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Native Americans
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American Athletes
This American Indian has been called the greatest all-around athlete to compete in the Olympics. He won the decathlon and pentathlon in 1912. Name him.
Home on the Plains
Which tribe did not live on the Great Plains?
A. Hopi
B. Kiowa
C. Sioux
D. Pawnee
E. Arapaho
What dwelling of certain groups of Native Americans had the shape of a cone?
Manos and metates were used by Native Americans ...
A. for shelter
B. as weapons
C. to grind food
D. to transport gear
E. as musical instruments
Northwest Native Nouns
A potlatch of 19th century American Indians was most similar to a ...
A. tepee
B. festival
C. trail marker
D. cooking bowl
E. baby carriage
Indian Art
What term do archaeologists generally use for the ancient picture-writing of southwestern American Indians?
Cultural Contact
What group of Native Americans was least influenced by European civilization prior to the 20th century?
A. Aztec
B. Navajo
C. Eskimo
D. Mohican
E. Chippewa
Ancient Immigrants
The first people who came to the Americas are believed to have come from what continent?
What Indian chief once said this?
I am tired of fighting. Our chiefs are
killed. The old men are all dead. The
little children are freezing to death.
From where the sun now stands,
I will fight no more forever.
Historic Battles
On June 25, 1876, Sioux and Cheyenne warriors vanquished a band of United States cavalry at what is called either the Battle of Greasy Grass or the Battle of the ...
Who was known as "Bird Woman"?
A. Minnehaha
B. Sacajawea
C. Pocahontas
D. Wilma Mankiller
E. Little White Dove
Heartless Replies
Indian Affairs Commissioner William Medill said this in an 1846 reply to the Sioux Indians regarding what animal?
It is the nature of this animal and
all other kinds of game to recede
before the approach of civilization.
Unusual Homes
The Canadian Inuit Indians sometimes built homes from blocks of snow fitted together into the shape of a dome. Such a dwelling is called an ...
Today, the largest population of American Indians is in California. The second largest population of Indians in America is found in which state?
A. Nevada
B. Oklahoma
C. Colorado
D. Arkansas
E. South Dakota
Native American Art
In which region of America did the Indians develop a form of art known as totem poles?
A. Midwest
B. Northwest
C. Southeast
D. Northeast
E. South Central
Native Homes
Traditionally used by nomadic Indians of the Upper Great Lakes, what dwelling consisted of saplings inserted into the ground, bent over, and tied in the middle to form a domelike roof covered with bark and woven rush mats?
Famous Leaders
This Sioux chief was a leader of the Indian resistance that faced Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. He later toured with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Name him.
Indian Economics
Many tribes living in what is now the eastern United States used beads made from polished sea shells as currency and jewelry. Name these beads.
Native Foods
American Indians pounded dried meat, berries, and buffalo fat into a thick, doughy paste called ...
A. gorp
B. jerky
C. maize
D. blubber
E. pemmican
Friends and Foes
Early French explorers courted the friendship of the Algonquins. This association won for them the implacable hatred of what other Indian nation?
New World Contributions
Until the Spaniards arrived in North America in the 1500s, the Indians had no ...
A. music
B. horses
C. enemies
D. religions
E. weapons
Word Derivations
What Narragansett word that means shaman is more commonly applied to a council or conference of Native Americans?
North American Agriculture
Indians along the southeastern coast of North America cultivated what plant which was of no use at all for food or clothing?
Fearing the Ghost Dance ritual might inspire an uprising, the U.S. cavalry slaughtered nearly 200 members of what tribe in 1890 at Wounded Knee?
A. Hopi
B. Sioux
C. Apache
D. Mohawk
E. Seminole
What was an Apache Indian probably making when using the techniques of percussion flaking and pressure flaking?
The Mound Builders lived in the region of ...
A. Ohio
B. Maine
C. Alaska
D. California
E. New Mexico
Indian Architecture
Underground ceremonial rooms used by Pueblo Indians for secret social and religious purposes were called ...
A. kivas
B. atlatls
C. pueblos
D. travois
E. calumets
Members of what American Indian tribe were effectively used during World War II to transmit secret messages in their native language?
She was the daughter of Chief Powhatan who saved the founder of the Jamestown Colony from death. Name her.
Indian Tribes
Which was not a tribe of the Iroquois?
A. Oneida
B. Seneca
C. Mohawk
D. Onondaga
E. Cheyenne

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Answers to Native Americans
1. Jim Thorpe
2. A
3. tepee
4. C
5. B
6. petroglyphs (pictographs)
7. C
8. Asia
9. Chief Joseph
10. Little Bighorn
11. B
12. buffalo
13. igloo
14. B
15. B
16. wigwam
17. Sitting Bull
18. wampum
19. E
20. Iroquois
21. B
22. powwow
23. tobacco
24. B
25. arrowheads (blades, axes)
26. A
27. A
28. Navajo
29. Pocahontas
30. E
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