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Taking Stock
The United States is to Dow Jones as Japan is to ...
A. Hiru
B. Nikkei
C. Shikoku
D. Mitsubishi
E. Yokohama

Profit Distributions
That part of profits distributed by a corporation to its stockholders
in proportion to the amount and kind of their stock is known as a ...

The Crash of '29
Which was a major factor in bringing about the stock market crash of 1929?
A. the Dust Bowl disaster
B. anticipation of World War II
C. the election of Herbert Hoover
D. the purchase of stock on credit
E. debts incurred during World War I

Economic Geography
What thoroughfare is synonymous with the New York Stock Exchange?

Speculation usually involves ...
A. bond issues
B. public works projects
C. a high degree of risk
D. relatively large sums of money
E. minimal but continuous returns

Financial Planning
A quick method to estimate how long it will take an investment to double in value is to divide what number by the interest rate?
A. 46
B. 58
C. 64
D. 72
E. 80

Larry Stolberg purchased $10,000 of a stock three weeks ago. Ever since, the price of that stock has fluctuated dramatically. His decision to hold or sell the stock will be governed by what two emotions?

Wall Street Zoology
A declining stock market is called a ...
A. rat market
B. bull market
C. sow market
D. bear market
E. buck market

Name the largest commodity trading market in the United States.

An itemized list of the investments, securities, and commercial paper owned by an individual is a ...

Federal Agencies
Which U.S. government agency would be directly involved in investigating stock fraud?

Trading Terminology
The bid is the highest price offered for a stock at a given time. What is the name for the lowest price accepted for a stock?

Name the document describing a securities issue and providing those interested with information on which to base their decisions whether or not to invest.
A. flow chart
B. spreadsheet
C. prospectus
D. Gantt chart
E. conditional endorsement

Looking Ahead
What kind of contract on the Chicago Board of Trade obligates you to purchase a commodity at an agreed-upon price at a later date?

Many investors buy or sell stock on the OTC market. For what does this abbreviation stand?

Which is usually the most difficult to convert into cash?
A. gold coins
B. real estate
C. common stock
D. foreign currency
E. a cashier's check

Multiplication by Division
What informal term indicates that the outstanding common stock of a corporation has been divided into a larger number of shares?

Value Judgments
You just inherited your uncle's postage stamp and Navajo rug collections. Their value can be determined by ...
A. appraisal
B. speculation
C. reclamation
D. withholding
E. consignment

Farm Accounting
Which is an example of a capital investment for a farmer?
A. a tractor
B. a bank loan
C. a pitchfork
D. diesel fuel
E. alfalfa seed

Uncommon Stock
Maxine is the chief executive officer of Tools R' Us. Knowing that the company will announce disastrous financial results next week, she sells all the Tools R' Us stock she owns. What two-word phrase describes this illegal stock transaction?
Income Tax
Interest earned on which kind of investment is generally exempt from federal income tax?
A. personal loans
B. municipal bonds
C. rental properties
D. passbook savings
E. certificates of deposit

What is not ordinarily traded on a commodity exchange?
A. pork bellies
B. silver futures
C. common stock
D. the Japanese yen
E. Colombian coffee

Con Games
What type of scheme, whose name is reminiscent of ancient Egypt, is a confidence game in which the first investors are paid off with money received from new investors, who will never see a return?

Market Moves
Buying currency or securities in one market and selling them at the same time in another market to make a profit on the price discrepancy is called ...
A. hedging
B. arbitrage
C. deflation
D. liquidation
E. appreciation

What type of interest is paid not only upon the principal, but also upon any interest added to that principal?

Market Trends
What three-syllable noun do economists use to describe a brief downward trend in the stock market during a period when stock prices are generally moving upward?

Blue Chips
The common stock of which company is a blue chip stock?
B. General Electric
C. American Poker Chip Co.
D. Southern Farrier Supplies
E. Silverado Savings and Loan

Stocks & Bonds
When you buy stocks, you own equity. What do you own when you buy bonds?
A. debt
B. futures
C. inventory
D. depreciation
E. accounts receivable

Economic Abbreviations
People looking for safe investments sometimes purchase T-Bills. For what does the "T" stand?

What two-word term do income tax authorities use to describe an increase in the value of one's stock holdings over a period of time?

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Answers to Investments
1. B
2. dividend
3. D
4. Wall Street
5. C
6. D
7. fear, greed
8. D
9. Chicago Board of Trade
10. portfolio
11. B
12. ask
13. C
14. futures contract
15. over the counter
16. B
17. split
18. A
19. A
20. insider trading
21. B
22. C
23. pyramid
24. B
25. compound interest
26. correction
27. B
28. A
29. treasury
30. capital gain
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