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The line accompanying a newspaper story that tells the author's name is the ...
A. byline
B. airline
C. dateline
D. mainline
E. frontline
What five-letter slang term can have these meanings?
-a spoon
-a new and important news item
-a single portion of ice cream
What is the name for the prizes given annually in categories such as editorial writing, national reporting, feature photography, and meritorious public service?
Publishing People
Which American became a media mogul during the middle decades of the 20th century?
A. Ben Hogan
B. Henry Luce
C. Dean Acheson
D. George Marshall
E. George Bernard Shaw
Broadcast Journalism
Consider the evening network news programs. The one journalist who hosts the program and delivers most of the news is known as the ...
Journalism Talk
An editor talking about "hatches, matches, and dispatches" is talking about births, marriages, and ...
A freelance writer commissioned on a casual basis from time to time by a newspaper agency is called a ...
A. dolly
B. turtle
C. bouncer
D. stringer
E. subcontractor
The Gray Lady
What is the last word in this motto of the New York Times?
All the news that's fit to ...
Which term is most inclusive?
A. gazette
B. tabloid
C. journal
D. periodical
E. newsletter
Embarrassing Headlines
Which newspaper headline does not include a pun?
A. Dutch Head Seeks Arms
B. New Autos Hit Five Million
C. Doctor Testifies in Horse Suit
D. Asian Family Living in Squalor
E. Tuna Biting Off Washington Coast
Pushy Publishers
Name the American newspaper publisher, known for introducing sensationalism, who cabled this to Frederic Remington in 1898.
You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war.
Journalism Law
The government prosecutes a newspaper which published classified CIA reports. The defense might involve the ...
A. First Amendment
B. Fifth Amendment
C. Gramm-Rudman Act
D. Alien and Sedition Acts
E. Freedom of Information Act
What type of article in a newspaper sets forth the position or opinion of the paper upon some subject?
Journalism Jargon
The story on the front page of a newspaper which the editor believes is of greatest interest to the most people is the ...
A. root
B. lead
C. head
D. debut
E. foreword
Which topic would be covered in the features section of a major newspaper?
A. travel
B. weather
C. national news
D. lost and found
E. editorial comments
The Press
Thomas Carlyle wrote that significant political power is in the collective hands of journalists whom he called the ...
A. sixth sense
B. fifth column
C. fourth estate
D. third dimension
E. second generation
Paper Parts
In what part of a newspaper would these headings be found?
Help Wanted
Motorcycles for Sale
Homes for Rent
Spanning the Globe
What publisher used his father's stake in an Australian newspaper to build a global media empire that includes book publishing, satellite broadcasting, and a television network?
TV News
What American newsman closed his broadcasts with this line?
And that's the way it is.
A. Mike Wallace
B. David Brinkley
C. Horace Greeley
D. Walter Cronkite
E. Howard K. Smith
Journalism History
Edward R. Murrow was famed for his coverage of ...
A. the final days of Saigon
B. the crash of the Hindenburg
C. wartime bombing of London
D. American hostages in Iran
E. the John Scopes trial
In the early twentieth century, a group of journalists emerged who were committed to exposing the social, economic, and political ills of industrial life. In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt gave them what nickname?
Publication Prohibitions
Little Harvey wishes to publish a newspaper for his community. He receives a newsletter from a company in Colorado and likes it so well he decides to publish it under his own name. What type of laws makes this a very bad idea for Harvey?
The headline across the top of a newspaper is the ...
A. lead
B. ears
C. byline
D. banner
E. masthead
Who were reporters during the Watergate scandal?
A. Sam Ervin and John Sirica
B. Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy
C. John Dean and Leon Jaworsky
D. Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward
E. H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman
Legal Precedents
John Peter Zenger's acquittal in 1735 established the precedent that what kind of statements are not to be considered libelous?
A. truthful
B. malicious
C. religious
D. slanderous
E. opinionated
What is the name for a reference library in which newspaper clippings and pictures are kept?
Double Ewes
Which of journalism's five "w's" is missing?
who, why, where, when
Nautical Newspaper Names
What term that originally referred to the top of a ship's mast is used in a newspaper or magazine for the list of information about the staff and operation?
What is the name for an article printed in a newspaper that withdraws or takes back statements that were previously published by that paper?
The freelance photographers who dogged Princess Diana right up until the moment of her tragic accident in Paris are the ...
A. Anasazi
B. Pavarotti
C. paparazzi
D. manicotti
E. vermicelli
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Answers to Journalism
1. A
2. scoop
3. Pulitzer Prizes
4. B
5. anchor (anchorman)
6. deaths (obituaries)
7. D
8. print
9. D
10. D
11. William Randolph Hearst
12. A
13. editorial
14. B
15. A
16. C
17. classifieds
18. Rupert Murdoch
19. D
20. C
21. muckrakers
22. copyright
23. D
24. D
25. A
26. morgue (archive)
27. what
28. masthead
29. retraction
30. C
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