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Camelot Characters
Lancelot is remembered for his bravery. Sir Galahad is remembered for his chastity. Sir Gawain is remembered for his courtesy. Which character associated with Arthur's round table is remembered for his treachery?
Golden Cities
Name the imaginary country in South America which supposedly abounded in gold and precious stones?
A. La Paz
B. El Nino
C. El Dorado
D. El Chichon
E. La Cucaracha
He refused to salute the cap of the imperial governor Gessler and was subsequently required to perform a very dangerous stunt with his bow. Who was this Swiss hero?
Loch-ing for Nessie
To what nation would you travel if you wanted to look first-hand for the Loch Ness monster?
A. Wales
B. England
C. Ireland
D. Scotland
E. Northern Ireland
Nautical Names
Which legendary character is associated with mariners?
A. Davy Jones
B. Bobby Jones
C. Spike Jones
D. Inigo Jones
E. Casey Jones
Legendary Prisoners
This mysterious French prisoner was held for 40 years by Louis XIV. He could have been General du Bulonde, the king's twin brother, Count Girolamo, or several others. Nobody knows because, during his lengthy imprisonment, he had to wear what?
The Pied Piper
The Pied Piper was called in to deal with what problem in Hamelin?
A. rats
B. plague
C. a giant
D. an evil tyrant
E. a shrewish princess
Literary Critters
What kind of animal is indicated by these words?
Whiter by far than blossom of the thorn.
His silver horn
Glittered as he danced and pranced
Silver-pale in the silver-pale morn.
Legends of zombies are mainly associated with what island nation?
A. Cuba
B. Haiti
C. Granada
D. Jamaica
E. Trinidad
Big Families
His bookkeeper was Johnny Inkslinger. His dogs included Elmer the Moose and Nero the Bear. His wife was Minnie. His daughter was Tennie. Name this folk hero who scooped out the Great Lakes.
Legend Lineage
Banshees, fairies, and leprechauns are part of the rich history of stories from a land also associated with ...
A. the Tower of Babel
B. haiku and pagodas
C. chariots and coliseums
D. castanets and bullfights
E. shamrocks and the Blarney Stone
Orchard Origins
An American legend suggests that the apple orchards of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois owe their origin to ...
A. John Henry
B. William Cody
C. David Crockett
D. Long Barney Beal
E. Jonathan Chapman
Unending Voyages
The captain of this legendary spectral ship is condemned to sail the sea beating against the wind until the day of judgment because of a blasphemous oath he uttered. Name the ship.
Tall Tales
Sluefoot Sue and Widowmaker were part of the tall tales about ...
A. Mike Fink
B. John Henry
C. Pecos Bill
D. Daniel Boone
E. Davy Crockett
His riverboat was the Gullywhumper. Who once used this boat to race Davy Crockett to New Orleans?
Historical Novels
The setting of Sir Walter Scott's novel, "Rob Roy," was in ...
A. Gaul
B. Wales
C. Ireland
D. Denmark
E. Scotland
Biologists have theorized that legends of mermaids arose from sightings of ...
A. manatees
B. anacondas
C. capybaras
D. wallabies
E. coelacanths

Terrific Transportation
According to legend, it is capable of transporting you to any place desired just by standing on it. Name this article of furniture celebrated in Arabic literature.
Medieval Mythology
Legends about Friar Tuck and Will Scarlet also involve ...
A. Pyramus and Thisbie
B. William Tell and Gessler
C. Tom Thumb and Galahad
D. Maid Marian and Little John
E. Blackbeard and Captain Kidd
Mountain Mysteries
In what mountain range is the yeti supposed to live?
A Biological Basis
Which association about the heroes of tall tales is incorrect?
A. John Henry - lawman
B. Paul Bunyan - logger
C. Pecos Bill - cowboy
D. Casey Jones - engineer
E. Mike Fink - keelboatman

The Lorelei is a legendary maiden associated with what European river?
Movie Monsters
The kraken has appeared in several films over the years, but stories of this huge sea monster originally came from ...
A. China
B. Brazil
C. Norway
D. Madagascar
E. the Philippines
You would be most likely to see a 50-foot-high statue of Babe the Blue Ox in ...
A. Tonopah, Nevada
B. Dothan, Alabama
C. Bemidji, Minnesota
D. Raleigh, North Carolina
E. Waterbury, Connecticut
Early Career Choices
Name the legendary person described in these lines.
... was a little baby boy.
You could hold him in the palm of your hand.
He gave a long and lonesome cry
"Gonna be a steel-drivin' man"
Missing Mines
Name the mountains in which the fabled Lost Dutchman gold mine is believed by many to be located.
A. the Catskills
B. the Adirondacks
C. the Black Hills
D. the Bitterroots
E. the Superstitions
Workin' on the Railroad
Name the renown and sometimes reckless engineer of Locomotive 638.
Strange Names
The words "Siege Perilous" refer to a legendary ...
A. chair
B. river
C. sword
D. battle
E. mountain
A spring with waters that were believed to restore youth to all who bathed there was the object of a search by what Spanish conquistador?
Deadman's Hand
Who was shot in the back by Jack McCall in 1876 in the Number 10 Saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota while holding aces and eights?
A. Sam Bass
B. Wyatt Earp
C. Buffalo Bill
D. Butch Cassidy
E. Wild Bill Hickok

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Answers to Legends
1. Modred (Mordred)
2. C
3. William Tell
4. D
5. A
6. an iron mask
7. A
8. unicorn
9. B
10. Paul Bunyan
11. E
12. E
13. Flying Dutchman
14. C
15. Mike Fink
16. E
17. A
18. magic carpet
19. D
20. Himalayas
21. A
22. Rhine
23. C
24. C
25. John Henry
26. E
27. Casey Jones
28. A
29. Ponce de Leon
30. E
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