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Muscle Attachments
Muscles are attached to bones by ...
A. tendons
B. flexors
C. ligaments
D. cartilage
E. sphincters

Major Muscles
The chest and abdominal cavities are separated by what tough, muscular partition?

Contractile Capability
Which is not a category of muscles?
A. rotators
B. levators
C. receptors
D. extensors
E. constrictors

Muscle Function
Muscles that straighten two bones at joints are called extensors. What is the name for muscles that cause two bones to bend at joints?

Muscle Tissue
Muscle tissue is either relaxed or ...
A. dilated
B. engulfed
C. distended
D. contracted
E. coagulated

Muscle Shapes
The deltoid muscle in the shoulder got its name because it resembles what plane geometric figure?

Human Anatomy
About how many muscles are there in the human body?
A. 206
B. 1,066
C. 87 or 88
D. almost 700
E. between 300 and 350

It is about the size of two fists clenched together and weighs about 340 grams. It works 24 hours per day. Name this muscle.

The tendon which connects the calf muscles to the back of the foot is named after what character from Greek mythology?

A football player with a bruised hamstring has an injury in his ...
A. back
B. neck
C. thigh
D. chest
E. forearm

The esophagus carries food from the mouth to the stomach by means of rhythmic contractions of its muscles. What four-syllable term describes this rhythmic contraction?

Muscle Characteristics
Two distinctive characteristics of muscle tissue include electrical excitability and ...
A. pliability
B. fusibility
C. audibility
D. contractility
E. compressibility

Basic Concepts
A muscle which contracts ...
A. dilates
B. shortens
C. distends
D. atrophies
E. elongates

Muscle Types
Which category of muscle tissue has these characteristics?
- one central nucleus per cell
- elongated and spindle-shaped
- slow contraction speed
- involuntary control

Muscle tissue which has atrophied has ...
A. been torn through strain
B. an increased blood supply
C. wasted away because of disuse
D. been developed through exercise
E. become inflamed through infection

Muscle Pairs
The triceps is an extensor. What is the corresponding flexor?

Muscle fatigue is caused by an accumulation of what acid in the tissues?
A. lactic acid
B. oxalic acid
C. pyruvic acid
D. carbolic acid
E. salicylic acid

The smallest muscle in the body is the stapedius, a tiny muscle in the ear which controls movement of what bone?

Multiple Muscles
Which organ has both voluntary and involuntary muscles?
A. the eye
B. the heart
C. the larynx
D. the stomach
E. the cerebrum

Which muscle is most important for an athlete doing sit-ups?
A. soleus
B. trapezius
C. sartorius
D. latissimus dorsi
E. rectus abdominis

Which condition is most closely associated with a person who has lost the ability to move one or more of limbs?
A. halitosis
B. paralysis
C. arthritis
D. tuberculosis
E. conjunctivitis

Muscle Disorders
What is a five-letter name for a prolonged and painful contraction of a muscle?

The function of a sphincter muscle is to ...
A. close a tube
B. flex a joint
C. cause a pulse
D. extend a joint
E. draw air into the lungs

Normal tension of muscles is called muscle ...

Muscle Activity
Which muscle would be the least significant in kicking a ball?
A. trapezius
B. sartorius
C. gastrocnemius
D. rectus femoris
E. gluteus maximus

Smooth Muscle
Smooth muscle tissue is best adapted to which task?
A. playing the piano
B. moving food through the stomach
C. regulating the heartbeat
D. transmitting data from the eyes to the brain
E. giving form to the nose and ear

Muscle Fibers
What kind of muscle tissue is composed of a great number of muscle fibers, each of which extends the entire length of the muscle?

The spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm produces a ...
A. palsy
B. twitch
C. squint
D. cramp
E. hiccup

Vertebrates and some higher invertebrates both possess striated and smooth muscle fibers, but only vertebrates possess a third type of muscle tissue. Name it.

A painful cramp of a muscle is known as what kind of horse?

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Answers to Muscles quiz
1. A
2. diaphragm
3. C
4. flexors
5. D
6. triangle
7. D
8. heart
9. Achilles
10. C
11. peristalsis
12. D
13. B
14. smooth
15. C
16. the biceps
17. A
18. stapes (stirrup)
19. A
20. E
21. B
22. cramp (spasm)
23. A
24. tone
25. A
26. B
27. striated
28. E
29. cardiac
30. charley horse
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