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National Parks
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High Altitude
Which national park east of the Mississippi River has the highest mountains ?
The Badlands of South Dakota and Canyonlands of Utah were both formed primarily by ...
A. erosion
B. glaciation
C. wave action
D. meteorite impact
E. volcanic intrusion
Hot Springs
Forty-seven mineral hot springs said to have therapeutic value are central to Hot Springs National Park in what state?
Offshore Attractions
Which is a coral reef national park located away from the U.S. mainland?
A. Katmai National Park
B. Biscayne National Park
C. Everglades National Park
D. Virgin Islands National Park
E. Channel Islands National Park
The world's largest and most colorful collection of petrified wood is in a national park in what state?
Park Pairs
The least geographical distance separates which pair of national parks?
A. Sequoia - Shenandoah
B. Yellowstone - Acadia
C. Mammoth Cave - Denali
D. Crater Lake - Mount Rainier
E. Isle Royale - Petrified Forest
Federal Departments
What cabinet-level department administers conservation programs, manages fish and wildlife resources, operates national parks, assesses mineral resources, and looks after the interests of Native Americans?
Park Proximity
Which two national parks are in the same state?
A. Everglades - Acadia
B. Denali - Glacier Bay
C. Arches - Everglades
D. Petrified Forest - Zion
E. Hells Canyon - Grand Teton
Expedient Solutions
During the winter of 1988, 569 of Yellowstone Park's herd of 2700 of these animals were killed when Montana permitted hunters to shoot any that wandered outside the park boundaries. What kind of animals were these?
Gutzon Borglum created the sculptures on Mount Rushmore in ...
A. Utah
B. Montana
C. Minnesota
D. California
E. South Dakota
The Eastern Seaboard
Acadia National Park is located in a mountainous, forested area along the Atlantic coast of what state?
Sandstone Structures
Sandstone geological structures are most typical of national parks and national monuments found in ...
A. the southwest
B. the northeast
C. the plains states
D. the Pacific northwest
E. the north central states
Name the national park in northeastern Minnesota described as a vast expanse of wilderness along the U.S.-Canadian border, virtually unchanged since the days of the French-Canadian voyageurs of the fur-trading era.
Mangrove and cypress trees are abundant in which national park?
A. Sequoia
B. Glacier Bay
C. Everglades
D. Grand Teton
E. Grand Canyon
What site that later became a national park was discovered in 1901 when massive clouds of bats were observed emanating from it at twilight to forage for food?
Great Smoky Mountains
Great Smoky Mountains National Park is in ...
A. Nevada and Utah
B. Georgia and Alabama
C. Arizona and New Mexico
D. Pennsylvania and New York
E. North Carolina and Tennessee
Ancient Homes
Southwestern Colorado is the home of a national park where, after nearly 9 centuries, the buildings of early cliff dwellers are still preserved. What is the name of this national park?
Lake Locations
In which state is there a national park encompassing a deep-blue lake in the heart of a dormant volcano?
A. Hawaii
B. Alaska
C. Oregon
D. Montana
E. California
Big Bend Borders
Big Bend National Park is contiguous to what foreign country?
Park Parts
Carib Indian relics and luxuriant beaches are characteristics of which national park?
A. Olympic
B. Virgin Islands
C. Hawaii Volcanoes
D. Theodore Roosevelt
E. Great Smoky Mountains
A speleologist would be most interested in visiting the national park in the general region of ...
A. Moab, Utah
B. Hilo, Hawaii
C. Fairbanks, Alaska
D. Cooke City, Montana
E. Carlsbad, New Mexico
Roadless Areas
Identify the U.S. national park consisting of some eight million wilderness acres but only one 90-mile stretch of gravel road.
Energy Sources
Remarkable features like Old Faithful prompted Congress to establish Yellowstone as America's first national park in 1872. What type of energy powers Old Faithful?
A. chemical
B. potential
C. mechanical
D. geothermal
E. nuclear fusion
What national park in Kentucky is widely known for its outstanding stalagmites and stalactites?
Shenandoah National Park is in ...
A. Georgia
B. Virginia
C. Tennessee
D. West Virginia
E. South Carolina
National Treasures
In what state are these sites found?
Golden Spike National Historic Site
Capitol Reef National Park
Timpanogos Cave National Monument
Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail
Rainbow Bridge National Monument
Recent Zoology
What animal was reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park in 1995?
A. gray wolf
B. mule deer
C. bald eagle
D. American bison
E. pronghorn antelope
Plenty of Peaks
Name the national park in which there are 107 named peaks in excess of ten thousand feet.
This stupendous gorge has an average depth of about 1 mile and widths ranging from four to 18 miles. Name this greatest example of erosion in the world.
Park Pilgrimages
You would cross the largest river in the U.S. if you took an automobile trip from ...
A. Yosemite to Yellowstone
B. Shenandoah to the Everglades
C. Crater Lake to Carlsbad Caverns
D. Mammoth Cave to Mount Rainier
E. the Grand Canyon to the Grand Tetons

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Answers to National Parks
1. Great Smoky Mountains
2. A
3. Arkansas
4. B
5. Arizona
6. D
7. Department of the Interior
8. B
9. buffalo
10. E
11. Maine
12. A
13. Voyageurs National Park
14. C
15. Carlsbad Caverns
16. E
17. Mesa Verde
18. C
19. Mexico
20. B
21. E
22. Denali National Park
23. D
24. Mammoth Cave
25. B
26. Utah
27. A
28. Rocky Mountain National Park
29. Grand Canyon
30. D
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