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Animal Adjectives
What five-syllable adjective describes those animals such as dogs, cats, and camels that have been tamed?
Horse Homes
A sturdy breed of pony came from what wintry islands north of Scotland?
Swine Language
Which corpulent character said this?
No more delays, comrades!
There is work to be done.
A. Babe
B. Piglet
C. Porky
D. Napoleon
E. Miss Piggy
Horse Hair
The long hair on a horse's neck is called the ...
Popular Names
What is the more common name for an Alsatian?
Latin Lineage
What Spanish name for a spotted horse is derived from the Latin word that means "painted"?
Cat Colors
A white cat with black and reddish patches is described as being ...
A. calico
B. caliko
C. calicoe
D. callico
E. callicoe
Dog Breeds
What canine, originally bred in a historical region of western Yugoslavia, is also known as a coach dog or a carriage dog?
Cultural Diffusion
The natives of North America were introduced to the horse by explorers from ...
A. Spain
B. China
C. France
D. England
E. Portugal
Cartoon Companions
What is the name of Little Orphan Annie's pooch?
What true story is described as a seven-hankie book about two dogs and a cat who share a marvelous long-distance saga?
A Workhorse
What is the collective classification for these horse breeds?
Cat Anatomy
The vibrissae of a feline are commonly known as ...
A. claws
B. stripes
C. whiskers
D. nostrils
E. pointed ears
Canine Commands
What command is issued to a team of sled dogs to begin pulling or move faster?
American Organizations
Name the organization founded in 1884 to aid in the development and maintenance of purebred dog bloodlines.
Horse History
The Appaloosa was originally bred by which tribe of American Indians?
A. Navajo
B. Cheyenne
C. Flathead
D. Seminole
E. Nez Perce
Man's Biggest Best Friend
The adult can weigh up to 200 pounds. Name this largest of all dog breeds.
Identify the gait of a horse in which the diagonally opposite legs strike the ground at the same time.
What German breed of "hund" with a long slender body was developed for hunting badgers?
Horse Height
Express in inches the height of a horse that is 14 1/2 hands high.
A. 46 inches
B. 50 inches
C. 54 inches
D. 58 inches
E. 62 inches
The name of the small erect herb of the mint family comes from the remarkable fondness which cats demonstrate for its foliage?
American Novels
Identify this American novel.
A great coon dog and his master are wounded
and doomed to share a terrible destiny. This
is a classic tale about a young boy who must
struggle with poverty and the sharecropper life.
Animal Diseases
A viral disease of dogs is ...
A. mange
B. cowpox
C. anthrax
D. ringworm
E. distemper
Feline Features
What is the distinguishing feature of a Manx cat?
Which canine protagonist was created by Jack London?
A. Buck
B. Dinty
C. Lassie
D. Charley
E. Cerberus
Equine Gender
A mature female horse is called a ...
Petulant Porkers
What sensual sow said this?
My beauty is my curse!
Working Dogs
Which breed is commonly used for guide dogs because of its intelligence and even temperament?
A. malamutes
B. dachshunds
C. greyhounds
D. cocker spaniels
E. golden retrievers
Pioneer Pups
A stray dog moves in with a family in the Texas hill country in the 1860s in what novel by Fred Gipson?
Critical Canines
Dogs played a critical role in whose explorations?
A. Robert Peary
B. Edwin Aldrin
C. David Livingstone
D. Jacques Marquette
E. Francisco Coronado
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Answers to Pets
1. domesticated
2. Shetland Islands
3. D
4. mane
5. German shepherd
6. pinto
7. A
8. Dalmatian
9. A
10. Sandy
11. The Incredible Journey
12. draft horses
13. C
14. mush
15. American Kennel Club
16. E
17. St. Bernard
18. trot
19. dachshund
20. D
21. catnip
22. Sounder
23. E
24. no tail
25. A
26. mare
27. Miss Piggy
28. E
29. Old Yeller
30. A
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