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Something's Following Me
You are being followed by a deficiency of light caused by the interception of light waves by an opaque body in an illuminated arc. What is following you?
The Shadow Knows
According to the Shadow, what is it that lurks in the hearts of men?
Dinosaur Talk
What figure of speech is used in this?
The largest land animal of all time was
Megabrontotherium. Standing 12,000
feet high at the withers, its shadow alone
weighed 500 pounds.
Waialeale Peak in Hawaii has the highest rainfall in the world, with an average of 472 inches per year. Yet only a few miles away on the other side of the peak, average rainfall is less than 20 inches per year. This illustrates what meteorological effect?
What is variously described in Shakespeare's "Macbeth" in these phrases?
She said, "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow." Identify this optimist who learned to read and see and hear with her fingers.
Art Techniques
These techniques are all used for what purpose in art?
texture gradient
In what psalm is there mention of "the valley of the shadow of death"?
The edge of a shadow is not perfectly sharp and a light beam passing through a narrow slit or pinhole tends to spread. Name this phenomenon.
Greek Mathematicians
Which Greek deduced the heights of the pyramids from the lengths of their shadows and measured the distance to a ship from shore by the method of similar triangles?
A. Plato
B. Galen
C. Thales
D. Euripides
E. Archimedes
Notable Navigators
What Portuguese navigator said this?
The Church says the earth is flat but I
know it is round. I have seen the shadow
on the moon and I have more faith in a
shadow than in the Church.
Name the woodcut technique that creates strong contrasts of light and shade by using several blocks, one of which prints deep shadows and the others, moderated or light shades.
The Great Circle that divides the globe at all times into a sunlit hemisphere and a shadowed hemisphere is known as the circle of ...
What measuring device indicates time by the position of the shadow cast by a gnomon?
Radio Trivia
By what other name do we know Lamont Cranston?
Most eclipses of the Sun are such that the shadow of the Moon does not quite make it to Earth. The best anyone can see then is the Moon silhouetted in front of the Sun with a thin ring of sunlight still showing. Name this type of eclipse.
Children's Literature
Name the dramatic work by James M. Barrie in which Mrs. Darling awakens to see a strange boy leaping out of the window of her room, leaving only his shadow behind.
Shadow Solids
The shape of the shadow cast by the Moon is most similar to the shape of what geometric solid?
Dark Shadows
The darkest part of a shadow is the ...
A. umbra
B. diastole
C. aphelion
D. penumbra
E. parhelion
Miss Hood is four feet tall. She casts a 6 foot shadow at the same time that Mr. B.B. Wolf, standing behind her, casts a shadow 12 feet long. How tall is Mr. Wolf?
Drawing Techniques
Name the technique of making an area of a drawing appear to be in shadow.
Identify the planet which may be so bright as to cast shadows on the Earth.
Fictional Horses
Gandalf the Great's horse is ...
An obstacle in the path of moving wind creates a wind shadow behind which the average wind motion is less than on either side of the obstacle. The area behind such an obstacle where the wind moves in a circular motion is called an ...
Alfred Tennyson
What name completes this stanza?
A funeral with plumes and lights
And music went to Camelot.
Or when the moon was overhead
Came two young lovers lately wed.
"I am half sick of shadows," said
The Lady of ...
Its white plumage symbolized the light of the Sun and its black neck the shadow of the Moon. Name this sacred bird of ancient Egypt.
What literary technique is illustrated in this passage?
There it was again, that sinister feeling
in the pine shadows and a sense of
something watching, waiting among the
dense trees up ahead.
Rain Shadows
Which capital city is in a rain shadow?
A. Dover
B. Juneau
C. Lansing
D. Carson City
E. Tallahassee
What creature, according to an American legend, creeps out of its hole on February 2 each year and then returns to its hole to hibernate six more weeks if it sees its shadow?
Forms of Art
What type of art could be described as a monochromatic rendering of the outline of a solid figure as cast by its shadow?

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Answers to Shadows quiz
1. a shadow
2. evil
3. hyperbole
4. rain shadow
5. life
6. Helen Keller
7. perspective (depth)
8. 23rd
9. diffraction
10. C
11. Ferdinand Magellan
12. chiaroscuro
13. illumination
14. sundial
15. The Shadow
16. annular
17. Peter Pan
18. cone
19. A
20. 8 feet
21. shading
22. Venus
23. Shadowfax
24. eddy
25. Shalott
26. ibis
27. foreshadowing
28. D
29. groundhog
30. silhouette
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