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Rock Classification
The fundamental classification system for rocks is based on ...
A. their colors
B. their densities
C. their geologic ages
D. the way they were formed
E. the way they were exposed
Geologic Laws
According to the law of crosscutting relationships, how does the age of a rock compare with that of any rock that it cuts across?
Rock Roles
Any rock that contains a significant amount of an economically important mineral is a(n) ...
A. ore
B. bed
C. vein
D. lode
E. placer
Ancient Trees
A tree fell and was covered with mud. It did not rot. After many centuries, every particle in the tree was replaced with a mineral particle. The result of this process is ...
Biblical References
Brimstone is another name for ...
A. sulfur
B. copper
C. uranium
D. mercury
E. platinum
National Park Geology
Which of the three categories of rock is most evident as you gaze at the Grand Canyon?
Which is least abundant in surface rocks?
A. iron
B. carbon
C. oxygen
D. calcium
E. aluminum
The Ocean Floor
What type of rock is formed chiefly by the accumulation of the shells of marine organisms?
Familiar Formations
Which illustrates columnar jointing?
A. Cotopaxi in Ecuador
B. Mauna Loa in Hawaii
C. Ayers Rock in Australia
D. Devils Tower in Wyoming
E. Wizard Island of Crater Lake in Oregon
Rock Bodies
Laccoliths, batholiths, and plutons are formed from what general category of rock?
You see a rock with ripple marks and crossbedding. This rock was formed ...
A. from living organisms
B. near a meteorite impact
C. by the deposition of sediments
D. through high temperature and pressure
E. from the solidification of molten material
What is the collective name for eroded grains of quartz and other rock which are coarser than silt but finer than gravel?
Light My Fire
Which rock can be struck against steel to produce a spark?
A. lava
B. flint
C. shale
D. obsidian
E. limestone
Which of the two most common cave formations built of dripstone is usually thicker?
Rock Formation
Which rock forms in layers?
A. lava
B. shale
C. granite
D. obsidian
E. conglomerate
Igneous Rocks
All the igneous rocks on the Earth's surface were once a molten material called ...
Flour Power
What once existed in a region where geologists find deposits of rock flour?
A. dunes
B. geysers
C. glaciers
D. swamps
E. volcanoes
At various places in the geologic past, conditions were favorable for large-scale accumulation of plant remains, accompanied by subsidence of the area and burial of the organic matter under thick layers of inorganic sediments. The resulting heat and pressure converted this compacted material into ...
Pyroclastic debris is ...
A. at the base of cliffs
B. deposited by winds
C. ejected by volcanoes
D. formed along beaches
E. a product of organic decay
Finding Fossils
Fossils are practically never found in which two categories of rock?
Geologic Processes
Rock formed well beneath the Earth's surface can be exposed through uplift or ...
A. erosion
B. oxidation
C. corrosion
D. compaction
E. crystallization
The name for which of the three classifications of rock is derived from a Latin word meaning "fire"?
Suspended Stones
What rock, which can be described as frozen silicate froth, has been found floating as much as 4000 miles from its source?
A. jasper
B. pumice
C. obsidian
D. hematite
E. lodestone
Special Specimens
This describes what extremely rare rocks?
Characteristic of most specimens is the
thin, glassy crust formed from the fused
material which was not burned away and
which hardened quickly near the end of
the flight through the atmosphere.
Rock Rhymes
The name for spherical, hollow mineral bodies that contain layers of inwardly radiating crystals rhymes with ...
A. rain
B. snore
C. cathode
D. parasite
E. secretion
The Rock Cycle
Heat and pressure transform sedimentary rock into metamorphic rock while weathering and erosion transform metamorphic rock into what kind of rock?
Basalt is abundant in ...
A. Cape Cod
B. the Great Plains
C. the Mississippi Delta
D. the Colorado Plateau
E. Everglades National Park
Nonclastic Rocks
Precipitates are one of the two general types of nonclastic sedimentary rocks. Name the other type resulting from the effects of the Sun on mineral-laden water.
Limestone typically metamorphoses into ...
A. slate
B. basalt
C. gneiss
D. marble
E. quartzite
Lunar Geology
All rock samples from the Moon belong to which of the three categories of rock?

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Answers to Rocks
1. D
2. It is younger (newer).
3. A
4. petrified wood
5. A
6. sedimentary
7. B
8. limestone
9. D
10. igneous
11. C
12. sand
13. B
14. stalagmites
15. B
16. magma
17. C
18. coal (oil, petroleum, gas)
19. C
20. metamorphic, igneous
21. A
22. igneous
23. B
24. meteorites
25. C
26. sedimentary rock
27. D
28. evaporites
29. D
30. igneous
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