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Common Countries
What is the general name for the landform common to these countries?
The steppes that occupy much of western Russia are largely characterized by ...
A. Arctic tundra
B. lowlands and swamps
C. immense grassy plains
D. massive volcanic peaks
E. its many warm water seaports
Math and Mountains
What term reminiscent of one of the fundamental arithmetic operations refers to the boundary between one drainage basin and another?
What is always present in the immediate vicinity of an estuary?
A. fiord
B. peninsula
C. river mouth
D. lateral moraine
E. mountain range
What might an oceanographer describe as a moving deposit of material between land and water?
Land Masses
An elevated land mass as high as it is wide is a ...
A. mesa
B. butte
C. plain
D. arroyo
E. plateau
Significant Snowfall
What forms when the average annual snowfall in a region exceeds the annual moisture loss by evaporation and melting?
Geographic Intersections
Which landform would you find around the intersection of the tropic of Capricorn and the International Date Line?
A. atolls
B. plains
C. fiords
D. bayous
E. glaciers
What compound word may refer to any of these areas?
swamp, peatland, slough, marsh,
muskeg, bog, fens, pothole, mire
Under the Sea
Which feature is found at the greatest ocean depth?
A. abyssal plain
B. submarine canyon
C. continental shelf
D. continental slope
E. continental margin
Glacial Valleys
Which letter of the alphabet best describes the shape of glacial valleys?
Deltas always ...
A. occur in salt water
B. have volcanic origins
C. form in arid climates
D. require steep gradients
E. are sedimentary landforms
Beaches along which coast of the United States tend to be narrow and backed by steep cliffs?
Ice Age Geology
Geologists believe that, during the last ice age, the Bering Strait was the site of a(n) ...
A. delta
B. land bridge
C. barrier reef
D. immense atoll
E. continental shelf
Geologic Processes
On a flat surface, you push together both ends of a piece of paper to produce an upward fold. What is the name for this upward fold when it occurs on the surface of the Earth?
Skeletal Remains
Which landform may consist almost entirely of calcium carbonate skeletons?
A. reefs
B. dikes
C. deltas
D. cirques
E. calderas
Geographical Etymology
The term was derived from a Choctaw word for "river," and means swampy backwaters of a river or lake. Name these areas common along the U.S. Gulf coast and lowland areas near the Mississippi River.
Stream Patterns
You notice a radial drainage pattern on a topographic map. This could indicate the presence of a ...
A. ridge
B. dome
C. glacier
D. lava flow
E. limestone formation
Geologic Analogies
Alluvial fans are to depositional landforms as ravines are to .... landforms.
Fiords abound in the ...
A. Great Plains
B. Gulf of Mexico
C. Rocky Mountains
D. Alaska Panhandle
E. Caribbean Islands
Swamps are wet forests dominated by trees and shrubs. What wetlands are open spaces covered mostly by water-tolerant grasses?
Fundamental Forces
Which were shaped by fluvial processes?
A. synclines
B. overthrusts
C. oxbow lakes
D. cinder cones
E. exfoliation domes
An anticline is a broadly rounded mountain ridge. The corresponding downward fold producing an elongate, open valley is a ...
Urban Landscapes
Galveston, Texas and Atlantic City, New Jersey are built on ...
A. batholiths
B. seamounts
C. alluvial fans
D. barrier islands
E. major fault lines
What compound word indicates a relatively level area along a river subject to periodic flooding?
Plate Tectonics
Two plates meet head-on. One is forced downward beneath the other into the asthenosphere. Such a downward movement often creates a(n) ...
A. atoll
B. trench
C. seamount
D. submarine canyon
E. continental divide
World Words
Landforms similar to the bogs of the United States and the muskegs of Canada are known by what name in Great Britain?
Picturesque Places
California's Golden Gate is a(n) ...
A. bay
B. delta
C. strait
D. island
E. peninsula
Hithtoric Landformth
What is the name for the landform crossed by Balboa to reach the Pacific Ocean?
Moraines are mounds of rocks and gravel which have been deposited ...
A. by glaciers
B. by tidal waves
C. at the bases of cliffs
D. at the mouths of rivers
E. at the ends of lava flows
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Answers to Landforms
1. peninsula
2. C
3. divide
4. C
5. beach
6. B
7. glacier
8. A
9. wetland
10. A
11. U
12. E
13. west
14. B
15. anticline
16. A
17. bayous
18. B
19. erosional
20. D
21. marshes
22. C
23. syncline
24. D
25. floodplain
26. B
27. moors
28. C
29. isthmus
30. A
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