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Which mammal is herbivorous?
A. gnu
B. seal
C. bobcat
D. polar bear
E. sperm whale
Aerial Animals
The only mammal that can truly fly is the ...
Female of the Species
The female of which species is not called a cow?
A. elk
B. deer
C. whale
D. elephant
E. rhinoceros
Biological Classification
The tiger is the Panthera tigris. What is the Panthera leo?
Prehensile Posterior Parts
Which mammals have prehensile tails?
A. shrews
B. beavers
C. monkeys
D. antelope
E. porpoises
Asian Animals
What small mammal that resembles a weasel and lives in southern Asia is known as a snake killer?
A. shrew
B. lemur
C. lemming
D. manatee
E. mongoose
Mammalian Accouterments
Horns grow from the skin. What analogous body parts in other animals consist of solid bone growing from the skull?
Animal Etymology
The name for this animal comes from Greek words meaning "river horse," but actually it is more closely related to pigs. It is the world's second-biggest land animal and spends a great deal of time in the water, eating vegetation. Name this creature.
Backyard Beasts
Name the animal with these features.
about the size of a cat
black facial markings
ringed bushy tail
pointed nose
holds food in its forepaws
Mammalian Characteristics
Two fundamental characteristics of mammals are mammary glands and ...
A. hair
B. a cerebrum
C. cranial nerves
D. a bony skeleton
E. endocrine glands
Toothy Animals
Which mammals have chisel-shaped teeth for cutting and gnawing?
A. bats
B. rodents
C. carnivores
D. hoofed animals
E. pouched mammals
Dietary Distinctions
A mammal whose usual diet consists of other animals is classified as a flesh eater or ...
Species Similarities
Jackals most closely resemble ...
A. coyotes
B. badgers
C. opossums
D. porcupines
E. wolverines
What comprises most of the diet of aardvarks?
Winter Survival
One February day, a zoologist found a bear exhibiting very slow respiration, a decreased heart rate, and low body temperature. What term describes this bear's state?
Slow Marsupials
Name the sluggish, tailless, furry arboreal marsupial of Australia that eats only eucalyptus leaves.
It is the tallest North American quadruped and the largest member of the deer family. What kind of animal is it?
Missing Mammals
The extinct mastodon resembled a(n) ...
A. bear
B. horse
C. whale
D. gibbon
E. elephant
Dog is to puppy as deer is to ...
The human body has seven bones in the neck. How many bones are in the neck of a giraffe?
Beasts of Burden
The primary work animal of Tibet is the ...
A. ox
B. yak
C. llama
D. camel
E. elephant
Which is a predatory animal?
A. horse
B. beaver
C. manatee
D. wolverine
E. rhinoceros
Mammals that have pigment deficiencies are called ...
Which is an egg-laying mammal?
A. bat
B. beaver
C. opossum
D. dolphin
E. platypus
Animal Epithets
What animal is known as the ship of the desert?
Massive Marine Mammals
Which is the largest whale?
A. blue whale
B. pilot whale
C. killer whale
D. beluga whale
E. humpback whale
Sprinting Species
If these five animals were in a 100-yard dash, which would win?
A. wolf
B. zebra
C. cheetah
D. antelope
E. greyhound
Marine Life
What is the primary food of baby whales?
Which creature is not classified as a mammal?
A. man
B. bat
C. whale
D. tiger
E. shark
In which location could you see a manatee?
A. Central Plains
B. Arizona deserts
C. Florida estuaries
D. Rocky Mountain taiga
E. Pacific Northwest coastlands
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Answers to Mammals quiz
1. A
2. bat
3. B
4. lion
5. C
6. E
7. antlers
8. hippopotamus
9. raccoon
10. A
11. B
12. carnivore
13. A
14. ants
15. hibernation
16. koala
17. moose
18. E
19. fawn
20. 7
21. B
22. D
23. albinos
24. E
25. camel
26. A
27. C
28. milk
29. E
30. C
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