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Math Terms
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How many coefficients are in this expression?
12x - 9y + 14
Time Vocabulary
Decade is to ten years as fortnight is to ...
A. four days
B. two weeks
C. six months
D. fourteen hours
E. the time between two full moons
Basics of Geometry
What has length and width but no depth or thickness?
What kind of triangle has three unequal sides?
A. skew
B. scalene
C. isoceles
D. congruent
E. equilateral
Math Quantities
What term do mathematicians use for a quantity which is greater than any assignable quantity?
Graphic Representation
A diagram depicts the lengths of barracuda against their weights. This representation of a frequency distribution is a ...
A. histogram
B. ideograph
C. pictograph
D. cryptogram
E. Venn diagram
Circumference is to circle as ---- is to polygon.
A mathematical surmise which generalizes from a set of particular observations with no known exceptions and for which no formal proof has been derived is a(n) ...
A. axiom
B. postulate
C. conjecture
D. hypothesis
E. probability
What common toy could be described in these words?
a quadrilateral with two pairs of equal adjacent
sides, and consequently one pair of equal angles,
with diagonals intersecting at right angles
An angle that is between 180 degrees and 360 degrees is a(n) ...
A. acute angle
B. right angle
C. obtuse angle
D. reflex angle
E. straight angle
The name given to a step-by-step procedure for carrying out algebraic operations is just as applicable to a cake recipe or instructions for programming a VCR. What is this term?
Two intersecting planes form a ...
A. right angle
B. vertical angle
C. dihedral angle
D. supplementary angle
E. complementary angle
It's All True!
An equation which is true for every value of the unknown is what kind of equation?
Special Lines
A straight line which is approached but never actually reached by an infinite branch of a curve is a(n) ...
A. cycloid
B. quartic
C. centroid
D. asymptote
E. intercept
A theorem that is a direct consequence of another theorem is called a ...
Integer Sets
What set of positive integers satisfies the equation, a squared + b squared = c squared?
A. trigonometric identities
B. Cartesian coordinates
C. Pythagorean triples
D. Fibonacci sequences
E. ordered pairs
Geometric Figures
An annulus is the region bounded by two ---- circles.
Sine Curves
Another name for a sine curve is ...
A. ellipse
B. cycloid
C. conic section
D. periodic curve
E. geometric spiral
Algebraic Processes
Name the process of moving a quantity from one side of an equation to the other side by changing its sign of operation.
Map Math
The fixed ratio between the size of the model and the size of the real object is called the ...
Central Tendency
The most frequent score in a set of scores is the ...
A. mode
B. mean
C. datum
D. median
E. average
Archimedes described it as greater than 3 10/71 and less than 3 10/70. Today that number is called ...
A mathematical statement admitted without proof is a(n) ...
A. theorem
B. axiom
C. principle
D. hypothesis
E. conclusion
Any digit that is obtained by actual measurement and is not simply a placeholder used to position the decimal point is what kind of digit?
Powerful Equations
Algebraic equations containing the unknown quantity in the second but no higher power are what kind of equations?
A. cubic
B. linear
C. quadratic
D. differential
E. simultaneous
Topological Treats
A torus resembles what breakfast item from a bakery?
Mathematical Concepts
Which concept on the left is not paired with numbers or symbols that illustrate it?
A. integer, -4968
B. coefficient, 5x + 9 = 3
C. identity, 7 + 0 = 7
D. additive inverse, 22 + (-22) = 0
E. reciprocals, a/b + b/a = 1
Euclid referred to what when he said this?
In the same plane they will never intersect
or meet, no matter how far they are extended.
The opposite ends of any diameter of a sphere are described as being what kind of points?
A. antipodal
B. anecdotal
C. antecedent
D. antithetical
E. antemeridian
If ordinal numerals designate order, what do cardinal numerals designate?

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Answers to Math Terms
1. two
2. B
3. a plane
4. B
5. infinity
6. A
7. perimeter
8. C
9. kite
10. D
11. algorithm
12. C
13. identity
14. D
15. corollary
16. C
17. concentric
18. D
19. transposition
20. scale
21. A
22. pi
23. B
24. significant
25. C
26. doughnut
27. E
28. parallel lines
29. A
30. quantity
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