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Court Proceedings
Name the body of citizens chosen to determine certain questions of fact in criminal or civil proceedings.

The term "domestic violence" refers to violence that occurs ...
A. at home
B. in times of peace
C. in the United States
D. in a particular city
E. without premeditation

A rebellion against military authority by military personnel is called a ...

Mr. Goldberg invented a device that, by the press of one button, takes an egg from the fridge, hard-boils it, paints it, and puts it into an Easter basket. What protection can he get from the government giving him sole right to make and sell this device?
A legally enforceable agreement between two or more persons involving mutual promises to do or not to do something is called a ...

A law that has been repealed has been ...
A. vetoed
B. annulled
C. sent to committee
D. passed by Congress
E. voided by the Supreme Court

The final decision of the jury in a court of law is called the ...

Criminal Conduct
How are these types of offenses usually classified?
exceeding the speed limit
crossing private property without permission of the owner
shopping for groceries while nude

Judgment Day
Which outcome is most desirable from the perspective of a person charged with a crime in court?
A. parole
B. acquittal
C. annulment
D. conviction
E. guilt by insanity
Courtroom Conflict
A lawyer's protest to a judge regarding a statement or question by the opposing attorney is called an ...

Ordinances are laws of ...
A. cities
B. states
C. countries
D. judicial bodies
E. military bodies

A contractor intentionally used only half the bolts specified by the plan for a building. The building collapsed. The contractor could be guilty of ...
A. libel
B. abuse
C. assault
D. negligence
E. defamation

Legal Professions
George was elected as the chief law enforcement officer of Tooner County. What is his title?

What infraction consists of a refusal to obey the rules, orders, and process of the courts of law?

Tangible objects and personal testimonies presented in a courtroom to support or refute an allegation are collectively known as ...

Legal Decisions
An acquittal is a legal finding that an individual charged with a crime is ...
A. insane
B. not guilty
C. on probation
D. stripped of his citizenship
E. released on his own recognizance

Infliction of the death penalty is called ---- punishment.
A. final
B. capital
C. ultimate
D. terminal
E. paramount

Law Vocabulary
What two-syllable term means "to take into custody" or "to apprehend?"

Land Conveyance
Ownership of real estate is usually conveyed by means of a ...
A. will
B. visa
C. deed
D. warrant
E. summons

Who would be a likely defendant in a proceeding called a court martial?
A. a juvenile
B. a military officer
C. a state legislator
D. a savings and loan teller
E. a person with foreign citizenship

What adjective reminiscent of a form of capital punishment describes a jury that is unable to reach a decision?
Mort painted graffiti on the walls of several office complexes, turned over their garbage cans, and broke several windows. Such wanton and malicious damage to another's property is called ...

Prenuptial agreements are between ...
A. sellers and buyers
B. couples to be married
C. people planning a crime
D. lawyers and their clients
E. partners starting a business

A person who has taken an alias has ...
A. assumed a new identity
B. stolen negotiable bonds
C. changed his citizenship
D. kidnapped a young person
E. received stolen merchandise

Don was ordered by the court to give his estranged spouse $2000 per month after their divorce. What is the 4-syllable name for such a payment?

Judicial Jargon
What word is used by a judge when refusing to honor an attorney's objection in court?

A guilty verdict requires that the guilt of the defendant be established beyond ...
A. suspicion
B. any question
C. reasonable doubt
D. moderate disbelief
E. sufficient reservation

Legal Terms
What three-syllable term can refer either to the unauthorized publication of another person's copyrighted work or robbery on the high seas?

The sheriff of Ottawa County, Ohio would have no legal authority to arrest a trespasser in Blaine County, Idaho because Idaho is outside of his ...
A. realm
B. suburb
C. precinct
D. jurisdiction
E. accommodation

Which is irrelevant to the history of law?
A. Morse Code
B. Draco's Code
C. Napoleonic Code
D. Code of Justinian
E. Code of Hammurabi

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Answers to ...
1. jury
2. A
3. mutiny
4. patent
5. contract
6. B
7. verdict
8. misdemeanors
9. B
10. objection
11. A
12. D
13. sheriff
14. contempt (of court)
15. evidence
16. B
17. B
18. arrest
19. C
20. B
21. hung
22. vandalism
23. B
24. A
25. alimony
26. overruled
27. C
28. piracy
29. D
30. A
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