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Literary Conventions
Black hat is to antagonist as white hat is to ...
Which of the Muppets is "he of the peaked head and tiny hat"?
A. Ernie
B. Rowlf
C. Kermit
D. Big Bird
E. Fozzy Bear
Head Counts
A poll showed that eighteen out of every hundred Panamanians own Panama hats. What percentage of Panamanians don't own such hats?
Plume Plunder
Which bird was ruthlessly slaughtered by plume hunters in response to demand by hat makers?
A. egret
B. snipe
C. condor
D. oriole
E. ptarmigan
Religious Hats
Name the tall, pointed hat with peaks in the front and back typically worn by bishops.
Ethnic Dances
In this dance, a man tosses his sombrero on the floor in front of a woman, and, if she accepts him, she dances on its wide brim. Name this dance of northern Latin America.
Purchasing Perplexities
At Henrietta's Haberdashery, you can have a half-dozen hopelessly hokey Halloween hats for $4.80. How many could you get for $24?
A. 30
B. 32
C. 34
D. 36
E. 38
War Veterans
What American president was the "Last of the Cocked Hats" because he was the last Revolutionary War veteran and constitutional "father" to head the U.S. government?
Cash Requests
Which cliche means "to ask for money"?
A. eat my hat
B. pass the hat
C. go hat in hand
D. hold onto your hat
E. keep it under your hat
Title Translation
The choreographer, Leonide Massine, originally gave it the title, Le Tricorne. After being rescored by Manuel de Falla, it became known as El Sombrero de Tres Picos. What is the English name for this ballet masterpiece?
Raffia is a fiber used to make baskets, hats, and mats. It is obtained from what kind of tree?
This alludes to what group?
Mrs. Feinstein hopes her stance on
gun control will not alienate too many
of the hard hats in her state.
A. farmers
B. accountants
C. football players
D. military personnel
E. construction workers
Complete this set of instructions for what to do in case of an emergency.
1. Pick up your hat.
2. Grab your coat.
3. Leave your worries on the doorstep.
4. Direct your feet to the sunny ...
Provincial Cities
What province is immediately east of the province in which these cities are found?
Red Deer
Medicine Hat
Political Idioms
A person who is running for a political office has thrown her hat into the ...
A. box
B. ring
C. fray
D. wind
E. street
Popular Painters
He is remembered in part for some sixty portraits of himself in various hats and costumes. Name this Dutch painter who enjoyed a successful career in 17th-century Amsterdam.
What word is usually found in this cliche?
The promotion was a real plum in his hat.
A hat trick may be achieved by an athlete involved in which sport?
A. golf
B. hockey
C. tennis
D. baseball
E. football
Poetic Noyes
These lines were taken from what poem by Alfred Noyes?
He'd a French cocked hat on his forehead,
  a bunch of lace at his chin
A coat of the claret velvet,
  and breeches of brown doeskin.
Musical Notation
What is indicated by a symbol on sheet music that looks somewhat like an inverted top hat?
Ratio du Chapeau
There are 500 hats on Bartholomew's head. 25 are derbies and the rest are fedoras. What is the ratio of derbies to fedoras?
A. 1 to 18
B. 1 to 19
C. 1 to 20
D. 1 to 21
E. 1 to 22
17th Century Economics
In the 1600s, these animals were already extinct in Great Britain and scarce in Europe, but they were abundant in America. Name these mammals whose skins were exported to Europe for the high, sheared-fur hats worn by all of the gentlemen.
How is this statement classified by a logician?
Either you get that snail out of my hat
or I'll have to turn out your lights.
A. induction
B. deduction
C. injunction
D. disjunction
E. conjunction
What hat with a flat horizontal top is worn at graduation ceremonies?
Occupational Diseases
What is the common four-word simile relating to a nervous disease that afflicted haberdashers who had prolonged exposure to mercury?
Who wore a bicorn hat?
A. George Patton
B. Emperor Hirohito
C. Dwight Eisenhower
D. Napoleon Bonaparte
E. Richard the Lionhearted
Retro Fashion
Name the standard garb of America's hepcats in the 1940s that included a one-button jacket with broad, padded shoulders, high-waisted trousers that ballooned at the knees and gripped the ankles, a wide silk tie over a striped shirt, and a broad-brimmed hat?
Presidential Poems
These words refer to what president?
A bronzed, lank man! His suit of ancient black
A famous high top-hat and plain, worn shawl
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Finish this line.
On the far side of the bridge, the hat of
the unfortunate Ichabod was discovered
and close beside it was ...
A. a black cape
B. a broken parasol
C. Katrina van Tassel
D. a shattered pumpkin
E. a blood-stained sword
Sentence Parts
What word in this sentence is a predicate noun?
That man with the silly hat and the plastic
worm in his nose is my uncle.
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Answers to Hats
1. protagonist
2. E
3. 82%
4. A
5. miter
6. Mexican hat dance
7. A
8. James Monroe
9. B
10. The Three-Cornered Hat
11. palm
12. E
13. side of the street
14. Saskatchewan
15. B
16. Rembrandt
17. feather
18. B
19. The Highwayman
20. whole rest
21. B
22. beaver
23. D
24. mortarboard
25. mad as a hatter
26. D
27. zoot suit
28. Abraham Lincoln
29. D
30. uncle
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