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Special Seasons
A period of mild weather occurring in late autumn or early winter is what kind of summer?
During winter in the Northern Hemisphere ...
A. the Earth is farthest from the Sun
B. the Sun is farthest south in the sky
C. the South Pole is dark 24 hours per day
D. day and night are the same length
E. the Moon is never full
Basic Botany
Several deciduous plants in your garden have just gone through the process of abscission. What season is it?
The declination of the Sun at the time of the winter solstice is ...
A. 0 degrees
B. 90 degrees north
C. 35 degrees north
D. 23.5 degrees south
E. 66.5 degrees south
Time of the Season
In Europe during the Middle Ages, the day was divided into two parts consisting of 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Consequently, the lengths of the hours varied with the seasons. During which season was an hour of darkness the shortest?
Earth Science
If the Earth's axis were straight up and down instead of tilted ...
A. Earth would be uninhabitable
B. the seasons would not change
C. there would be no night or day
D. Earth would be covered with ice
E. all Earth's water would evaporate
Time Periods
Each season consists of how many months?
With which wind does the prevailing wind direction reverse from season to season?
A. monsoon
B. doldrums
C. trade wind
D. polar easterlies
E. prevailing westerlies
During which season in the Northern Hemisphere is the Earth nearest the Sun?
Daylight Come
Which country has the greatest number of daylight hours during the month of June?
A. Laos
B. Iceland
C. Tunisia
D. Ecuador
E. New Zealand
Night and Day
On what two days of the year are day and night of equal duration in every part of the world?
What astronomical term literally means "sunstop"?
Trees would begin to bud and grass would begin to green up at which location earliest in the year?
A. Chicago, Illinois
B. Denver, Colorado
C. Albany, New York
D. Jackson, Mississippi
E. St. Louis, Missouri
Weather Patterns
During what season in the Northern Hemisphere is the jet stream closest to the equator?
Southern Summer
In the Southern Hemisphere, the summer begins on what day?
A. June 21
B. March 21
C. December 21
D. February 21
E. September 21
During what season can the tannins and carotenes and xanthophylls of leaves be most readily seen?
Winter Coat
Which mammal turns white during the winter?
A. lemur
B. hyena
C. shrew
D. ermine
E. jackal
Each spring and fall, ducks and geese migrate from one feeding ground to another along certain routes. These migration routes are called ...
Sun Sizes
When viewed from Earth's Northern Hemisphere, the Sun's apparent diameter is smallest during which season?
Solar Arcs
In the Earth's path around the sun, how many degrees separate each solstice from the equinoxes?
A. 45 degrees
B. 90 degrees
C. 120 degrees
D. 180 degrees
E. 270 degrees
Spanish Spring
What is the Spanish word for "spring"?
What is the two-word name for the period from the last killing frost of spring until the first killing frost of autumn?
Air Temperatures
The least difference between the average maximum air temperature in January and July would be found in ...
A. Tokyo
B. Bombay
C. Warsaw
D. Auckland
E. Capetown
Lunar Lexicon
The full moon that occurs nearest the time of the autumnal equinox is called the ...
Daily Daylight
How many hours of daylight are experienced during the course of a week at the North Pole during the month of June?
Seasonal Swings
The greatest seasonal changes occur in which city?
A. Phoenix, Arizona
B. Buffalo, New York
C. Montgomery, Alabama
D. San Diego, California
E. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
What Does Keats Say?
To what season was John Keats referring in these words?
Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom friend of the maturing sun.
Which American capital city has the longest growing season?
A. Raleigh
B. Santa Fe
C. Charleston
D. Sacramento
E. Baton Rouge
When the Sun's most direct rays are perpendicular to the Tropic of Capricorn, what season is it in the Northern Hemisphere?
Moderately warm but short summers and long cold winters are typical of ...
A. taiga
B. savannas
C. the torrid zone
D. the low latitudes
E. humid subtropical climates

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Answers to Seasons
1. Indian summer
2. B
3. autumn
4. D
5. summer
6. B
7. 3
8. A
9. winter
10. B
11. March 21 and September 23
12. solstice
13. D
14. winter
15. C
16. autumn
17. D
18. flyways
19. summer
20. B
21. primavera
22. growing season
23. B
24. harvest moon
25. 168
26. B
27. autumn
28. E
29. winter
30. A
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