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These were invented during what century?
Fabulous Fibers
In 1934, DuPont laboratories announced success in spinning a synthetic fiber of great durability. At first it was called Polymer 66, but soon it was given what other more enduring name?
Ancient Inventions
An important contribution of the Phoenicians was the development of ...
A. bronze
B. algebra
C. the compass
D. an alphabet
E. the astrolabe
Once regarded by his teacher as incapable of learning, what man developed these devices?
Communication Advances
Which two continents were linked through the efforts of Cyrus Field?
A. Europe and Asia
B. Africa and Asia
C. North America and Europe
D. South America and Australia
E. South America and North America
Simple Science
A medieval monk once said, "If there were more tallow around it, it would last longer." What might he have been inventing or improving?
End of an Era
What invention ended the era of the open range in the western United States?
Technology History
Which inventor is not correctly paired with his invention?
A. Rudolph Diesel - diesel engine
B. Igor Sikorsky - helicopter
C. James Hargreaves - spinning jenny
D. Samuel Morse - telegraph
E. Robert Fulton - cotton gin
Famous French Fysicians
Identify the humanitarian French physician who is irrevocably linked to the device by which the lives of both Louis XVI and Robespierre were ended.
Which name is not associated with the development of television?
A. John L. Baird
B. Francis Crick
C. David Sarnoff
D. Lee De Forest
E. Philo Farnsworth
In excavating the courtyard of the Eanna Temple in the ancient city of Uruk, archaeologists found a clay tablet with a pictograph of a cart dating from 3200 B.C. This is the earliest positive evidence for what invention?
These were all early versions of the equipment now used in what industry?
Tasty Inventions
The invention of popcorn is attributed to the ...
A. Celts
B. Greeks
C. Egyptians
D. Native Americans
E. Polynesians
Consumer Goods
The inventor Jacob Schick received the first patent for what device used daily by millions of people?
The Otto cycle is a type of ...
A. bicycle
B. blast furnace
C. electrical circuit
D. desalination system
E. internal combustion engine
Familiar Quotations
Who is given credit for these words?
If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon,
or make a better mouse-trap, though he builds his house
in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door.
Animal Obsolesence
The introduction of the horseshoe and the horse collar permitted the substitution of the horse, with its greater speed and endurance, for what slower animal previously used to draw plows?
Experimental Materials
Charred bamboo was important in whose work?
A. Samuel Colt
B. Samuel Morse
C. Thomas Edison
D. Benjamin Franklin
E. Alexander Graham Bell
Navigational Necessities
The invention of three instruments permitted 15th century navigators to venture away from coastlines and make longer voyages. Two were the compass and telescope. Name the third.
In the United States, a patent is good for ...
A. 9 years
B. 17 years
C. 41 years
D. the life of the inventor
E. the useful life of the product
Military Milestones
The most important innovation in military technology during the Bronze Age was a horse-drawn two-wheeled vehicle. Name it.
Agricultural Innovation
Who hammered out the first simple steel plow blade in his blacksmith shop in 1837?
Technology Chronology
Which technological achievement came first?
A. dynamite
B. the galvanic cell
C. the flying shuttle
D. reinforced concrete
E. alternating current electric motor
Multiple Uses
These were potential uses of what invention according to the inventor?
Catchy Names
In 1808, Richard Trevithick built the "Catch-me-who-can." What was this?
A. paddle wheeler
B. Conestoga wagon
C. horseless carriage
D. steam locomotive
E. two-wheeled bicycle
Cool Inventions
The invention of what kind of railroad car around 1870 made every city in the U.S. a potential market for the beef produced in the West?
Giant Steps
It was invented at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey in 1947. Name this electronic device that paved the way for integrated circuits, microprocessors, and the rest of the computer revolution.
Bad News for Trees
In the 1st century, what people mashed tree bark into a wet pulp, squeezed out the water, and pressed the pulp into sheets which dried to become paper?
A. Greeks
B. Romans
C. Chinese
D. Egyptians
E. Babylonians
Aquatic Acronyms
Identify the French scientist credited with developing a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.
European Warfare
This passage is about the effects of what substance that came into widespread use in the 1400s?
No longer were castles of any use.
No longer were knights in armor of any use.
No longer were bows and arrows of any use
in this new kind of fighting.

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Answers to Inventions
1. 18th century
2. nylon
3. D
4. Thomas Edison
5. C
6. candles
7. barbed wire
8. E
9. Joseph Guillotin
10. B
11. wheel
12. motion pictures (movies)
13. D
14. electric razor
15. E
16. Ralph Waldo Emerson
17. ox
18. C
19. astrolabe
20. B
21. chariot
22. John Deere
23. C
24. phonograph
25. D
26. refrigerated car
27. transistor
28. C
29. Jacques Cousteau
30. gunpowder
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