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Beneficial Bugs
Of the millions of insects, only one small group contributes directly to man's food supply. These are members of the Hymenoptera commonly known as ...
Insect Ecology
Insects that enter a region from a foreign country are often difficult to control because they are ...
A. more prolific
B. more highly evolved
C. resistant to poisons
D. not faced with natural enemies
E. better able to compete for food
They are parasitic upon mammals and noted for their powers of leaping. What is the common name for these small, wingless, bloodsucking insects of the order Siphonaptera?
Insect Anatomy
The mandible is found on what part of an insect?
A. leg
B. wing
C. mouth
D. thorax
E. abdomen
What is the four-syllable name for small mammals such as shrews whose diet consists primarily of insects?
Infamous Insects
The insect that devastated cotton crops in the South in the late 1890s was the ...
A. caddis fly
B. boll weevil
C. sphinx moth
D. Japanese beetle
E. Mediterranean fruit fly
Big Bugs
As nymphs they live under water, where they eat mosquito larvae and other insects. As adults, they develop two pairs of wings with wingspans up to 5 1/2 inches. Name these common predatory insects.
Insect exoskeletons are made of ...
A. chitin
B. ferritin
C. palmitin
D. precipitin
E. tripalmitin
Health Measures
In February of 1901, a systematic campaign to kill what kind of insects was carried out in Cuba at the behest of Dr. Walter Reed as a way of eliminating yellow fever?
Insect Behavior
Insects that hover around street lights are demonstrating a ...
A. reflex
B. tropism
C. metamorphosis
D. learned behavior
E. conditioned response
Social Animals
Bees are social insects. Name another social insect which builds large conical nests up to 30 feet high in some tropical and subtropical regions.
Insect Orders
Members of the insect order Diptera have two membranous wings and two knoblike halters. Which creature belongs to this order?
A. ant
B. moth
C. beetle
D. termite
E. house fly
Agricultural Assistance
Ladybugs are sometimes used effectively to control ...
A. ticks
B. aphids
C. beetles
D. hornets
E. grasshoppers
Animal Analogies
Flies are to maggots as beetles are to ...
Cocoon Creations
The bombyx mori produces in its cocoon a fine, soft, lustrous fiber used in a certain high quality cloth. Name the fabric.
Disease Vectors
Which disease is not paired correctly with an appropriate insect vector?
A. wood tick - beriberi
B. flea - bubonic plague
C. anopheles mosquito - malaria
D. aedes mosquito - yellow fever
E. tsetse fly - sleeping sickness
Insect Eyes
What type of eye consists of many ommatidia, each of them a similar lens forming a facet of the cornea of the entire eye?
Which insect is most similar to a swallowtail?
A. earwig
B. monarch
C. ladybird
D. dung beetle
E. potter wasp
The stages in complete metamorphosis are ...
A. egg - larva - nymph
B. adult - nymph - egg
C. nymph - larva - pupa
D. egg - larva - pupa - adult
E. pupa - egg - larva - adult
A fly cannot open its jaws and can neither bite nor chew. Instead, reaching down from the front of a fly's head is a tube with a rough outer surface. This tube is called a ...
Insects are generally most destructive during the ...
A. egg stage
B. adult stage
C. pupal stage
D. larval stage
E. reproductive stage
What part of an insect corresponds to the chest area of humans?
The Bible tells of a plague of what kind of insects that was visited upon the Egyptian pharaoh?
Each cell in a honeycomb has how many sides?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7
E. 8
What is the collective name for those insects which include varieties such as miners, diggers, carpenters, masons, hornets, and mud daubers?
Insect Appendages
How many legs does an ant have?
Insect Physics
Some insects are able to literally walk on water due to what property of liquids?
Transformation Triggers
The various stages in the metamorphosis of insects are triggered by ...
A. seasons
B. ganglia
C. hormones
D. biorhythms
E. temperature variations
Sense Organs
The movable sense organs found in pairs on the heads of many insects are called ...
A butterfly pupa usually is protected by a tough skin called the ...
A. cocoon
B. mantle
C. telson
D. chrysalis
E. endothelium
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Answers to Insects
1. (honey)bees
2. D
3. fleas
4. C
5. insectivore
6. B
7. dragonfly
8. A
9. mosquitoes
10. B
11. termite
12. E
13. B
14. grubs
15. silk
16. A
17. compound eye
18. B
19. D
20. proboscis
21. D
22. thorax
23. locust
24. C
25. wasps
26. 6
27. surface tension
28. C
29. antennae
30. D
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