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Forms of Painting
Name the type of painting executed on wet plaster with pigments suspended in water so that the plaster absorbs the colors and the painting becomes part of the wall.
Artistic Passions
Which artist is not correctly paired with a subject for which he is famed?
A. Edouard Manet - nudes
B. Edgar Degas - ballet dancers
C. Paul Gauguin - Tahitian women
D. Jean-Francois Millet - peasants
E. Salvador Dali - Biblical stories
American Icons
Two people posed for a famous American painting. One was the artist's sister, Nan Wood Graham. The other was the family dentist named Dr. Byron McKeeby. Name the painting.
Prolific Artists
Whose paintings appeared on the covers of 318 Saturday Evening Posts?
A. Ansel Adams
B. Gilbert Stuart
C. James Whistler
D. Norman Rockwell
E. Frederick Remington
Art Equipment
Name the frame in the form of an upright tripod that supports an artist's canvas.
Art Forms
Gustave Courbet painted "Apples and Pomegranate." This title suggests that the work is an example of a ...
A. portrait
B. still life
C. landscape
D. miniature
E. silhouette
The Big Picture
Leonardo Wilson just completed a huge painting of ancient Anasazi life covering the entire side of a motel wall. Such a painting is called a ...
Artist Chronology
Whose painting career ended most recently?
A. Paul Cezanne
B. Pablo Picasso
C. Albrecht Durer
D. Sandro Botticelli
E. Vincent van Gogh
Characteristic Colors
What color predominates in the most famous painting of a youth by Thomas Gainsborough?
In a landscape painting, the line at which the earth and sky meet is called the ...
A. profile
B. horizon
C. threshold
D. vanishing point
E. line of demarcation
Art Innovation
Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci developed a painting technique to create depth and dimension based on the arrangement of light and dark. Name this technique.
A. frumage
B. impasto
C. stippling
D. chiaroscuro
E. superposition
Schools of Art
This statement describes what art movement?
Its well-defined planes, the tendency
to reduce complex forms to simple
solid geometry, the hard edges and
highlights, are very much the language
of a machine age.
Artistic Anthropology
He was a self-taught painter whose depictions of American Indian culture aroused great interest throughout the U.S. during the 19th century. Name him.
A. George Catlin
B. Gilbert Stuart
C. John J. Audubon
D. Francis Scott Key
E. Buckminster Fuller
Art Thefts
What famous painting was once stolen from the Louvre and found in a drainpipe?
A. Blue Boy
B. Mona Lisa
C. Sunflowers
D. Night Watch
E. Whistler's Mother
Special Subjects
Mikki just completed a painting which depicts her own face. What is the name for this type of painting?
Singular Styles
Who was known for her large studies of single flowers and for her austere paintings of the Southwest?
A. Mary Cassatt
B. Leontyne Price
C. Grandma Moses
D. Louise Nevelson
E. Georgia O'Keeffe
Figure Painting
Paintings of individual, undraped human figures are called ...
Fresco painters make full-sized designs which are traced upon the ground for final execution. These designs are ...
A. facades
B. cartoons
C. monoliths
D. hatchings
E. caricatures
Painting Techniques
The application of paint straight from its container onto a canvas which is usually laid on the floor is called drip painting. This method is chiefly associated with abstract expressionism and in particular with which American artist?
Artistic Tricks
A painting which attempts to fool the observer into taking the painted object for a real one is a(n) ...
A. poster
B. hologram
C. portraiture
D. illustration
E. trompe-l'oeil
What is the name for the watercolor technique that uses overlapping layers of highly diluted pigments?
A. top
B. wash
C. coat
D. spray
E. overlay
Schools of Painting
Place these in chronological order.
1) impressionists
2) cubists
3) pre-Raphaelites
4) surrealists
Which is not a chromatic pigment?
A. red
B. gray
C. blue
D. green
E. yellow
With what style of painting was Andy Warhol associated?
A. pop art
B. surrealism
C. neoclassicism
D. expressionism
E. impressionism
U.S. Artists
Name the American artist who produced these works.
A Dash for the Timber
The Last Stand
Past all Surgery
Conjuring the Buffalo Back
Painting Materials
An emulsion of egg yolk and water or egg and oil serves as the binding medium for the pigments in ...
A. gesso
B. tempera
C. oil paint
D. encaustic
E. watercolor
Painting Tools
Name the thin oval board upon which the artist lays and mixes colors.
Modern Art
For what does the term "op" stand in reference to "op art"?
A. open
B. opaque
C. operant
D. optical
E. opposition
Painting Preparation
Tempera painting involves the application of powdered pigments mixed with egg yolk to a panel on which several coats of plaster of Paris mixed with glue have been rubbed to create a very smooth surface. The mixture of glue and plaster of Paris is called ...
Art Appreciation
A person examining the composition of a painting is most interested in ...
A. the background
B. its impression of depth
C. its pigments and binders
D. the technique of the artist
E. the arrangement of its elements


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Answers to Painting
1. fresco
2. E
3. American Gothic
4. D
5. easel
6. B
7. mural
8. B
9. blue
10. B
11. D
12. cubism
13. A
14. B
15. self-portrait
16. E
17. nudes
18. B
19. Jackson Pollock
20. E
21. B
22. 3 1 2 4
23. B
24. A
25. Frederic Remington
26. B
27. palette
28. D
29. gesso
30. E
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