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Greek Science
The name for what particle of matter comes from the Greek word for "indivisible?"
Theoretical Physics
Einstein speculated that no object can travel at a speed greater than the speed of light because such an object would offer infinite resistance to motion by virtue of its infinite ...
A. mass
B. volume
C. gravity
D. temperature
E. radioactivity
Which has high flexibility and very little elasticity?
A. a rubber ball
B. a fishing rod
C. a railroad tie
D. a piece of string
E. a pole vaulter's pole
The molecules of water in the crystal lattice vibrate faster and faster as heat from the outside air moves in. Eventually they vibrate so fast that they tear loose and move around freely. What is the common name for this phenomenon?
The Atmosphere
The atmosphere is a(n) ...
A. alloy
B. mixture
C. vacuum
D. element
E. compound
Building Blocks
All of the thousands of materials on Earth are made up of 92 building blocks of matter called ...
Change of State
A change of state is illustrated by ...
A. dust blowing
B. silver tarnishing
C. gasoline burning
D. dynamite exploding
E. alcohol evaporating
What property of a gas is produced by the impact of molecules as they strike the interior walls of a container?
Physical Change
A process illustrating a physical change is the ...
A. burning of wood
B. ionization of sodium
C. electrolysis of water
D. liquefaction of methane gas
E. reaction of copper and sulfur
The Natural World
Which category of substances is found most abundantly in the natural world?
A. elements
B. compounds
C. mixtures
D. minerals
E. crystals
Versatile Substances
The only known substance which naturally exists in all three states on Earth is ...
Which lacks a crystalline structure?
A. salt
B. glass
C. snow
D. quartz
E. diamond
Mass and Gravity
What is equal to the product of mass and the acceleration of gravity?
A. work
B. power
C. weight
D. specific gravity
E. centrifugal force
What three-letter term describes any fluid that has no upper surface?
A length of iron expands when it is heated. Such heating causes a measurable decrease in the ---- of the iron.
A. mass
B. weight
C. density
D. opacity
E. atomic number
Physical Constants
The number of molecules in one mole of any substance is known as ...
A. a googolplex
B. an angstrom unit
C. Planck's constant
D. a standard deviation
E. Avogadro's number
Special States
It is an electrically neutral and highly ionized gas composed of ions and electrons and neutral particles. It is called the fourth state of matter and is estimated to constitute 99% of the universe. Name it.
Hot and Cold
The molecules of steam differ from the molecules of ice in which way?
A. ice has more electrons
B. steam molecules are larger
C. ice has more energy than steam
D. steam molecules are farther apart
E. steam molecules are closer together
Which is the best description for a box of Bisquick?
A. an element
B. a compound
C. a mixture of elements
D. a mixture of compounds
E. a compound of mixtures
Who formulated the theory that matter and energy are interchangeable?
Matter Matters
The average kinetic energy of the particles in a chunk of matter defines its ...
A. mass
B. volume
C. velocity
D. temperature
E. specific gravity
The density of an object refers to a relation between the mass of the object and its ...
From Earth to the Moon
A brick is taken from the Earth to the Moon. On the Moon, the brick's ...
A. weight will be greater
B. mass will be less
C. weight will be less
D. mass will be greater
E. weight equals its mass
Which property could not be used to identify a substance?
A. color
B. volume
C. density
D. solubility
E. freezing point
The phenomenon of sublimation does not involve which phase of matter?
Physical Properties
A piece of rock is crushed into tiny particles. One result of this process is a(n) ...
A. decrease in the volume
B. decrease in the mass
C. increase in the weight
D. decrease in the porosity
E. increase in the surface area
Which is a necessary property of the essential oils in perfumes?
A. salinity
B. volatility
C. elasticity
D. plasticity
E. conductivity
Ancient Explanations
The ancient Greeks classified all matter in one of four categories of elements. Two were earth and fire. Name the other two.
Which line refers to a chemical property of a substance?
A. It has a greenish hue.
B. It boils at 296 degrees.
C. It tastes like lemon juice.
D. It is very soft and spongy.
E. It occupies about 3 cubic yards.
Call Me Incompressible
Which substance is practically incompressible?
A. nitrous oxide
B. sulfur dioxide
C. carbon dioxide
D. nitrogen dioxide
E. dihydrogen oxide
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Answers to Matter
1. atom
2. A
3. D
4. melting
5. B
6. elements
7. E
8. pressure
9. D
10. C
11. water
12. B
13. C
14. gas
15. C
16. E
17. plasma
18. D
19. D
20. Albert Einstein
21. D
22. volume
23. C
24. B
25. liquid
26. E
27. B
28. air, water
29. C
30. E
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