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The Food Pyramid
According to the Department of Agriculture, which foods should make up the greatest part of one's diet?
A. fruit group
B. vegetable group
C. meat, poultry, and fish group
D. bread, cereal, and pasta group
E. milk, yogurt, and cheese group
Basic Nutrition
The three major categories of essential nutrients include fats, proteins, and ...
Nutrition Acquisition
Sharon spent $5 on burger, $3 on oranges, $2 on noodles, $2 on soybeans, and $4 on fish fillets. How much did she pay for foods rich in protein?
A. $5
B. $7
C. $9
D. $11
E. $14
Energy Measurement
What is the unit commonly used to measure the energy value of a food?
Vitamin D
The best source for vitamin D is ...
A. butter
B. sunshine
C. lean meat
D. chocolate
E. green vegetables
Health Foods
Constipation can often be avoided by including foods such as celery, shredded wheat, and carrots in the diet. These foods all contain what indigestible material?
Calorie Counting
There are about five calories in two ...
A. cups of milk
B. strips of bacon
C. slices of bread
D. leaves of lettuce
E. ounces of raisins
The body has large requirements for nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates. It also needs other materials such as zinc, potassium, and iron. How are these materials classified?
Which food is high in cholesterol?
A. eggs
B. spinach
C. toast
D. jello
E. coffee
Fuel for Frank
Frank is a normal eighty-pound 12 year-old. Each day he should consume about how many calories?
A. 350
B. 700
C. 1400
D. 2800
E. 3900
Name the complex organic macromolecules composed of chains of amino acids that are important for growth and repair of tissues.
C Sources
Which foods are abundant sources of vitamin C?
A. peanut and corn oil
B. fried liver and fried fish
C. chile peppers and tomatoes
D. hard-boiled eggs and Swiss cheese
E. pastries and breads
Building Bones
Phosphorus and what other element are essential for building bones and teeth?
Hold the Starch
Which food contains the least starch?
A. bread
B. grapes
C. potatoes
D. macaroni
E. brown rice
A Big Thirst
Beau Geste came out of a three-week walk in the Sahara and was so thirsty he drank 1.5 gallons of water. How many calories did he ingest?
Highs and Lows
Which statement is not true?
A. Milk is high in calcium.
B. Cabbage is high in protein.
C. Potato chips are high in fats.
D. Carrots are high in vitamin A.
E. Noodles are high in carbohydrates.
With respect to human nutrition, carbohydrates are basically comprised of either starches or ...
Amino Acids
Which food includes complete proteins which supply all essential amino acids?
A. poultry
B. lentils
C. nuts
D. whole grains
E. berries
Low Lipids
The least amount of fat is present in one pound of ...
A. eggs
B. butter
C. sardines
D. potatoes
E. hamburger
Orange juice is valued for what vitamin?
Which is a vitamin and not a mineral?
A. iodine
B. calcium
C. magnesium
D. phosphorus
E. riboflavin

Which is not a source of fiber in the diet?
A. nuts
B. beans
C. yogurt
D. dried fruit
E. Brussels sprouts
Energy Density
Gram for gram, which category of nutrients contains about twice as many calories as carbohydrates?
Nutrition Numbers
One tablespoon of which food could have 95 calories, 1 percent water, and no cholesterol?
A. orange juice
B. sirloin steak
C. peanut butter
D. raw tomatoes
E. cheddar cheese
Mineral Needs
In human dietary needs, calcium is to bones as what mineral is to hemoglobin?
Which food contains no vitamins at all?
A. sugar
B. liver
C. citrus
D. cereal
E. lettuce
This describes what substance?
Although not a nutrient, you can live
only a few days without it. It is the
solvent in which all biochemical
reactions take place.
It is not true that apples ...
A. contain vitamins
B. are low in sodium
C. are high in fiber
D. are low in calories
E. are high in cholesterol
Dairy Products
Milk labeled as "two percent" has 2% of what substance left in it?
Energy Intake
The fewest number of calories would probably be needed daily by a(n) ...
A. farmer during June and July
B. high school student
C. two-year old child
D. accountant
E. a professional wrestler


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Answers to Nutrition
1. D
2. carbohydrates
3. D
4. calorie
5. B
6. fiber (roughage)
7. D
8. minerals
9. A
10. D
11. protein
12. C
13. calcium
14. B
15. none
16. B
17. sugars
18. A
19. D
20. vitamin C
21. E
22. C
23. fats
24. C
25. iron
26. A
27. water
28. E
29. fat
30. C
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