. Lake Ontario and Lake Huron
D. Lake Huron and Lake Superior
E. Lake Superior and Lake Michigan
Memory Aids
What is the five-letter word which is often used as a mnemonic device for remembering the names of the Great Lakes?
Nasty Neighbors
When Jacques Cartier traveled up the St. Lawrence, Huron Indians told him of "great seas" farther upriver. He did not go on to discover the Great Lakes because what tribe, hostile to Europeans, controlled that region?
A. Hopi
B. Choctaw
C. Iroquois
D. Seminole
E. Cheyenne
Western Boundaries
Identify the westernmost U.S. state that borders upon one of the Great Lakes.
Deep Water
The deepest of the Great Lakes is ...
A. Erie
B. Huron
C. Ontario
D. Michigan
E. Superior
The Sault St. Marie Canal connects Lake Huron and what other Great Lake?
Which U.S. state has the most coastline along the Great Lakes?
International Borders
The border separating the United States and Canada does not go through which of the Great Lakes?
A. Lake Erie
B. Lake Huron
C. Lake Ontario
D. Lake Superior
E. Lake Michigan
A Bifurcated State
Name the only U.S. state split by one of the Great Lakes.
U.S. Geography
Name the only American state that is contiguous with both the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Answers to the Great Lakes
1. Lake Erie
2. glaciers
3. D
4. Hudson River
5. two
6. E
7. Chicago
8. Lake Michigan
9. C
10. Straits of Mackinac
11. Erie Canal
12. C
13. one
14. St. Lawrence Seaway
15. Ontario
16. B
17. Pennsylvania
18. Lake Superior
19. D
20. DeWitt Clinton
21. B
22. homes
23. C
24. Minnesota
25. E
26. Lake Superior
27. Michigan
28. E
29. Michigan
30. New York
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