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Clouds are composed of ...
A. ozone
B. nitrogen
C. water vapor
D. hydrogen vapor
E. carbon dioxide
Meteorological Proverbs
What is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb?
Two basic factors in a climate are ...
A. altitude and latitude
B. plant and animal life
C. longitude and altitude
D. wind speed and humidity
E. precipitation and temperature
Exotic Names
These are varieties of what meteorological phenomenon?
Atmospheric Gases
About 78 percent of the atmosphere is nitrogen and 21 percent is oxygen. Most of the remaining one percent of the atmosphere is ...
A. neon
B. argon
C. xenon
D. helium
E. hydrogen
What type of precipitation is formed when sulfur dioxide from coal-burning power plants combines with water vapor in the atmosphere?
Air Temperature
Which city has the highest average daily maximum temperature in January?
A. Bangkok
B. Shanghai
C. Budapest
D. Amsterdam
E. San Francisco
Western Weather
The western slope of the Rockies tends to receive abundant precipitation while the eastern slope tends to have a moisture deficit. This condition is the result of what effect?
What If ...
If the Earth's axis were straight up and down instead of tilted, ...
A. Earth would be uninhabitable
B. the seasons would not change
C. there would be no night or day
D. Earth would be covered with ice
E. all Earth's water would evaporate
Hot Phenomena
What natural atmospheric phenomenon can heat surrounding air as much as four times hotter than the surface of the Sun?
Cooling Off
Which may cause a prolonged decrease in the temperature of Earth's atmosphere?
A. seafloor spreading
B. intense sunspot activity
C. a major volcanic eruption
D. higher carbon dioxide emissions
E. decreased ozone in the atmosphere
Geometric Weather
What kind of precipitation is composed of regular hexagons?
Wind-Chill Factor
Under which condition does wind-chill cause air to have the most pronounced effect on skin?
A. -20 degrees and calm
B. -5 degrees and calm
C. 40 degrees and 40 mph wind
D. 10 degrees and 30 mph wind
E. 30 degrees and 20 mph wind
The Hydrologic Cycle
The three basic hydrologic components of the global water balance include evaporation, runoff, and ...
Big Wind
The strongest winds come from ...
A. monsoons
B. tornadoes
C. hurricanes
D. dust devils
E. thunder storms
Sky Light
Which color of light in the visible spectrum is scattered to the greatest extent in the sky?
What causes thunder?
A. clouds cracking
B. lightning impacting the ground
C. air particles slamming together
D. lightning exceeding the speed of light
E. expanding gases along the path of the lightning
Atmospheric Temperature
When warm air moves in over cold land, the layer of air in contact with the surface cools and becomes denser, while the air above is still warm. This is called a temperature ...
The region of North America that receives the largest number of thunderstorms annually is the ...
A. Gulf Coast
B. North Slope of Alaska
C. Pacific Coast
D. Great Basin area
E. Great Lakes area
Terror from the Skies
The largest one on record weighed over two pounds. It and many more like it hit Bangladesh in 1986. Name this form of precipitation.
High Clouds
Which clouds are at the highest altitude?
A. cirrus
B. altocumulus
C. altostratus
D. cumulonimbus
E. stratocumulus
Climatic Zones
Between the tropics and the polar regions are what climate zones?
In the Northern Hemisphere, what happens during the vernal equinox?
A. spring thaw
B. dog days of summer
C. extraordinarily low tides
D. shedding of tree leaves
E. extended periods of darkness
Natural Phenomena
These are names given by meteorologists to what?
Greta, Joan, Flora, Betsy, Andrew,
Camille, Mitch, Bonnie, Hugo
Wet Weather
At what latitude is precipitation most abundant?
A. 0 degrees
B. 30 degrees
C. 50 degrees
D. 70 degrees
E. 90 degrees
Atmospheric Gases
What colorless gas is a major constituent of photochemical smog at the Earth's surface but is beneficial in the stratosphere by absorbing most of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation?
Climate Comparisons
The same climate found in the Sahara also predominates in ...
A. southeast Asia
B. western Europe
C. central Australia
D. northeastern U.S.
E. the upper Amazon basin
Disturbing Data
The five warmest years in the past 130 occurred during the 1990s. Many scientists regard this fact as evidence for what phenomenon related to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide?
Meteorology Maps
A weather map shows a line with black triangles extending from Chicago to Memphis. So we could expect ...
A. rain in Houston
B. snow in Indianapolis
C. a warming trend in Tulsa
D. high winds in Kansas City
E. cooler weather in St. Louis
Asian Weather
On the Indian subcontinent, among other places, air over the land heats up in the summer and rises. Cool, wet air from the ocean blows in to take its place, bringing heavy rains. These winds are called ...

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Answers to Meteorology
1. C
2. March
3. E
4. winds
5. B
6. acid rain
7. A
8. rainshadow
9. B
10. lightning
11. C
12. snow
13. D
14. precipitation
15. B
16. blue
17. E
18. inversion
19. A
20. hail
21. A
22. temperate zones
23. A
24. hurricanes
25. A
26. ozone
27. C
28. greenhouse effect
29. E
30. monsoons
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