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A Monstrous Tradition
Every nine years, the Minotaur was fed a high protein diet of seven maidens and sevens youths sent as an Athenian tribute to King Minos. Who ended this custom by slaying the monster and escaping from the Labyrinth?
The Yeti
By what name is the yeti better known?
Those who made the mistake of looking at the Gorgons ...
A. melted
B. turned into pillars of salt
C. were transformed into stone
D. became treats for the Minotaur
E. had to give up their first born
Mythical Giants
Members of a race of mythical giants which had only a single grotesque eye in the middle of their foreheads were known as ...
Mythical Monsters
A griffin had the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a ...
Greek Myths
Which creature was not a monster?
A. Sphinx
B. Medusa
C. Cyclops
D. Oedipus
E. Cerberus
Literary Monsters
Name the fabulous monster described in Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass."
This passage is about what mythical being?
This multiheaded serpent lived in the
swamps of the river Lerna. Its heads
were such that when one was cut off,
two grew in its place.
Supernatural Beings
The jinn are demons from the mythology of ...
A. Peru
B. China
C. Arabia
D. Greece
E. Scandinavia
Foul Daughters
They were the three incredibly foul daughters of Phorcys and Ceto in Greek myths. How were they collectively known?
This mythical monster lived in the region of Thebes. She posed a riddle to all who passed her rock and those unable to solve it were immediately killed. Name the monster.
Creepy Creatures
The reanimated corpse of a criminal, heretic, or suicide that can be put to rest only by driving a wooden stake through its hearts is called a ...
Giant Sizing
Until he was slain by Theseus, this giant stretched or cut off the legs of his victims to make them fit a certain iron bed. Name him.
A. Euryale
B. Nemesis
C. Ascelpius
D. Procrustes
E. Periphetes
A monster named Caliban appears in what Shakespearean play?
Combined Creatures
These creatures were half-man and half-horse and lived in the mountains of Thessaly. They were called ...
A. Satyrs
B. Griffins
C. Cyclopes
D. Centaurs
E. Minotaurs
In 1816, at the ripe old age of nineteen, Mary Shelley published a novel that later inspired many monster movies. Name her book.
He had a hundred eyes of which only two were asleep at a time. After Hermes slew him by lulling all his eyes to sleep with music, Zeus put the eyes into the tail of a peacock. Whose eyes were they?
Imaginary Creatures
To what creature was Homer referring with these words?
It came of divine stock and was a lion in its
foreparts, a goat in the middle, a serpent in its
hindparts, and from its mouth it vomited flames.
Soul Snatchers
They had the wings and claws of birds and the heads of women. They were said to carry souls to Hell. Name them.
A. Fates
B. Ghouls
C. Satyrs
D. Graces
E. Harpies
Sea Monsters
Name the novel by Jules Verne which opens with discussions of a mysterious monster gleaming with light which had attacked and sunk many vessels.
This passage is from what work?
The grim demon was called Grendel,
a notorious ranger of the borderlands,
who inhabited the fastness of moors
and fens. This unhappy being had long
lived in the land of monsters.
Legendary Locations
To what country would you travel if you wanted to look for the Loch Ness monster?
A. Wales
B. England
C. Ireland
D. Scotland
E. Northern Ireland
A Mazing Monster
The Minotaur, a monster half-man and half-bull, was confined to the Labyrinth on the island of Crete. Name the architect who created this maze to imprison the creature.
Hazardous Traveling
Which did not pose a danger to travelers according to Greek myth?
A. Hydra
B. Sirens
C. Gorgons
D. Heliades
E. Charybdis
A monstrous dragon watched over the golden apples which Hercules was supposed to obtain. Name the garden in which these apples were located.
Famous Tales
This tale describes a lovely young lady who chose to live with an ugly but kind-hearted monster. When she consents to marry him, he assumes the form of a prince. Name the story.
Mythical Women
A woman who robbed travelers was turned into a dangerous whirlpool off the coast of Sicily opposite a six-headed monster called Scylla. Who was the woman?
Biological Mythology
The name for the free-swimming stage in the life cycle of a coelenterate is the same as a mythical monster with snaky locks. What is the name?
Twice the Hero
He slew Medusa and used her head to turn his enemies to stone. Later, he rescued his future bride, Andromeda, by killing a monster rising out of the sea to devour her. Who was this busy hero?
Monster Monikers
A hairy giant known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch is said to roam the Pacific Northwest and western Canada. A very similar creature called the yeti is supposed to inhabit what mountain range?
A. Urals
B. Andes
C. Catskills
D. Himalayas
E. Dolomite Alps
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Answers to Monsters
1. Theseus
2. abominable snowman
3. C
4. Cyclopes
5. lion
6. D
7. the Jabberwock
8. Hydra
9. C
10. Gorgons
11. Sphinx
12. vampire
13. D
14. The Tempest
15. D
16. Frankenstein
17. Argus
18. Chimera
19. E
20. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
21. Beowulf
22. D
23. Daedalus
24. D
25. Hesperides
26. Beauty and the Beast
27. Charybdis
28. medusa
29. Perseus
30. D
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