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Outdoor Sports
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Climbing Equipment
What is the name for the steel frames with downward-pointing spikes at their base which fit on the bottom of climbing boots and dig into snow and ice?
Learning Your Lines
The imaginary line from any point on a ski hill following the greatest angle of the slope to the bottom is called the ...
Fishing Phyla
A person going trout fishing would probably use members of which phyla for bait?
A. Nematoda
B. Annelida
C. Brachiopoda
D. Echinodermata
E. Platyhelminthes
The most famous bicycle race in the world was inaugurated in Europe in 1903. Name this multi-stage race that takes place every summer.
Ski Racing
The "egg position" of a downhill ski racer trying to minimize the effects of wind drag is generally known as a ...
The projection on a hook which slants back from the inside of the point to keep the hook firmly fastened in the fish is the ...
Dangerous Snow
Piles of snow which overhang slopes and pose a special danger to those traversing on or below them are known as ...
A. eaves
B. dunes
C. strata
D. cornices
E. avalanches
Offshore fishermen use what long steel hook to lift game fish into their boats?
Moving Parts
The device on a bicycle which moves the chain from one chainwheel to another is known as a ...
Bike Frames
The part of a bicycle frame which holds the front wheel is called the ...
When exerting yourself, you must be careful to avoid dehydration. Which fluid is most quickly absorbed by the body?
A. milk
B. water
C. carbonated drinks
D. natural fruit juices
E. electrolyte replacement drinks like Gatorade
Ski Racing
The NASTAR racing circuit permits any skier to measure performance against the best in the nation. For what does the acronym "NASTAR" stand?
Special Skills
Tibetans such as Tenzing Norgay who live in Nepal and Sikkim on the southern slopes of the Himalayas and are renown for their mountaineering skills are known as ...
What type of map often associated with mountaineering and backpacking uses contour lines to show elevations?
Climbing Gear
Name the specially made metal pegs used in rock climbing which are pounded into cracks in rocks.
The toothed sprocket that attaches to the rear wheel of a bicycle and over which the chain passes is called a chainwheel or a ...
A. cog
B. gog
C. bog
D. grog
E. clog
Alpine Skiing
Name the basic alpine skiing technique in which the skier controls speed by angling just the ski tips toward one another while pushing the ski tails apart.
Bicycles Built for Two
What is the name for a bicycle designed to be ridden by two riders, with one behind the other?
Which is the spelling for a steep descent by means of rope?
A. rapel
B. rapell
C. rappel
D. rappell
E. rapelle
Perpendicular Paths
What term is used by hikers and skiers to mean the crossing of a slope in a somewhat perpendicular path to the fall line?
Skiing Jargon
What is the German word meaning "shot" that also means "skiing straight without turning?"
Olympic Sports
Name the sport which combines the skills of cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship.
High Altitude Physiology
Which effect would not occur as a result of being at high altitudes?
A. loss of appetite
B. mental confusion
C. increased thirst
D. increased breathing rate
E. shortening of physical stature
Sometimes climbers will be in mountains covered with snow while the sky is also completely overcast. There will be no shadows or horizon. This phenomenon is a ...
Wildlife Diseases
In the Rocky Mountains, whirling disease has spread rapidly throughout the trout populations. It is caused by a ...
A. virus
B. fungus
C. parasite
D. mutation
E. bacterium
Climbers must be aware of dangers surrounding deep chasms in glaciers which are known as ...
Rope Rings
A ring for connecting ropes to pitons is a ...
A. carabiner
B. carrabinor
C. carabinner
D. carabinnor
E. carabeener
Rock Climbing
What term refers to a method for securing a climber with a rope held by another climber?
Most avalanches occur in the ...
A. summer
B. fall
C. winter
D. spring
Fishing Techniques
Name the fishing technique of trailing a lure behind a slowly moving boat.

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Answers to Outdoor Sports
1. crampons
2. fall line
3. B
4. Tour de France
5. tuck
6. barb
7. D
8. gaff
9. derailleur
10. fork
11. B
12. National Standard Race
13. sherpas
14. topographic map
15. pitons
16. A
17. snowplowing
18. tandem
19. C
20. traversing
21. schuss
22. biathlon
23. E
24. white-out
25. C
26. crevasses
27. A
28. belay
29. D
30. trolling
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