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Change of State
When sufficient heat is removed from a gas, a change of state occurs. Name this change.
Air Temperature
Air above the sand on a beach may be heated or cooled by ...
A. radiation only
B. conduction only
C. conduction and radiation only
D. convection and conduction only
E. convection, radiation, and conduction
Scientific Abbreviations
What is the meaning of the abbreviation "b.p." as used in the physical sciences in relation to temperature?
Heat Applications
Hot water may help loosen a tight jar lid for the same reason that ...
A. basketballs bounce
B. wood floats on water
C. perspiring cools the skin
D. liquid rises in a thermometer
E. nutcrackers provide mechanical advantage
Fields of Science
Name the study of the quantitative relationships between heat and other forms of energy.
Energetic Atoms
What we call heat is, at the atomic level, a form of what broad classification of energy?
Boiling Water
At which site would water boil at a temperature of 93 degrees Celsius?
A. Houston, Texas
B. Portland, Oregon
C. Denver, Colorado
D. Boston, Massachusetts
E. Death Valley, California
Physics in the Home
What is the common name for the household heat engine that operates to extract heat from a low-temperature reservoir and transfer it to a high-temperature reservoir?
Bare Babies
About 60 percent of the heat lost by a naked child at room temperature is lost through which category of heat transfer?
Energy Conversion
Thermal energy may be converted into mechanical energy by means of a ...
A. diesel engine
B. electric motor
C. pulley system
D. microwave oven
E. system of levers
Temperature Equivalents
What do these temperatures have in common?
-459.67 degrees F
-273.15 degrees C
           0 degrees K
High Temperatures
A temperature of 27,000 degrees is typical of ...
A. molten lava
B. lightning bolts
C. turbojet engines
D. water in a geyser
E. incandescent bulbs
Heat Conduction
Which phase of matter is the poorest conductor of heat?
What thermodynamic adjective is used to describe a process in which there is no exchange of heat between the substance and its surroundings?
A. entropic
B. adiabatic
C. exothermic
D. evaporative
E. endothermic
A Difference of Degrees
What difference results when you subtract the ice point from the steam point on a Fahrenheit thermometer?
Convection causes ...
A. updrafts
B. tsunamis
C. sedimentation
D. magnetic attraction
E. lava to flow downhill
History of Measurement
In 1720, who conceived the idea of using quicksilver instead of alcohol in thermometers and subsequently invented a new scale to measure heat?
Radiant Heat
In which situation can heat be transferred by radiation alone?
A. ice melting in a glass
B. an automobile radiator
C. a space heater in a home
D. heating of a poker in a fire
E. heating of the Earth by the Sun
Turning Up the Heat
Millie is hard-boiling eggs in a pot of water at 212 degrees F over a gas flame. She turns up the heat 25%. In five minutes, the temperature of the water will be ...
Heat radiation consists of what type of electromagnetic waves?
A. x-ray
B. infrared
C. ultraviolet
D. gamma ray
E. visible light
Heat Technology
Which of the three means of heat transfer is reduced in a vacuum bottle by evacuating the space between its double walls?
High Heat
Which is hottest?
A. surface of the Sun
B. center of the Moon
C. oxyacetylene flame
D. electric lamp filament
E. blue flame on a Bunsen burner
Temperature Rising
How much heat is needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius?
Which has the highest melting point?
A. water
B. copper
C. mercury
D. tungsten
E. hydrogen
Heat Transfer
How many calories per minute will flow between two bodies that are at the same temperature?
Geologic Forces
Which form of heat transfer is the driving force that keeps the Earth's tectonic plates in motion?
Hot Iron
An iron rod expands when it is heated. Such heating causes a measurable decrease in the ---- of the rod.
A. mass
B. weight
C. opacity
D. density
E. atomic number
Combustion is a chemical process in which a substance reacts rapidly with what element to produce heat and light?
Which is the best conductor of heat?
A. oak stick
B. steel tube
C. leather belt
D. plastic pipe
E. rubber hose
Matter Matters
What is the common name for changing a liquid into a solid by removing the heat from the substance?

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Answers to Heat
1. condensation
2. E
3. boiling point
4. D
5. thermodynamics
6. kinetic energy
7. C
8. refrigerator
9. radiation
10. A
11. absolute zero
12. B
13. gas
14. B
15. 180 (degrees)
16. A
17. Gabriel Fahrenheit
18. E
19. 212 degrees F
20. B
21. conduction
22. A
23. one calorie
24. D
25. none (zero)
26. convection
27. D
28. oxygen
29. B
30. freezing
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