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Literary Life Science
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Popular Science
Who wrote "The Double Helix"?
A. Carl Sagan
B. Albert Sabin
C. James Watson
D. Margaret Mead
E. Marshall McLuhan
Scientific Evidence
Some birds migrating from Europe to South America circle a region in the Atlantic while on their way. This has been taken by some as biological evidence that what legendary landmass once existed in that region?
Which topic for an outline is most general?
A. zoology
B. biology
C. mammals
D. cheetahs
E. carnivores
Plant Proverbs
According to the proverb, you can't get blood from a ...
A. cereal grass
B. seed in a pod
C. fleshy edible root
D. yellow citrus fruit
E. berry on a woody vine
Seuss Stories
What story by Dr. Seuss is about a pachyderm that takes on the responsibility of producing a young feathered biped from a fertilized ovum?
Achilles was invulnerable except for an area near his ...
A. coccyx
B. calcaneus
C. sphenoid
D. mandible
E. zygomatic
Ancestral Allusions
This is about what kind of animal fossils?
Judging from marks the large muscles left
at their attachment points on the pelvis,
they weren't as prominent as they are on
modern species. These creatures wouldn't
have won any contests in Calaveras County.
Name the best-selling work by Dian Fossey describing her experiences with large primates in Rwanda.
Mysterious Mammals
Which creature is central to Arthur Conan Doyle's story about the murder of Sir Charles Baskerville?
A. Sus scrofa
B. Equus caballus
C. Ursus horribilis
D. Canis familiaris
E. Felis domesticus
Ecological Authors
Millicent Selsam's book, "Land of the Giant Tortoise," is about what ecologically significant group of Pacific islands?
What subject was primarily addressed in the writings of J.J. Audubon?
A. birds
B. trees
C. whales
D. beetles
E. reptiles
Fauna Fables
"Slow and steady wins the race" is the moral from a fable about a terrestrial reptile and a small ...
A. predator
B. omnivore
C. carnivore
D. herbivore
E. decomposer
Animal Authors
Felix Salten gave human emotions to wild animals in his book about what antlered quadruped?
Scientific Poetry
This poem describes what biological theory?
In the mud of the Cambrian main
Did our earliest ancestors dive.
From a shapeless, albuminous grain
We mortals are being derived.
Bird Superstitions
It is the largest web-footed bird and the subject of superstitions among sailors. Name this bird that figures prominently in a poem by Samuel Coleridge.
A. condor
B. pelican
C. albatross
D. Arctic tern
E. emperor penguin
Biological Sayings
How is this saying usually stated?
Grab an adult male bovine by the
structures projecting from its head
that consist of a bony core covered
with a sheath of keratinous material.
Curious Creatures
Biologists have theorized that legends of mermaids arose from sightings of ...
A. manatees
B. wallabies
C. capybaras
D. anacondas
E. coelacanths
This passage is about what kind of insects?
Suddenly, the cloud was raining insects. The
rasping whirring of their wings filled the air.
Then there was one big sound made of millions
of tiny nips and snips and gnawing.
Frightening Phyla
In the rhyme about Miss Muffet, the creature with an exoskeleton and jointed appendages was a(n) ...
A. mollusk
B. chordate
C. arthropod
D. protozoan
E. coelenterate
Captains of Literature
What fictional character had an ivory leg as testimony to his previous encounter with a white mammal of the biological order Cetacea?
Medical Pioneers
Who wrote "Anatomical Exercise on the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals"?
A. Albert Sabin
B. Joseph Lister
C. Edward Jenner
D. William Harvey
E. Humphry Davy
English Literature
In Kipling's "The Jungle Book," Kaa is a(n) ...
A. Homo sapiens
B. big black feline
C. scaly, legless, nonvenomous reptile
D. carnivorous mammal with black stripes
E. herbivorous mammal with a prehensile trunk
Bountiful Birds
In this passage, a James Fenimore Cooper character refers to what now extinct bird?
Here is a flock that the eye cannot see to the
end of. There is food enough in it to keep the
army of Xerxes for a month, and feathers
enough to make beds for the whole country.
Science History
This Austrian ethologist had an amazing rapport with animals and the title of his work, "King Solomon's Ring," derives from the legend that the biblical monarch talked with beasts, birds, and fishes. This Nobel laureate was Konrad ...
Biological Namesakes
The name for a cephalopod mollusk with a spiral shell is also that of the ...
A. horse of Pecos Bill
B. sword of King Arthur
C. vessel of Captain Nemo
D. collie created by Eric Knight
E. companion of Robinson Crusoe
In early 1987, paleontologists traveled to Vietnam to investigate fossils of a nine-foot tall ape. This led to speculation that this creature might be related to what legendary being of the Himalayas?
One rotten apple really can spoil the barrel because a rotting apple produces what hormone that hastens the ripening of adjacent fruit?
A. xylene
B. ethylene
C. butylene
D. acetylene
E. polypropylene
Who wrote a natural history text that had this subtitle?
The Preservation of Favored Races
in the Struggle for Life.
An abundance of adipose tissue is associated with ...
A. Babbitt
B. Falstaff
C. Ishmael
D. Machiavelli
E. Don Quixote
Also Known As
What is a more common name for Carcharodon carchiarias, made infamous in a novel by Peter Benchley?

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Answers to Literary Life Science
1. C
2. Atlantis
3. B
4. C
5. Horton Hatches the Egg
6. B
7. frog
8. Gorillas in the Mist
9. D
10. Galapagos Islands
11. A
12. D
13. Bambi
14. evolution
15. C
16. seize (take) the bull by the horns
17. A
18. grasshoppers (locusts, cicada)
19. C
20. Captain Ahab
21. D
22. C
23. passenger pigeon
24. Lorenz
25. C
26. yeti (abominable snowman)
27. B
28. Charles Darwin
29. B
30. great white shark
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