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Meaty Questions
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Which literary work had the effect of immediately cutting American meat sales and forcing the meatpacking industry to accept federal inspection?
A. The Jungle
B. The Octopus
C. The Rise of Silas Lapham
D. Twenty Years at Hull House
E. Maggie, a Girl of the Streets
This is an unusual description of what body system?
It is what is left after the outsides have been
taken off and the insides have been taken out.
Its purpose is something to hitch meat to.
The Food Chain
Some flesh-eating animals do not kill their own meat. Instead, they feed on any dead animals they find. Vultures and blowflies are examples. Animals in this group are called ...
Baby Burgers
How many two-ounce hamburgers can be made from three pounds of meat?
A. 16
B. 18
C. 24
D. 28
E. 32
Lessons of Loss
What ancient Greek wrote of a greedy dog crossing a stream with meat in his mouth who lost the meat when he tried to snap up the piece he saw reflected in the water?
Meaty Idioms
To utterly defeat or destroy someone is to make what kind of meat of him?
Which could not be effectively used as a substitute for meat protein?
A. chicken and turkey
B. dried beans
C. pasta
D. fish
E. peas
Popular Psychology
Bells, meat, and salivation are associated with a classic experiment conducted by whom?
Shakespearean Expressions
To what emotional state was Shakespeare referring when Iago says this in "Othello"?
It is the green-ey'd monster which
doth mock the meat it feeds on.
Meat, cheese, fish, machinery, furniture, and electronics are among the exports of ...
A. Fiji
B. Yemen
C. Denmark
D. Afghanistan
E. Burkina Faso
American Presidents
Under what president was the Department of Commerce established, the Meat Inspection Act passed, and the Canal Zone leased to the U.S.?
What relative of the camel, domesticated in Peru by 6500 BC, has been used as a beast of burden, for its wool, and for its meat and hides?
Meat Myths
He tricked Zeus into choosing fat and bone as the god's portion of sacrifices, leaving the meat for people. So, Zeus took fire away from man but this Titan stole it back for human use. Who was this creative character?
A. Icarus
B. Apollo
C. Perseus
D. Hercules
E. Prometheus
Origins of Life
In 1668, Francesco Redi placed one piece of meat in a jar covered by gauze and another in an uncovered jar. Maggots only developed in the latter. With this experiment, he disproved what Aristotlean theory of life?
Game Odds
Two one-pound packages of meat are randomly selected from seven packages including aoudad, bison, gazelle, coyote, wapiti, wild boar, and hummingbird meat. What is the probability that the aoudad meat will not be in the two packages chosen?
Lizard Cuisine
The iguana is a source of meat for people in which part of the world?
A. Arabia
B. Siberia
C. Mongolia
D. the Sudan
E. the Yucatan
Belt Tightening
During the Second World War, Americans were restricted in terms of the amount of gasoline, sugar, meat and other supplies they could buy. Such control of people's purchases during wartime is called ...
Trichinosis is most frequently linked with what insufficiently cooked meat?
A Mouthful
Who could have but fortunately did not use this as a story title?
Emerald Bird Ova and Meat from Hog Thighs

A. Dr. Seuss
B. Mark Twain
C. Lewis Carroll
D. J.R.R. Tolkien
E. Laura Ingalls Wilder
Food Preservation
An early method of preserving meat was to cut it into thin strips and hang it in the sunlight. Name the product of this process.
What phrase, literally meaning a container holding a type of meat, describes legislation benefiting a representative's own district?
Variety Meats
Mrs. Crocker prepared a lovely meal from the stomach lining of cows. This variety meat is ...
A. veal
B. tripe
C. hominy
D. chitterlings
E. sweetbreads
Junk Mail
Reminiscent of canned, chopped, pressed meat, unsolicited commercial E-mail messages are called ...
Originally developed for raising water, name the device invented by Archimedes that is now used to move grain, stoke coal furnaces, and push meat through meat grinders.
Versatile Compounds
Which is used in matches, explosives, in meat pickling, in glass, and as a rocket-fuel oxidizer?
A. potassium nitrate
B. potassium chromate
C. potassium carbonate
D. potassium persulfate
E. potassium perchlorate
Perplexing Pronouns
The pronoun in this sentence could refer to which antecedents?
After Governor Baldwin watched the lion perform,
he was taken to Main Street and fed 25 pounds of
raw meat in front of the Cross Keys Theater.
Staying Off the Menu
This excerpt is from what novel?
The strange exultation that so often seems to
accompany hard fighting came upon me. I knew
that both I and Weena were lost, but I resolved
to make the Morlocks pay for their meat.
Serving Size
A three-ounce portion of meat is approximately the same size as a ...
A. matchbox
B. videotape
C. basketball
D. deck of cards
E. telephone book
Asian Animal Resources
What Tibetan animal furnishes milk, butter, meat, hides, wool, and dung for fuel?
Executive Departments
Its programs include food stamps, the grading and inspection of meat, soil conservation, and crop insurance. Name this U.S. federal department.

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Answers to Meaty Questions
1. A
2. skeletal
3. scavengers
4. C
5. Aesop
6. mincemeat
7. C
8. Ivan Pavlov
9. jealousy (or envy)
10. C
11. Theodore Roosevelt
12. llama
13. E
14. spontaneous generation
15. 5/7
16. E
17. rationing
18. pork
19. A
20. jerky
21. pork barrel
22. B
23. spam
24. Archimedes' screw
25. A
26. Gov. Baldwin or the lion
27. The Time Machine
28. D
29. yak
30. Department of Agriculture
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